What does the word MOR mean in Colombia?

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The word mor, which is currently practically an archaism, comes from the apheresis (deletion of an initial phoneme) of the Latin word amor (love), a phenomenon typical of the vulgar language.


What is MOR in Colombian?

With the word mor you can greet, call your partner, ask for a favor, scold, get indignant and even sell a Mor product, what size are you looking for?

How do you call a woman in Colombia?

Female. “She is a female” a man will say to refer to a very pretty woman, or better, a woman who is “very hot”. NOTE: Be careful not to use this expression outside of Colombia, as in other Spanish-speaking countries it can be offensive to refer to women as “females”.

How do you call Colombians?

Colloquial gentile names for natives of some Latin American countries: Colombians: Paisa/paisas (The native/s of Antioquia), colochos/as, costeños/as, cachacos/as, coffee growers (because Colombia is one of the first coffee exporters worldwide), partners.

What does it mean if they call you Mor?

m. apheresis of love It is used in the sentence: For the sake of, for the love of.

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What do you mean by mor?

It is practically only used in the expression “for the sake of”, equivalent to “for the love of”, for example, “for the sake of justice” (for the love of justice).

How do you call a pretty woman in Colombia?

Mamita: attractive, pretty woman.

What does the word berraco mean in Colombia?

Berraco is a Colombian word that comes from the academic word verraco, ‘breeding pig’, but that in its evolution has acquired very different meanings and uses from the original.

How do you say love in Colombia?

The word mor, which is currently practically an archaism, comes from the apheresis (deletion of an initial phoneme) of the Latin word amor (love), a phenomenon typical of the vulgar language.

What are the most used words in Colombia?

Know the most popular Colombian words:

    Rigged: adj. colloq. … Bacano: adj. colloq. … Cantaleta: f. colloq. … Disenchanted: adj. colloq. … Enguayabado: ad. colloq. … Fritanga: f. colloq. … Gallinacear: intr. colloq. … Harassing: adj.

How do you say hello in Colombia paisa?

In Colombia, in addition to the aforementioned “Quiubo”, it is very common to greet with a “Hello, what else” —equivalent to asking “How are you” in Spain—. Many millennials add a final “well” to this sentence.

What does MOR mean in the Dominican Republic?

The term “More”, is used a lot in the country with the meaning of “Love”, it is also used to describe “Affection”.

How do Dominicans call women?

La doña: it is said of a woman or lady.

How do you say love in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican term “Moi” began to be used in the north of the country, but currently this term has been transferred to various parts of the country, with the meaning of “Love”.

How do you say hello in the Dominican Republic?

Another is to say, for example, “talk to me clearly!” , and it does not mean that you do not speak clearly or anything, but that it is simply another way of saying hello! Another way to say hello is to say, “hello my love” which in Dominican comes to be: “hello my love”……. don’t be scared if they call you that, it’s normal here.

How is the paisa greeting?

Hey. This greeting, very common among young paisas, is also a word widely used in Medellín, Colombia and in the Coffee Region to start or end any sentence, since it is part of the most everyday expressions. Hey mate, what about things!

How do you greet a Colombian?

Five ways to greet with which we say welcome to Colombia!

We always greet with kisses and hugs. … We have welcome phrases for each meeting. … With a strong handshake we share our warmth. … A smile becomes a welcome greeting.

How do you call a friend in Colombia?

Parce is a shortening of parcero which basically means friend in Colombian Spanish.

What does the word batteries mean in Colombia?

Be alert, smart, alert, intelligent, insightful, and/or alert.

What is a piro in Colombia?

It means penis and it is used in a very similar way than in Spain or in other countries Eg: “I don’t give a damn”.

What does the Greek word Piro mean?

The compositional element pyro- comes from the Greek πυ̃ρ, πῠρός (pyr = fire, pyros = of fire), which in addition to fire means ardor and passion. Hence the word compliment.

What does batteries mean in Latin?

The first word is pīla (with a long i) and it means in Latin column, pillar, pilaster and also piling up of things in an orderly and vertical way, in a column. This word has given us the word pile in the sense of an ordered pile of things in superimposed layers.

What does batteries mean in Peru?

This locution means in the Peruvian children’s language ‘to urinate’. This use of battery is related to another American meaning: that of ‘faucet, key to regulate the passage of liquids’, documented in Bolivia and Cuba (Dictionary of Americanisms, ASALE, 2010).

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