What elements are taken into account before making a judgment?

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The judgment is expressed by a proposition, which consists of three elements: subject, copula and predicate.

How to make a judgment?

How to make a judgment?

Absolute control over the matter. …The procedural aspect is essential. …Preparation with the client and witnesses. …Search and analysis of jurisprudence applicable to the matter. …Preparation of our “instructions” or “note for the view” …Organization of the documentation. …

What is a trial and its characteristics?

The trial is an association of concepts through which the subject affirms or denies a certain fact. … The affirmation or denial that is made exceeds the limits of the concepts involved, since the subject, through it, begins to modify the reality that he knows.

What is a trial and examples?

With the name of trial is known the set of instances in which the innocence or guilt of a person or a group of people is put to the test before a figure of authority, designated by virtue of their merits to impart justice. For example: moral trial, civil trial, commercial trial.

How can it be considered a value judgment?

Value judgment is an analysis based on a particular set of beliefs, ways of life or values. It can also be defined as a system of specific values ​​and with its consequence of the particular situation.

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What is a value judgment and 3 examples?

Judgment that contains the moral requirement to act in a certain way (according to a norm, a precept, some moral imperatives) or a moral assessment of some act, event or phenomenon of society, for example: “All men must to work”.

Why is it important to understand value judgments?

But as we said, the value judgment has a fundamental and very important subjective charge and that is why the judgment that someone issues must be considered based on it, who it comes from and understand that that person reaches that judgment as a result of their beliefs. , experiences and environment.

What are the trial elements examples?

In any judgment we find three elements:

    SUBJECT: it is the concept of which we affirm or deny something. COPULA: it is the concept that relates the subject to the predicate, a relationship that is established by means of an affirmation or negation. PREDICATE: it is the idea constituted by what is affirmed of the subject .

What are the types of a lawsuit?

What kind of lawsuits are there?

    Civil trial. Criminal trial. Contentious-Administrative trial. Labor trial.

What are the judgments of a person?

In our judicial system we can distinguish mainly four types of trial: civil, criminal, contentious-administrative and labor.

What are the characteristics of judgment in philosophy?

The elements of judgment as thought are the subject, the predicate and the copula, and are classified by quantity, quality, relationship and modality. A judgment can be understood as a rational thought that seeks certainty or falsity from the analysis.

What is the characteristic of trials by their quantity?

Judgments, depending on their quantity, can be: a) Universal, if they take the subject in its entirety; b) Singular, if the subject is an individual concept and, as such, takes the individual subject in all its extension. Therefore, we can include the individual judgments among the universal ones.

What is a judgment in philosophy?

Judgment is a thought in which something of something is affirmed or denied. According to Aristotle, the judgment is the “thought composed of more than one idea, but endowed, at the same time, with a special unity that is achieved through copulation”.

How to pass judgment on a text?

Reinforce or refute the thesis exposed by the author with arguments (evidence). Analyze the topic from the perspective of other authors and from other theoretical or conceptual points of view Relate the text to readings, essays, films, etc., that deal with the same topic, from the same or from another point of view.

How to make a critical judgment of a subject?

Elements of critical judgment

It is a habit. A customary way of reacting to the reality that surrounds the person. … It is believing in reason. … He has some skepticism. … It’s critical in a good way. … Accept the existence of truth. … It is not a negative position. … It is a virtue. … It’s analytical.

What types of lawsuits exist in civil matters?

There are both Ordinary Trials, as Summary, Executive, Special, and even those that do not have a defendant, and therefore are not contentious.

How are civil lawsuits classified?

There are several types of civil lawsuits, ordinary, verbal and payment orders. In an ordinary civil trial, a preliminary hearing is established to constitute the procedural questions and provide the evidence of both parties, the plaintiff and the defendant.

What are the elements of a judgment in logic?

In any trial three fundamental elements are distinguished: 1) The subject, about which something is going to be affirmed or denied; 2) The predicate that is affirmed or denied, with respect to the subject and 3) The copula, which is the connecting element between the subject and the predicate.

How do value judgments affect everyday life?

Normally value judgments are closely associated with our values ​​and our personality. If you, for example, are a person who loves animals, you will see in a negative way that neighbor who is uncomfortable bumping into your dog, who avoids you and who rebukes you every time you hear him bark.

What is the difference between judgments of fact and judgments of value?

Judgments of fact and value judgments. Contemporary analytical philosophy has generalized the distinction between factual or objective judgments, which refer to real states and properties of things, and value or subjective judgments, which refer to human appreciations and attitudes about things.

What is a moral judgment and what is it for?

Moral judgment is called that mental act that affirms or denies the moral value in a given situation or behavior that we witness, that is, the moral judgment that occurs as a result will pronounce specifically on the presence or absence of ethics in a given situation. action or attitude.

What is an example value judgment?

Value judgments are what we do every time we qualify actions, events or things, which can be moral, political, religious, etc. In the evaluative judgment sheet, a summarized and clear explanation of the content of said reasoning is given.

What is an example moral judgment?

Thefts are viewed negatively in general. However, if a person steals because he cannot get a job and cannot feed himself and his family, the moral judgment on his actions may not be as rigid or his behavior may even be considered acceptable. .

What judgments do examples usually make of yourself?

Self-judgment is the assessment and evaluation that we make of the experiences that we are having, of the results that we are obtaining in the areas where we are involved (for example, studies, work, friends, etc.), of the complex situations we face, etc.

What is a judgment in logic?

In Aristotelian logic, the judgment of terms is conceived as a relationship of two terms, as an attribution of a predicate to a subject, conceived as concepts that come together in the affirmation and separate in the negation.

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