What expenses does child support cover?

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In general, ORDINARY EXPENSES include those amounts allocated to food, clothing in general, footwear, hygiene, personal belongings, school supplies, transport, excursions and visits, as well as the expenses necessary to provide the minor with decent housing.

What expenses are included in child support?

What does the alimony include? The alimony includes everything essential for the maintenance, housing, clothing and medical care of the person fed, as well as the expenses for training if it is minor and for the continuation of training.

What does a separated parent have to pay?

The alimony or alimony is the economic contribution that certain family members must pay in favor of their relatives in a state of need. The expression is generally used to talk about the pension that children of divorced or separated parents should receive.

How much should a parent spend on their child in 2021?

The food quota will not remain at one value forever, it will vary each year and is linked to the Consumer Price Index, better known as the CPI, which will be determined each year-end by the National Government, the corresponding one for this year 2021 is of 1.61%.

How much does a 2021 alimony parent have to give?

The minimum amount to grant child support is 15% of the obligor’s earnings and this figure must be provided per child.

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What are considered extraordinary expenses in alimony?

They are all those expenses necessary for the sustenance, room, clothing and medical assistance of the children.

What are living expenses?

Living and subsistence expenses are payments that employees receive from a company for food, accommodation and transportation when they are forced to carry out their work while on the move or outside their usual place of work.

What is job support?

Payments received by the worker that do not constitute salary, either by legal provision or by agreement between the parties.

What is support in law?

Child support is the amount of money a court orders one to both parents to pay each month to help support their child (or children) and to help pay their living expenses.

What are the extraordinary expenses?

Extraordinary expenses consist of those expenses that are not planned and that, therefore, occur without prior notice. In other words, they are those budget items that occur randomly over time, but that can be foreseen.

What are extraordinary expenses examples?

Thus, extraordinary expenses are those that, being necessary, are not foreseeable or periodic. They are left out of the alimony and, in the absence of agreement, should be paid in halves by both parents. Unforeseen expenses are considered: Replacement of glasses or prosthetic devices.

What are ordinary and extraordinary expenses?

And in this section is where many doubts arise for parents, since it is very difficult to differentiate which are ordinary expenses of the children (which are included in the periodic pension) and which are extraordinary (which require the contribution of amounts greater than the regular regular pension).

What are the ordinary expenses?

Necessary, foreseeable and periodic expenses for minors can be classified as ordinary. In short, they would be the essential expenses for the sustenance, housing, clothing, medical care, education and training of the common child.

What are examples of ordinary expenses?

An example of ordinary repairs would be those required to preserve the ceilings or plaster, keep the floors in good condition, as well as the drainage service. With reference to a field, the repair of general fences, tanks and drinking fountains would serve as an example.

What do you mean by ordinary expenses?

Ordinary expenses are those that, being necessary, are foreseeable and periodic. They must be met with the amount of the alimony, and cover those essential for sustenance, housing, clothing and medical assistance, education, training, pregnancy and childbirth.

What happens if I do not pay the extraordinary expenses?

If you are not paid the extraordinary expenses, you can open the execution process before the court that issued the agreement or sentence, which includes the obligation to pay the extraordinary expenses.

When do extraordinary expenses prescribe?

The statute of limitations to claim common expenses, whether ordinary or extraordinary, will be five years – Lawyers and Consultants.

Who pays the extraordinary expenses?

Normally, within the rental contract, it is determined that the tenant will pay the common expenses, while the owner will be the one to pay the extraordinary expenses, or failing that, the tenant pays them by deducting, from the rental price, the amount that would have been paid as expenses…

What is included in the ordinary expenses of a community?

Ordinary community expenses

Ordinary expenses or general expenses are those that cover the basic requirements of safety, habitability and universal accessibility. These expenses are distributed among the owners of the property and are established based on the participation of each one in said property.

Who is entitled to child support?

Article 303. – Parents are obliged to give food to their children. In the absence or impossibility of the parents, the obligation falls on the other ascendants by both lines who were closer in degree.

What is the minimum amount of support?

To establish the amount of the minimum child support, it is necessary to take into account what article 146 of the Civil Code says, and that is that the amount of the minimum child support in Spain is approximately 50 euros, although it must be taken into account several factors that we will tell you below.

How is child support paid?

On average, when it is via payroll, 15% of the salary is established that is withheld for each child. If there are two children it is 30%, if there are three it is 45% and so on.

When is a per diem paid?

The per diem is the sum of money, of a reasonable and prudent amount, that the employers pay to the workers in order for them to pay for the expenses of food, lodging or transportation that they incur due to the performance of their work, provided that for said effect must be absent from the place of their residence…

When are travel expenses paid?

The full daily per diem amount is paid for the day the trip begins, plus each 24-hour period from midnight to midnight, except for the day the trip ends.

When do you have to pay travel expenses?

ARTICLE 6 — Travel expenses and full accommodation expenses will be paid for the day of departure and return, provided that the mission or service commission that originates them begins before TWELVE (12) hours on the day of departure and ends after the same time of the day back.

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