What foods can be sent abroad?

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Canned food, vacuum-packed food, packaged food or raw pasta are the ones that can be sent to most countries, with the exceptions explained above.

What food can be sent by parcel?

Some of the products that can be sent are the following:

    Sauces packed in plastic or metal, totally sealed. Bread returned in sealed bags. Dried chilies in sealed bags. Pastas. Dried meat. Canned foods. Cheeses that do not require refrigeration and vacuum packed. Sweets in general.

How can I send food to the United States?


Originally packaged or in a plastic bag sealed with adhesive tape. With or without trademark, high vacuum packed. (These should not require refrigeration, they may not travel in coolers with any refrigerant material). In fully sealed bag.

What can you send food to another country?

It is not impossible to send perishable food by parcel. The delivery of food is generally prohibited in some parcels, such as Redpack and Estafeta, but there are parcels such as FedEx, which allow and facilitate the delivery of food quickly and easily.

What things cannot be sent by international mail?

What you can NOT send:

Weapons and ammunition. Dangerous goods such as: explosives, toxic gases, lithium batteries, radioactive substances. Waste, living botanical resources, livestock, animals, perishable goods. Money, precious materials, jewelry, works of art, antiques, checks, coins, letterhead.

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What can not be sent in a package?

What can NOT be sent by parcel:

    Foreign lottery tickets or advertisements.Explosives.Compressed, refrigerated, liquefied or pressure dissolved gases.Flammable liquids.Flammable solids.Oxidants and organic peroxides.Acute toxins (poisons) and infectious agents.Radioactives.

What is prohibited to send by parcel?

Restricted Items List

    Alcoholic beverages.Perishable goods.Plants.Seeds.Tobacco and tobacco derivatives.

What foods can be shipped by DHL?

The items that can now be sent to the United States are:

    bread.cheese.typical sweets.dried chilies.tamales.tortillas.mole.sauces.

What foods can be sent by DHL?

DHL sends your family or friends that appetizer that they like so much! Send homemade food such as: Bread, Cheese, Typical Sweets, Dried Chiles, Tortillas, Sauces, Canned Food.

What food can be sent by DHL?

Our wide range of services guarantees optimal conditions and proper handling of perishable cargo such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages, meat and fresh fish throughout the supply chain.

What foods can be sent to the United States?

In general, you can enter bread, cookies, cereals, vegetable oils, sauces without meat products, butter, yogurt, canned products unless they contain meat, fish, shellfish, juices, coffee, nuts, rice, mushrooms, milk or chocolate , among many others.

What food can be mailed?

As long as they are not the prohibited products that we have talked about before, we can send food if it is in cans, or that they are vacuum packed or powdered.

What products cannot be sent by post?

Things you can’t send by Post

    Live animals and plants. … Drugs or biological tests. … Money. … Jewels. … Explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids or flammable substances. … Oxidizing substances and toxic and infectious substances. … Alcohol. … Weapons.

How to send food by DHL?

Remember that you can send food as long as it is packaged or canned and does not need refrigeration. For more information call 018007656345.

What things cannot be sent by DHL?

    Waste, living botanicals, livestock, animals, perishable goods. Money, precious metals, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, works of art, antiques, checks, ready-to-use credit cards, coins, stationery, valid phone cards.

What cannot be sent by DHL Mexico?

Thus, DHL does not ship weapons, cash, illegal drugs, animals or fur and restricts, under specific conditions, the shipment of other merchandise such as alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, credit cards, jewelry or antiques.

How to send cookies by parcel?

First you must put your cookies in cellophane bags to keep them fresh and seal them. Wrap them with bubble wrap and seal each of the cookies with tape. Put the cookies in a box making sure there are no spaces, filling with tissue paper or bubble wrap.

What is a prohibited item?

What is a prohibited item? Prohibited items are those that cannot be shipped by any transportation agency under any circumstances.

How to send frozen food by mail?

Wrap the products well in cling film or aluminum foil and pack them tightly. If you are shipping cold or frozen food, you must use plastic foam shavings, alveolar film, foam-in-a-bag or Instapack®.

How to send food?

Individually wrap food

You must consider that the package will go through checkpoints and various hands, so it is exposed to possible damage. So it is better to wrap them individually and then you can put them together in a package.

How to send food to someone?

Starting today, you can click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the app and go to a tracking link to send a friend a food (or drink) order to their home.

What foods can be sent to Spain?

As they are prohibited merchandise, both by Sendiroo and by transport agencies, they will lack protection against possible damage or loss. Among the foods that you can send by parcel are canned food, vacuum-packed foods, food in envelopes and raw pasta.

What foods cannot be crossed into the United States?

Meat, milk, eggs, poultry and their products, including products made with these materials, such as dry soups or consommé, are prohibited or restricted from entering the United States, depending on the types of animal diseases that occur in the country originally.

What can not be taken to the United States in the suitcase?

What not to bring on a plane

    Objects not allowed. They are objects that may seem harmless but could be used as a weapon. … Prohibited objects. … Electric appliances. … Personal items. … Aerosols, liquids and gels.

What foods are allowed to move from Mexico to the United States?

Entry is allowed, in amounts for personal use and consumption

    Vegetables.Meat products.Dairy products.Hams and sausages.Fish and seafood.Food for pets.Products for animal use.

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