What foods can go through Uruguayan customs?

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Land, fruit, horticultural, forage, forestry plants or parts of them: branches, stakes, spikes, buds, bulbs or others. Animals, products and by-products. Fluid milk (except long life), butter, eggs, milk cream and cheese. Domestic animals: birds, exotic specimens, bees and others.

What can be passed through Uruguayan customs?


Used clothing and personal items. Books, brochures and newspapers. Other articles that do not have a commercial purpose.

What products cannot be brought into Uruguay?

    Meat of any kind, in any state or container: bovine. … Vacuum-packed products and sausages (hams, etc.) Sausage products in any type of packaging and cooking (sausages, chorizos, etc.) Dairy products and their derivatives: … Fresh whole bird or reptile eggs or its powdered parts.

What things cannot be brought from abroad?

The entry of shipments with merchandise that has been classified as prohibited by current regulations is not allowed. It may not contain products encumbered with IMESI. For example: alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, cigarettes, lubricants.

How many bottles of wine can I enter as a tourist in Uruguay?

Regarding wines (which in Uruguay are quite expensive) you can enter up to two liters of alcoholic beverages per person. And four cartons of cigarettes.

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How much alcohol can be brought through customs?

Up to an amount not to exceed, per adult person, 400 units of cigarettes, 500 grams of pipe tobacco; 50 units of cigars and 2,500 cubic centimeters of alcoholic beverages.

What do Uruguayans need to enter Uruguay?

Pre-admission test: They do not need to take one. Post-admission test: You do not need to take a test on the seventh day. Affidavit: Complete the electronic form within 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to shipment, which will have the character of an affidavit.

What cannot be passed through customs?

Nor will the entry of: Inflammables, alkaloids, narcotics, obscene objects, subversive or pornographic material be allowed. Goods as own that do not belong to the passenger.

What can not go through customs?

With your franchise you cannot introduce: Alcoholic beverages. Carved tobacco. Automotive fuel, except what is contained in the fuel tank of your vehicle.

What products are prohibited by customs?

Products that cannot be imported into Argentina

    Cash, checks or securities. Precious metals, such as gold, silver or platinum. Precious stones, such as diamonds. Narcotic substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, etc. Hides and skins from endangered species.

What products cannot be bought online Uruguay?

The products that we CANNOT buy online

    Alcoholic beverages.Concentrated non-alcoholic beverages (as nutritional supplements).Cigarettes and tobacco.Lubricating oils and fats.Perfume articles.Cosmetics.

What goods are prohibited to enter and leave the country?

What items can NOT bring or enter the Country?

    All types of merchandise for commercial or industrial purposes. Firearms, unless authorized by the National Registry of Arms (RENAR). Explosives, inflammables or narcotics. Import merchandise prohibited for non-economic reasons (health, safety, etc.).

What does customs check?

They are responsible for registering the entry and exit of goods to a country with the aim of: Collecting the corresponding taxes for the goods. Verify that the products that enter do not affect the national production. Avoid the entry of products that affect public health.

What can be entered into Uruguay?

Land, fruit, horticultural, forage, forestry plants or parts of them: branches, stakes, spikes, buds, bulbs or others. Animals, products and by-products. Fluid milk (except long life), butter, eggs, milk cream and cheese. Domestic animals: birds, exotic specimens, bees and others.

What goods cannot be imported?

What merchandise can I not import? Prohibition of importation of used vehicles (without prejudice to the franchises established in current regulations) Article 21, Law No. 18,483 (DO 12.28.1985), Ministry of Finance. Import prohibition of used motorcycles Article 21, Law No. 18,483 (DO

How many cell phones can go through customs?

Up to two teams can be brought in from abroad. The resolution enables the traveler to enter up to a laptop that does not require an external power source (notebook or tablet type) and even a cell phone for its operation.

What are the products that cannot be exported?

You must bear in mind that the following products cannot be exported under this modality:

    Esmeraldas Coffee.Manufactured articles of precious metals. Gold and its alloys. Platinum and metals of the platinum group.

What can be brought from abroad without paying taxes?

What is the value of the things that can be brought into the country without paying taxes?

    300 dollars in luggage. No excess in arrival free shop, except in Puerto Iguazú, where you have an excess of 500 dollars. Source: AFIP.

How much can be passed through Customs without paying taxes?

For foreigners arriving by land, the excess is 300 dollars. For both (Mexicans and foreigners), the franchise will be 500 dollars if they arrive by air or sea. In the event that the value of the merchandise exceeds the franchise, the surplus can be paid by credit or debit card.

What happens if you go over $200?

Although it is not possible to buy more than 200 dollars per month, the improper use of this quota can generate a series of adverse consequences that also include the disqualification of the account to operate with currencies up to prison terms.

What is needed to enter Uruguay 2022?

Requirements to travel to Uruguay in 2022

Passengers must have travel insurance with coverage for COVID (Quote assistance only COVID for Uruguay). Certificate of full vaccination received in the last 9 months before the day of embarkation, provided that 14 days have passed since the last dose.

How much alcohol can be carried in the checked bag?

The regulation of alcoholic beverages for checked luggage within Europe, according to Aena, says that you can carry a maximum of one of these points: 1 liter of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with a grade greater than 22%. 2 liters of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic strength of less than 22%. 4 liters of wine.

How many liters of alcohol can be brought into the United States?

Generally, one liter of alcohol per person can be brought into the United States duty-free for travelers 21 years of age or older, although travelers from the US Virgin Islands or other Caribbean countries are entitled to more.

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