What genre is freestyle?

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Freestyle is a form of electronic dance music resulting from the fusion of electro with synthpop and hip hop that appeared in the United States in the 1980s, reaching its peak of popularity at the end of that decade.

Who is the best freestyler in Spain?

1. CHUTY. Considered by many to be the best freestyler in the history of Spanish rap, Chuty is the most complete rapper when it comes to improvising. He dominates double tempo and with his admirable ingenuity he builds absolutely devastating responses.

Who is the best freestyler in the world?

Red Bull Internacional 2021: who is Aczino, “the best freestyler in the world” to beat

Who is the best freestyler in the world?

Considered the best freestyler in the world, Mau el Aczino is, without a doubt, an artist of international fame. His pass to the last International Final was automatic when he finished second after being defeated by Wos in Argentina. But the life of the Mexican MC has not been a bed of roses.

Why did Walls retire?

Minutes later, Walls confirmed, through a video that he posted on his social networks, his withdrawal from the FMS next season once he concludes his performance in the final in Lima: “I don’t have the mental capacity or competitive mentality that a competition like this, although I’m going to continue doing ‘freestyle'”.

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What is Walls’ real name?

Ginés Paredes Giménez, better known as Walls, is a freestyler of Spanish origin, born in Murcia. In 2020 he retired from FMS Spain after placing second in his first season and sixth in his second season.

What is the origin of freestyle?

Freestyle is a form of electronic dance music resulting from the fusion of electro with synthpop and hip hop that appeared in the United States in the 1980s, reaching its peak of popularity at the end of that decade.

Who is the best freestyler in Argentina?

Aczino is the best freestyler of 2021

After knowing the three candidates, the freestyle section of La República has decided to award Aczino as the best battle freestyler of the year.

How old is Pole?

Andrés López Lancha is a 22-year-old man from Toledo, known as Pole, for the controversial lyrics of his songs of social criticism, with which he began at the age of 12, who is triumphing nationally with some of his most romantic songs. , themes of love and heartbreak with his rapper style.

What is Hen’s name?

Full name: Antonio Hens. Year and city of birth: 1998, Madrid. What was your first contact with music? Since I was little I liked to write, and I used to listen to a lot of rap when I was 13/14 years old, so one day I decided to try to put those lyrics in bases that I took from the Internet, when I was 15 years old.

What happened to Zasko and Force?

The feeling at the end of the last round was that Zasko beat Force in several details of the battle, but the jury decided on the national runner-up with three votes from Skone, Arkano and Double H, while Chuty considered that the contest he deserved a retort, and Dtoke leaned toward Zasko.

What happened to Force?

Force descends from FMS Spain 2019 In April the FMS Spain would begin, this year Force would not run with such luck, December 21 was the last date of this season, and after losing against Errecé, Force was in the relegation position of FMS.

How old is Gazir?

Gabriel Sánchez, better known as Gazir, is the recent champion of the International FMS 2021. At only 19 years old, the Spaniard born in Asturias reached an amazing level that led him to position himself among the best in the world.

What does Louis Tomlinson like?

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Who is the third best freestyler in the world?

Aczino’s record is impressive, since in 2017 he became the international champion of Red Bull Battle; in 2018 he was runner-up in the same competition. In this edition he arrived as the third best freestyler by achieving third position in 2019.

When was Pole singer born?

In just one month, these two artists -both born in 1999 and who studied at the Divina Pastora (Tertiary) School in Toledo-, have reached more than half a million views on YouTube, positioning themselves in one of the most viral positions on TikTok, where celebrities such as soccer player Sergio Ramos have used …

What genre does Pole do?

Pole., Hens, Paris Boy or Funzo & Baby Loud are some of the examples of musicians who have known how to assimilate the influence of the urban genre in our country and have naturally and freshly combined it with pop rock, funky or punk rock. The result is what everyone already knows as ‘The New Wave’ of Spanish pop.

Who is the singer Pole?

Andrés López Lancha, better known as Pole, is a young singer from Toledo, with a great projection within the music scene. He has over a million followers on the music platform Spotify, and all the songs he publishes make it onto the top charts.

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