What happened in December 1813?

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Today December 11, 1813 Bonaparte restored the crown of Spain to Fernando VII — Spanish.

What happened on the date 1813?

The Anahuac Congress, also called the Chilpancingo Congress, was the first independent Mexican political congress, free from Spanish oppression that replaced the Zitácuaro Junta, declaring the independence of North America (Mexico) from the Spanish throne.

What happened in 1813 in America?

November 14: in the department of Potosí (present-day Bolivia), the Spanish defeat the Argentines, led by General Manuel Belgrano, in the battle of Ayohúma.

What is celebrated on December 5, 1813?

The battle of Araure was a military confrontation fought on December 5, 1813, during the Venezuelan war of independence, between the patriotic forces led by Simón Bolívar and the royalists led by José Ceballos and José Antonio Yáñez, with a great victory for the first.

What happened in Colombia in the year 1813?

Every February 28, the greatest national holiday “The Battle of Cúcuta” is celebrated in Cúcuta, the day on which Simón Bolívar’s army defeats the invading Spanish troops under the command of General Ramón Correa.

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What is celebrated on December 5 in Venezuela?

Venezuela: Day of the University Professor.

What is the importance of the battle of Araure?

They managed to break the royalist front, a fact that caused the disorganization and disorientation of the enemy troops, a situation that favored the victory of Bolívar and his men.

What happened on February 22, 1813?

Finally, on February 22, 1813, Decree CCXXIII was promulgated. Abolition of the Inquisition: establishment of the Courts for the Protection of the Faith.

What happened on February 22?

On February 22, 1904, the permanent occupation of Argentine Antarctica began with the raising of our national flag in the Orkney Islands. The Argentine presence in Antarctica is more than a century old, a record that makes us proud.

What happened on February 22?

On February 22, but in 2014, Chapo Guzmán is arrested for drug trafficking in Mexico. On February 22, but in 1987, the Final Point Law came into force, with which the complaints against the military of the Argentine dictatorship were put to an end, although it was repealed by the Supreme Court in 2005.

What happened in 1813 in Venezuela?

With the name of the “Admirable Campaign” is known the military action that Brigadier Simón Bolívar undertook from San José de Cúcuta on May 14, 1813, with the aim of liberating Venezuela from Spanish power, after the loss of the First Republic.

What is the name of the Araure church?

The city of Araure in Venezuela houses different religious temples of great architectural and historical importance, one of them is the Church of Our Lady of Pilar and it is one of the oldest in this area of ​​the country.

Where was the Battle of Araure held?

The Battle of Araure that took place as part of the independence struggle in Venezuela, commanded by Simón Bolívar, began at dawn on December 5, 1813, and lasted approximately six hours. It was held in the city of Araure, in the Portuguesa state.

What is the name of the monument of the Battle of Araure?

Plaza Padre Blanco at the beginning of 2000. The monument of the Caracas priest was anchored in Portuguesa for his performance in the Battle of Araure.

What were the casualties of the patriots?

The almost total annihilation of the Spanish army, which had 3,000 casualties between dead, wounded and prisoners. The patriots instead only lost 300 men.

What were the patriot casualties?

Patriot casualties were barely twenty dead and forty wounded. This crusade was joined by Rafael Urdaneta, Manuel Cedeño, Santiago Marino, José Félix Ribas, José Francisco Bermúdez, Juan Jacinto Lara, Ambrosio Plaza, Leonardo Palacios and Mariano Montilla, among other patriots.

What holiday is on December 5?

Constitution Day (Spain)

What is celebrated in December in Venezuela?


    December 1: World AIDS Day. December 8: Immaculate Conception Day. December 10: Venezuelan Air Force Day. December 10: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day. December: Our Lady of Guadalupe Day.

What is the Tumulus of Araure?

Among the outstanding historical sites, El Túmulo stands out, a monument to the battle of Araure, which is located next to the Pan-American highway. This fight was special, as it was one of the only two fights that Simón Bolívar did hand-to-hand.

Who is the founder of Araure?

The founding act of the town of Araure by the Spaniards is dated June 6, 1694. The place was next to the Quebrada de Armo, however, it was moved in 1696 to the side of the Quebrada de Araure, a place it occupies today, for having a better supply of water.

What type of cultural heritage is the Quebrada de Araure?

Year: 1971. Type of cultural heritage: tangible/immovable. Monument in public space.

What were the liberated provinces in 1813?

The Admirable Campaign launched by Simón Bolívar on May 14, 1813 from Cúcuta and with the support of the government of New Granada, managed to liberate western Venezuela, integrate the Provinces of Mérida, Barinas, Trujillo and Caracas and, together with the victories of Santiago Mariño in the east of the country, constitute …

What happened on May 23, 1813 in Mérida?

On May 23, 1813, Bolívar triumphantly arrived in Mérida in his dazzling race to glory, after the vanguard of his army made the royalist leader Correa flee. In Mérida, Bolívar is acclaimed for the first time as Liberator.

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