What happened on September 27?

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That day, Thursday, September 27, 1821, the Trigarante Army, made up of 16,000 men from different regions of the country and commanded by Agustín de Iturbide, who at the beginning of the war of independence was a bloodthirsty persecutor of the insurgents, entered the city of Mexico, in an act that history …

What happened on September 27 in Argentina?

On September 27, the National Day of the Rights of Children and Adolescents is celebrated in Argentina, in commemoration of the sanction of Law No. 23,849 that approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child in domestic law and laid the foundations of the system of Comprehensive protection of the rights of children and …

What happened on September 27, 1956?

1956: American Captain Milburn G. Apt becomes the first man in history to exceed Mach 3 speed while flying the Bell X-2 aircraft. Shortly after, he lost control of the ship and died in the crash.

Who has a birthday on September 27?

1972 – Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress. 1982 – Anna Camp, American actress 1982 – Lil Wayne, American MC and rapper. 1984 – Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer and actress.

What is remembered on September 27 in Paraguay?

The celebration of this day has the objective of promoting awareness among the international community regarding the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. Since 1980, World Tourism Day has been celebrated every September 27.

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What is remembered in September in Paraguay?

September 28. International Day of Action for the Decriminalization of Abortion. September 30. National LGTBI Memory Day in Paraguay.

What happened in the year 1956 in the world?

Lázaro Cárdenas is decorated with the Stalin prize for peace. The Automatic Long Distance service is launched, from telephone to telephone, lada 91, between Mexico and Toluca. In the capital, the first cobalt pump installed in Mexico to combat cancer comes into service.

What happened in the world in the year 1956?

October 23: The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 begins. October 26: Warsaw Pact troops invade Hungary. October 28: in Spain, TVE is founded, the first television in history in its country. October 29 – Israel invades the Sinai Peninsula.

What happened in 1956?

The Government called elections for June 17, 1956, this would be the first time in our history that the universal vote was put into effect. The result was widely favorable to the ruling party candidate Hernán Siles Zuazo (MNR) with 82 percent of the vote.

What happened in 1956 in Argentina?

The Valle uprising was a Peronist civic-military action led by General Juan José Valle on June 9, 1956, in order to overthrow the dictatorship calling itself the Liberating Revolution. The uprising is part of the broader process known as the Peronist Resistance.

What happened on April 27, 1956?

The 1949 Constitution was in force during part of the first and second presidencies of Juan Domingo Perón, and part of the dictatorship calling itself the Liberating Revolution, since it was “excluded” by a “proclamation” dated April 27, 1956, invoking to dictate the “exercise of powers…

What happened on July 24, 1956?

The Benidorm Pact was an agreement signed in that Spanish city, on July 24, 1956, between the liberal Alberto Lleras Camargo and the conservative Laureano Gómez, representing their parties, in order to put an end to the political crisis that I lived in Colombia.

What was Mexico City like in 1956?

The great avenues were full of Cadillacs, of yellow trams that ran through the main arteries of the capital and of bulky gray buses that charged 2 cents, and they were always full of people who were heading to the numerous neighborhoods that were scattered in the main neighborhoods.

What century is the year 1956?


What is celebrated on September 19 in Paraguay?

Day in which the Battle of Boquerón is commemorated (National Holiday)

What is remembered on September 17 in Paraguay?

Every September 17, “Teacher’s Day” is celebrated in honor of José Manuel Estrada, Argentine educator, writer and intellectual who died on a day like today but in 1894.

What is celebrated in the month of September?


    September 4: World Sexual Health Day. September 8: International Literacy Day. September 15: Commemoration of the Cry of Independence. September 15: International Day of Democracy.

What is the day of the year that more people are born?

Although January 1 is the day that most birthdays are celebrated in Spain, since 1990, September is the month with the most births.

What is the month in which most people have birthdays?

According to the INE, January 1 is the day that more people have been born in Spain in the entire history of registered data. Specifically 123,233.

What is the month that fewer people are born?

By months, September is the month in which there have been more births throughout the historical series, with a total of 1,131. On the other hand, November is the month with the fewest newborn babies, only 1,068.

What happened on July 24?

All this and more is remembered in the ephemeris of July 24 in Argentina and the world. 1783 – Venezuelan military officer Simón Bolívar, founder of the Republics of Bolivia and Gran Colombia, is born. 1802 – French novelist and playwright Alexandre Dumas is born. 1951 – American actress Lynda Carter is born.

What is celebrated on July 24 in the world?

In Mexico and in the world, this July 24 is celebrated as International Tequila Day because UNESCO declared the agave and old tequila industrial facilities as a World Heritage Site.

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