What happened to Facebook Today October 4, 2021?

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October 4, 2021 will be remembered as the day that Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram stopped working for a few hours. It should be noted that all three social media and networking services belong to the conglomerate Facebook, Inc.

What happens with social networks today October 4?

The actions of the social network were weighed down this Monday, October 4, in the New York parquet by the interruption of the service of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp worldwide, an incident that has lasted for several hours and of which until now is unknown. the cause.

What happened to WhatsApp today October 4, 2021?

This Monday, October 4, the WhatsApp messaging service, dependent on Facebook, suffered a worldwide crash, leaving millions of people incommunicado in Mexico, Canada and the United States, as well as other countries, of course the social networks responded with funny memes..

How long does the Facebook crash last?

However, the reality is different, since the platform experienced its worst moment in 2019, with a fall that lasted approximately 22 hours. As reported by the EFE Agency at the time, Facebook’s social networks suffered a massive and global crash in various parts of the world, affecting Instagram and WhatsApp two years ago.

How long did the fall of Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp last?

More than 3.5 billion users around the world were affected by the fall of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp for more than six hours last Monday, October 4. Situation that even led Mark Zuckerberg, owner of these social networks, to ask for forgiveness.

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How long did the social media crash last?

Updated: Tuesday, October 05, 2021 09:18

This Thursday, Facebook and the social networks that belong to the company of Marc Zuckerberg, WhatsApp and Instagram, suffered a global crash that lasted about six hours.

Why is WhatsApp not working today?

WhatsApp may not work properly because it is an old version with bugs, so you should check if the app has a software update. You can go to the App Store and check for updates, or click on the link to WhatsApp and see if there are any updates.

Why was WhatsApp down?

Why did WhatsApp crash this October 4? According to a statement issued by Facebook, the fall of the free calling and messaging service was caused by a change in the configuration of the trunk routers, links that allow the passage of network traffic between data centers.

What happened to WhatsApp 2021?

WhatsApp, the free calling and messaging application that belongs to the conglomerate Facebook, Inc., reported, through a statement, that a total of 53 cell phone models, with the iOS or Android operating system, will no longer be able to use the application from November 2021.

What happens to WhatsApp in November 2021?

The most used instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, will stop working as of this Monday, November 1, 2021, for some mobile phones.

Which cell phones will be left without WhatsApp in 2021?


    Archos 53 Platinum.HTC Desire 500.Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite.Samsung Galaxy Trend II.Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.Caterpillar Cat B15.Sony Xperia M.Wiko Cink Five.

What cell phones will be left without WhatsApp 2021?

Cell phones that will be left without WhatsApp are those that have Android OS 4.1 or lower, as well as iPhones that have iOS 9 or lower, as they will also be ‘sacrificed’. The recommendation is that you update your smartphone as soon as possible to continue using the app.

Why did Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp go down?

The fall of Facebook and other platforms belonging to that corporation, including WhatsApp and Instagram, which took place this Monday, was due to problems with the routing of traffic between its data centers, according to the latest official update from the company.

How to know if WhatsApp is down?

If you do not receive messages and you think that WhatsApp crashed, the first thing you should do is check that you have an internet connection, through your data or Wifi. If everything is correct, we advise you to access Downdetector, a website that tells you if there was a peak hour in which problems were recorded in the application.

How to know if WhatsApp is down?

Simply enter its Server Status section to check how the service works in different parts of the world, if there is a server down or running slowly, or the average latency.

What to do when WhatsApp does not work?

If WhatsApp is still not working, force stopping and clearing the cache on your device may solve the problem. A force stop basically kills the app process and clearing the cache removes any temporary files that the app has stored.

What to do when WhatsApp does not respond?

The first thing we have to check is the Internet connection of the mobile phone. If WhatsApp does not work or is down, it may be a problem with our connection and not a general problem. In that case, we have to check that the WiFi or data is working properly.

What should I do to update WhatsApp?

On Android, open the Play Store, then tap the Menu icon > My apps & games. Tap Update, right next to WhatsApp Messenger. Alternatively, you can open the Play Store and search for WhatsApp. There, you must touch Update, just below WhatsApp Messenger.

What caused the fall of social networks?

Facebook has assured this Tuesday that a maintenance error in the company’s network that unites its data centers caused the collapse of its social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram) for more than six hours on Monday, blocking the access of thousands of users. million users.

What is the reason for the fall of social networks?

The global crash of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for more than six hours affected 3.5 billion users. Facebook explains in a statement that the problem originated from a “faulty configuration change” in its routers that later affected its data centers.

What was the reason for the fall of social networks?

At first there was speculation about a possible computer attack, but later it was discovered that the origin of the blackout was in some technical problems in the Facebook servers. Since WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook, they use the same servers and were also affected.

What cell phones will be left without WhatsApp in 2022?

Most of the cell phones that will be without WhatsApp as of January 1, 2022 are those that have an Android version of 4.1 and lower. The same will happen with iPhones with iOS 9 or less.

What are the phone brands that will not have WhatsApp?

According to several international media, these are the cell phones that will be left without WhatsApp:

    Samsung: Galaxy Trend Lite, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Xcover 2, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Ace 2. Sony: Xperia M. Huawei: Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Ascend D2.

What are the cell phones that will not have WhatsApp 2022?

The first thing you should know is that mobile phones with the iOS 9 or Android 4.04 operating system and earlier versions of these will no longer be able to run any WhatsApp functions as of March 31, 2022.

What is the new WhatsApp November update?

Full preview. When you receive a link in your chat it is normal for a small preview of the information to appear, but WhatsApp wants its users to be able to take a quick and easy look at the content in the links, so now they will occupy a larger space on the screen.

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