What happened to Jang Ja Yeon?

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Jang Ja Yeon, actress of the Korean series Boys Over Flowers, committed suicide in 2009 and it was quite a scandal. The actress was found dead in her house and although everything seemed to indicate that it was a suicide, many people could have been indirectly involved in her death.

What happened to Jandy?

Geum Jan Di finishes her studies at the prestigious Shinhwa school and manages to graduate. She attends the graduation ceremony and dances with the F4: Ji Hoo, So Yi Jeong, and Song Woo Bin. While Goo Joon Pyo is waiting for her on a special date.

What is the name of the school where Boys Over Flowers was recorded?

One day, while making a delivery for a student of the prestigious Shin Hwa High School, she realizes that a boy was going to commit suicide from the roof for getting the red card from the F4 and just as she jumps, she saves his life by stopping him.

What happened to boys are better than flowers?

Their chemistry was so great that they began a relationship. The couple got married on May 21, 2016. However, in August 2019, it was announced that Go Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun were divorcing. Go Hye Sun is one of the highest paid actresses in South Korea and has won various awards for her performances.

Who of the F4 died?

Jang Ja-yeon (January 25, 1980 – March 7, 2009) was a South Korean actress. At the time of her death she was 29 years old and was participating in a supporting role on the KBS series Boys Over Flowers. She had been suffering from depression and a police investigation concluded that her death was a suicide.

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Where was Boys Are Better Than Flowers recorded?

The production of the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ series chose some beautiful sets located in South Korea to make the story of F4 come true, find out which places were used to film the most epic scenes of the drama starring Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun .

Where was it recorded boys are better than flowers?

Within the scenarios abroad there is New Caledonia, a paradisiacal place where the F4, Jan-di and Ga-eul spend their vacations. Macau, where the second part of the drama was filmed with an appearance by Jun-pyo’s fiancée.

What are F4s called in real life?

The F4 are Goo Joon Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin. Each of them come from wealthy families, own businesses and various properties. Since childhood they were raised in prestigious schools surrounded by many luxuries.

Who is Jan Di’s soulmate?

JiHoo was and is JanDi’s soul mate. And yes, he was the perfect man for her loud, giddy, awkward, cheerful friend of hers; she was also perfect for that quiet and lonely boy.

How old is Geum Jan Di?

1. The 35-year-old star has proven to be a multifaceted artist, not only is she an established actress, she has also proven to be good in other disciplines. She is a model, singer, painter, writer, director, producer, composer, screenwriter and businesswoman. two.

Why do Koreans commit suicide?

Low socioeconomic status, high stress levels, poor sleep, alcohol use, and smoking are associated with suicidality among adolescents. The economic factor is observed as the most frequently mentioned cause among the suicides of the elderly.

What is the name of the girl in the F4?

Geum Jan Di

Role played by Koo Hye Sun, who is a young scholarship student at Shinhwa High School. She will be harassed by the members of F4, a group of young people who are the real owners of the school where she studies.

What do the F4s mean?

If you have already seen the drama, you remember that, within the Shinhwa school, there are four boys who are the heirs of great fortunes in South Korea. They are also extremely handsome, lovable and charming. They (and the whole school) call them flower, but being four friends, they just call them F4.

What is the original series of boys are better than flowers?

“Boys Over Flowers” ​​is based on the Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango”, by Yoko Kamio, and was broadcast on the KBS 2TV television network, between January 5 and March 31, 2009. It later crossed borders and became became one of the most watched Korean series in the world.

How many versions of Boy Over Flower are there?

The history of the F4 or Boys over flowers has about 9 versions in countries like Japan, Korea, the Philippines and now in Thailand.

Who is Kim Hyun Joong’s ex girlfriend?

However, that was not the end of the scandal for Kim Hyun, as in February 2015 a local magazine reported that the K-pop idol had reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Choi Hye Mi, who was pregnant and was even mentioned that both parents are planning the couple’s marriage.

Why did Ahn Jae Hyun divorce?

The actress revealed that her husband had asked for a divorce. “She was bored with our marriage,” the actress wrote in a post that she deleted hours later, but not before making it clear that she had no intention of signing her divorce papers.

What does the name Geum Jan Di mean?

If translated literally, ‘Geum’ means ‘gold’, and ‘Jan Di’ means ‘grass’. So in reality, the literal name of Geum Jan Di could be translated as Golden Grass.

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