What happens if I don’t pay the electricity fine?

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The law is very clear in this regard: the fine for making an illegal connection or for rigging the electricity meter, whatever the way it is done, is from 3 to 12 months in prison if the amount defrauded is greater than 400 euros.

What fine do they give you if they catch you with the light hooked?

The financial penalty for electrical fraud can range from €1,000 to €2,000. Whenever the totality of defrauded energy cannot be known exactly, the law indicates that the amount to be billed will correspond to 100% of the electrical power contracted for 6 hours a day in the last year.

How long can the light be cut off?

How long does it take to reconnect the light? After a power outage due to non-payment, the consumer will have supply again in a maximum of 24 hours from the time the outstanding debt is paid.

What can happen to you if you get caught with the rigged electricity meter?

The fine for tricking a light meter is usually between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

What to do if your electricity is cut off for non-payment?

If it has come to pass that your electricity has been cut off due to non-payment, the way to proceed is by paying the amount of the debt by card or deposit in a bank account; in which once the payment has been made, the reconnection would be requested from the electricity distributor, which would take a maximum period of between 24 and 48 hours to…

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How to reconnect the light when they cut it off?

To reconnect again and receive electricity in your home or business you must do the following:

Go to the Offices of the Federal Electricity Commission of your State. Pay the outstanding balance that you had before the cutoff. Pay the cost for the reconnection.

Where to call in case of power outage?

The first thing is to notify the electricity distributor, so it is very important to have the customer number on hand, which makes service faster and more efficient. We can call the 600 line, send a text message or notify us on twitter or the website.

How much is the fine for tricking the meter?

Manipulating the electricity meter to pay less on the electricity bill is completely illegal. By doing so, you expose yourself to having to pay between 1,000 and 2,000 euros on average to your company as compensation. If what you want is to save on your receipt, there are other ways to achieve it.

How to know if a light meter is rigged?

If your counter is analog, the wheel keeps turning and the numbers recorded have increased, it means that the counter is hooked. Instead, with the digital counter it will depend on the flashing of the red light.

How much is the fine for bypassing the electricity meter?

· Serve 3 to 10 years in prison. · And pay up to 1,000 days of salary as a fine, which corresponds to more than 66,000 pesos.

How long does it take to replenish the light?

The delay time for reconnection depends on the location; Once your payment has been registered, the electricity service will resume in a maximum of 24 hours if it is in the city and, in the case of rural areas, in no more than three days.

How long does CFE take to reconnect the light?

Upon receipt of your payment, the service will resume within one day, if it is in the city, and in no more than three days, if it is a rural area. Remember to make the payment within 15 days after the suspension of the supply, to avoid cancellation of the contract.

How to detect an illegal connection of light?

How to detect an illegal connection of light?

Go to your electricity meter. Write down the exact consumption that you see on the meter. Lower the leads in the electrical panel of your home or business. … Let a reasonable time pass and check the meter again.

What does the red light on the meter mean?

What does the red light on the counter mean? The red light of the digital meter indicates that there is consumption. If it flashes quickly it means that the consumption is higher, while a slow flashing means that there are few devices connected and the consumption is low.

What does a flashing red light on the electricity meter mean?

In most smart meters we find a highly visible red light. Red light flashing continuously: In most models of digital meters it means that it is being consumed. The faster this flashing, the more consumption there will be.

What do the colors of the electricity meter mean?

If the red light flashes, it indicates that there is current consumption and that the meter is working normally. If the red light flashes very quickly, it means that consumption has skyrocketed. If the red light is fixed, in some meters it means that there is no consumption, but in others it means that the meter has been blocked.

How can I dial 071 from a cell phone?

The procedure is very simple:

Dial 071 from your cell phone or landline. You can also dial 01 800 888 2338. … You will hear a speech in which you will be told about the procedures available over the phone. Press option number 1 to establish contact with an operator.

How much does the electricity reconnection cost?

The cost for the reconnection of electricity in a house with a cable and whose payment is monthly is 58 pesos. if the payment is bimonthly, 80. If it is a dwelling where there are 2 or 3 threads, 91 pesos must be paid, either with monthly or bimonthly installments.

What are down payment rights?

Hook-up rights are those rights that users have to pay to the distributor for connecting the supply point to the network. These rights are paid through the marketer’s invoice, although it is the distributor who actually receives them.

When are down payment fees charged?

Electricity hook-up rights must be paid in the following cases: When the electricity is registered. By increasing the contracted power. By reducing the contracted power.

When are extension rights paid?

In a new registration, the extension rights will always be paid. Once the cost has been paid, they will be valid for 3 years. For example, if after these 3 years, the customer decides to increase the power, or there is a drop in supply and a subsequent addition, they must be paid again in full.

When are access rights charged?

Access rights are only paid once.

Either when the discharge is made or when the power increase is made. You will be charged on the first invoice. Unless you later make some other change, such as increasing the power further, you will not be charged again.

How to report CFE online?

Fill out the online form for a failure report on the CFE website. Within the ‘Reports’ section of the CFEContigo App. Send a direct message through the official CFE Twitter account.

What does the yellow light on the meter mean?

The new industry-approved smart meters have a green luminous device that indicates the remote control, as well as a flashing yellow light that indicates, depending on its intensity, the greater or lesser consumption.

What does CFE voltage interruption mean?

An outage is an event during which the voltage at the customer connection point drops to zero and does not automatically return to normal. According to the IEC, the minimum time for a long interruption is 3 minutes. If the time is less than 3 min. It is called a short interruption.

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