What happens if the arm implant bends?

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The function of the implant should not be affected if the implant breaks or bends while it is inserted in your arm. The implant can break or bend due to external forces. The ruptured implant can be displaced from its insertion site. If you have any questions, consult your healthcare professional.

How to know if the implant has bent?

Lump in the breast. Trouble sleeping, lack of energy, tiredness, or a lot of sadness. Heavy menstrual bleeding. Sensation that the implant may have broken or bent while it was in the arm.

How do I know if the implant is harming me?


Abdominal or back pain Increased risk of non-cancerous ovarian cysts Changes in vaginal bleeding pattern, including missed periods (amenorrhea) Decreased sexual desire Dizziness Headaches Mild insulin resistance .Mood swings and depression.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with the implant in the arm?

The contraceptive implant is one of the best contraceptive methods that exist: it is more than 99% effective. This means that less than 1 in 100 people using the subdermal implant will get pregnant each year. When it comes to protection, there is nothing better.

What if my arm implant hit me?

Hello, the effect of the blow on the arm will not be systemic, it will only be necessary to check the arm and that its position has not been altered. To determine the reason for her bleeding, you will have to interrogate your wife, you need to take her to a gynecologist.

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How can the implant break?

Broken or bent implant

The function of the implant should not be affected if the implant breaks or bends while it is inserted in your arm. The implant can break or bend due to external forces. The ruptured implant can be displaced from its insertion site.

What happens if it comes inside and I have the implant?

The implant reaches an effectiveness of 99%, because it is not subject to errors of use, such as forgetting or delaying one of the doses of the method. However, it does not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted infections, which is why we recommend that you use a condom in all your sexual relations.

What are the things that can cause the Implanon to fail?

the implant

Hormonal implants are thin rods that are inserted under the skin in the upper arm (1). Although the implant is one of the most effective forms of contraception (1), it can fail if it is not inserted correctly or if a person is taking antiepileptic drugs (12).

What care should I have after putting on the contraceptive implant?

What care should be taken?

The area where it was applied should be kept dry for 24 hours. A bandage should be applied without too much pressure on the area, keeping it for 24 hours. Avoid hurting the area. Sometimes a small hematoma or bruise appears, which disappears without causing damage.

What happens if the Implanon moves out of place?

The Implanon does not move and if it did move it would continue to release the hormone.

What should I not do after the Subdermal implant?

In the event that it has been placed after this period, you will have to abstain from having sexual relations or you will have to use additional contraceptive protection for the next seven days. (female or male condom).

How long should I wait to have unprotected intercourse if I just got Implanon?

You can have sex immediately after putting in the contraceptive implant. However, if you do not insert the implant during the first 5 days of your period, use another type of contraception (such as a condom) for the first week after inserting the subdermal contraceptive.

When can I remove the bandage from the implant?

How can the placement site be cared for? Take off the pressure bandage after 24 hours. Keep the area dry. Keep an adhesive bandage on the site for 3 to 5 days after the procedure.

What is the expiration date of an Implanon?

The Nexplanon contraceptive implant works for 5 years. A nurse or doctor must pick it up once it has expired. Also, if you want to get pregnant or stop using it, you can ask to have the implant removed at any time before that date.

Where can I remove the subdermal implant?

Good day, you can pick it up at any gynecologist for its removal, there is no change in removing it, it will return to the same characteristics of your menstrual cycle that it had prior to pregnancy and placement.

How much do you charge to remove the Subdermal implant?

The cost of implant removal ranges between 500 and 800 pesos. It is a quick and painless procedure.

How much do you charge to remove the implant?

To give you an idea, removing the contraceptive implant can cost approximately $350.00 pesos.

What happens if I don’t remove the expired implant?

If your implant is expired, it no longer exerts its contraceptive effect. Therefore, you are no longer protected against the possibility of pregnancy if you have sex without a condom.

What happens if I have sex with the expired implant?

Yes, there is a high risk of pregnancy because you did not use a barrier contraceptive method. We advise you to take a pregnancy test to confirm or not your suspicions of pregnancy.

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