What happens if you call your child stupid?

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Well, insulting them doesn’t get us any of this. Simply, they obtain a series of negative consequences, among them, I could highlight: Insults penetrate deep into their personality and lower self-esteem. They end up integrating all these insults and believing that their characteristics are really these.

What happens if you call a child stupid?

Insults damage self-esteem

or ‘How lazy you are!’ they will not encourage your child to change their attitude, quite the opposite.

What should not be said to a child?

The 10 phrases you should avoid saying to your children

1. ‘Learn from your brother’… ‘You’re going to drive me crazy’… ‘Aren’t you ashamed to behave like that?’ … ‘If you don’t do this, I’m going to punish you’ … ‘I’m sick of you’ … ‘You’re a bad boy’ … ‘Because I said so… period’ … ‘ Don’t cry, it’s not that bad’

How do bad words affect children?

Bad words from parents to children can create internal conflicts, even complex ones. Especially low self-esteem. The child does not feel loved or valued and assumes these words as true and may even doubt himself.

Why is it wrong to hit my child?

Here are some reasons experts advise against slapping, slapping, or otherwise hitting children. By hitting a child, you are teaching him that it is okay to hit when you are angry. And, in addition, apart from harming him, bodily injury can be inflicted on him.

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How does a child feel when you hit him?

This type of behavior also generates violence, rebellion, fear and lack of trust in parents. The child ends up obeying for fear of punishment, but without understanding the reason for the sanction in most cases. And of course, he ends up impeding communication between parents and children.

What happens when you hit your children?

Fearful, submissive, insecure children are formed, or, on the contrary, very rebellious. Their self-esteem is damaged and they feel unloved. Abused children are at increased risk for behavioral, physical and mental problems in adulthood, such as depression, addictions, obesity, etc.

What’s wrong with saying bad words?

That thought shapes the brain is scientifically proven, with studies that analyze how a bad word decreases the subject’s cognitive capacity. Until now, humanity has survived thanks to a series of negative emotions, such as fear, because fear defended us against threats.

What causes insults?

It is perceived that the repeated use of insults generates different types of aggression such as: territorial aggression, dominant aggression, sexual aggression and moral aggression.

What harm do rudeness and insults cause?

“In addition to a change in pain tolerance, there was also an increase in the participants’ heart rates. When you swear, your heart rate rises, suggesting an emotional response to the swearing itself,” says Stephens.

Children learn to say no?

The ability to say “no” is part of the evolutionary process and is acquired between one and a half and two years of age, even if the child does not express it verbally, and becomes conscious at three years of age.

How to say no to a child?

6 tips for saying no to children

Explain the rules. It never hurts to remind the child of the rules. … Propose alternatives. … Let him know the consequences. … Become a great example. … Establishes consensus on boundaries. … Say no in a positive way.

What should a child be told?

Phrases to say to children frequently

“I trust you” … “You are very special” … “I understand you” … “Let’s solve it together” … “I am very proud of you” … “You can try again” … “Everything will be fine” … “I’m happy to have you around”

Who insults a child?

Insulting adjectives directed at personality have a devastating effect. When we describe the child or adolescent as “stupid”, “clumsy”, “lazy”, “bad”, reactions are produced in their body and soul. You feel resentment, anger, revenge fantasies, or low self-esteem.

What does it mean when a father insults his son?

“Verbal aggression is a type of violence that has a lot of negative resonance in a child. It directly affects their self-esteem and self-worth.” When a father insults a son, he is inadvertently teaching him that affective bonds must be through violence.

What to do when you offend someone?

How to defend yourself from someone who offends you

Ignore with words and gestures. … Do not reason, nor justify yourself, nor show yourself hurt. …she frivolizes and diverts the subject. … Ask him if he feels better. … You refer to a frivolity of language. … Ask him to reformulate his comment. … Check.

What are the reasons for school insults?

The most frequent insults are related to being overweight. Not fitting in with the canons of beauty that society dictates to us is one of the reasons why there is contempt and discrimination. The way you dress matters.

What do you call a person who likes to offend?

The so-called “offended”

What are people who speak bad words called?

There are pathologies characterized by the involuntary use of foul language, such as Tourette’s syndrome. Generically the symptom is called coprolalia.

How to avoid saying bad words?

Try to replace bad words with exciting phrases or help him say out loud “I’m mad” or “I’m angry” when appropriate. Set limits. Do not react to his rude language, if your son uses swear words because he wants something, make sure you do not give him what he asks for.

How many years in prison for hitting a child?

His sentence is from 6 months to 4 years in prison, loss of the right to alimony and he will be subjected to psychological treatment. The General Law of the Rights of Children and Adolescents establishes that public servants or personnel of federal jurisdiction who impede the administration of the law, have punishment.

What does the Bible say about children who beat their parents?

the son who does not obey his parents bible. If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father or his mother, and when they punish him, he still does not listen to them, … Deuteronomy 27:16 “Cursed be he who despises his father or his mother.

What happens in a child’s brain when you hit him?

Well, the hippocampus, a brain structure related to emotions and memory, will have a smaller size. Also the corpus callosum, point of union between the two hemispheres, receives less blood flow, thus affecting their emotional balance, their attention span and other cognitive processes.

What happens if a child is hit on the hands?

The hands are a part of the body that does not have subcutaneous fat to protect them and are full of blood vessels and nerves, which could be damaged by blows, reaching, in the most extreme cases, breakages and dislocations of bones, muscles and tendons. Shaking the child is also very dangerous.

What happens if you hit a child in the head?

Although extremely rare, more severe injuries can include a skull fracture, which can put pressure on the brain and also cause swelling, bruising, or bleeding around or inside the brain. These are the most serious circumstances that require emergency medical attention.

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