What holiday is October 1?

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National Holiday of Spain is the official denomination that receives the national day of Spain.

What is the day of independence from Spain?

The date of October 12 is highly relevant in the Hispanic world and its importance goes beyond Spain, regardless of the name given to the celebration in each place.

Where is the day of Pilar celebrated?

The Fiestas del Pilar are celebrated in Zaragoza every year, around October 12. These celebrations are in honor of the Virgen del Pilar. They generally start on the Saturday before the 12th and end on the Sunday after.

When is a holiday in Catalonia?


June 6, Monday: Granada Easter Day. June 24, Friday: Saint John’s Day. August 15, Monday: Assumption of the Virgin. October 12, Wednesday: Columbus Day and National Holiday of Spain.

What days are public holidays in Barcelona?

This is the complete list of public holidays in Barcelona in 2022:

    January 1: New Year. January 6: Three Kings. April 15: Good Friday. April 18: Easter Monday. June 6: Easter Monday Granada. June 24: Sant Joan. August 15: La Asuncion. September 24: La Mercè

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What holiday is on September 24?

On September 24, the day of the Virgen de la Merced or Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes is celebrated in Spain.

When is a bank holiday in Barcelona 2022?

Get to know all the 2022 holidays in Barcelona

April 15 (Good Friday), Friday. April 18 (Easter Monday), Monday. June 6 (Easter Monday Granada), Monday. June 24 (San Juan), Friday.

How many holidays are there per year in Catalonia?

The year 2021 includes 12 Catalan festivals, to which municipalities can add two local festivals. They are labor holidays in Catalonia during the year 2021: January 1 (New Year)

What holiday is celebrated today?

This Monday the day of San José will be commemorated and in Colombia, with that date the day of the man is also celebrated. This is the origin of the March holiday in the country.

What saint is celebrated today?

Today, Thursday, March 17, the Catholic saint calendar celebrates the figure of Saint Patrick, a missionary who lived in the fourth century and whose figure became relevant for introducing Catholicism in Ireland.

What is celebrated on October 12 in Pilar?

Solemn Mass of the Infants

In the Holy Chapel of the Basilica del Pilar around 4:30 am on the 12th, the first mass of the day of Pilar is celebrated.

What is celebrated on October 12 in Pilar?

The holiday par excellence for the people of Zaragoza, in which Our Lady of Pilar is honored, is also a national holiday. October 12 has been Legal Hispanic Day since 1987, although its status as a holiday common to all Spaniards dates back to the 19th century.

How is October 12 celebrated in Spain?

Traditionally, during this day, an official ceremony is held, presided over by His Majesty the King, in Plaza Colón in Madrid, where tribute is paid to the flag and to those who gave their lives for Spain, followed by a military parade along Paseo de la Castellana. .

What is commemorated on October 12 in Spain?

National Holiday of Spain is the official denomination that receives the national day of Spain. It is celebrated on October 12 and is regulated by Law 18/1987, of October 7, whose only article indicates: A National Holiday of Spain is declared, for all purposes, on October 12.

What is celebrated on November 1?

All Saints’ Day is a religious solemnity that is celebrated every year on November 1. It is a date that celebrates the passage of the deceased through purgatory and subsequent redemption of their sins, becoming holy souls eternally united with the creator.

What is celebrated on August 6?

The Battle of Junín took place on August 6 on the pampas of the same name, at 4,105 meters of sea level, in the place called C where the imposing obelisk crowned with a bronze sphere now stands.

What is celebrated today in Colombia?

Today, October 22, is celebrated in Colombia, the Day of the Social Worker.

How many holidays are there in 2021 Catalonia?

The work calendar of Catalonia for this year 2021 has 14 holidays: 12 of a national or regional nature and two local holidays that correspond to each city council to set, of which four are designated by the regional government: April 5 (Easter Monday) ; June 24, Thursday (San Juan); 11 of September …

What days are public holidays in Catalonia 2021?

Date by date: holidays for Barcelona 2021

-Friday, April 2, Good Friday, national holiday. -Monday April 5, Easter Monday, regional holiday. -Saturday, May 1, Labor Day, national holiday. -Monday, May 24, the second Easter, a local holiday.

How many holidays are there per year in Catalonia 2022?

There will be 14 parties: 12 approved by the Generalitat, and 2 local.

What days are public holidays in 2022?

In this year 2022 there are seven mandatory holidays:

    1 January | New Year.7 February | Holiday for the day of the Constitution. March 21 | Benito Juárez’s birthday. May 1 | Labor Day. September 16 | Mexican Independence Day. November 21 | Festive for the day of the Mexican Revolution.

What holidays are there in 2022?

Holidays and bridges Colombia 2022

    – Monday, March 21. Saint Joseph’s Day- Thursday, April 14. Holy Thursday.- Friday, April 15. Good Friday.- Monday, May 30. Ascension Day.- Monday, June 20. Corpus Cristi.- Monday, June 27. Sacred Heart.- Monday, July 4. … – Wednesday, July 20.

What holiday is on September 26, 2022?

The days chosen by the Barcelona City Council as local holidays are September 24 (the La Mercè festivities) and September 26.

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