What if my iPhone has 79 battery?

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In the event that it is not within the guarantee and its capacity is less than 80 percent, you will have to pay the cost of replacement. It is important to note that Apple will notify you when the health of the battery is not good. Just below, in the second option, this warning will appear: The battery health has degenerated.

What if my iPhone has 80 battery?

The reason is a type of intrinsic safety: Apple manufactures its batteries with excess capacity, which means that it does not actually use all the potential operating power when the battery health indicates 100%. Even when it is at 80%, your mobile will continue to work in optimal conditions.

How long does an iPhone last with 80 battery?

When the health of the battery is below 80%, it is recommended to change it. It is approximately two years after buying the iPhone, but it depends on its use. There are many cases where that 80% is reached after four years.

When should the iPhone battery be changed?

A typical battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles, under normal operating conditions. The one-year warranty includes coverage for replacement of a defective battery.

How to recover 100% of my iPhone battery?

How to calibrate your iPhone battery

First charge the mobile battery fully, plug it in and wait until the battery indicator charges 100%. … Now discharge the battery completely. … Let the phone rest for 6 or 8 hours before putting it on charge. … Now, recharge the mobile.32 related questions found

How to increase battery percentage on iPhone?

How to increase the battery life of your iPhone

Update your iPhone software to the latest version. … Protects your iPhone from extreme hot or cold temperatures. … Do not charge the iPhone with the case if it is very insulating. … How to save the iPhone for a while. … Optimize battery usage in settings.

How to change battery percentage on iPhone?

Step 1 – Open the Settings app. Step 2 – Select the Battery option. Step 3 – Tap to enable Battery Percentage. Once all this is done, you will get your Apple device to show the battery percentage at all times in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to know if my iPhone battery is in good condition?

How to know the status of the iPhone battery

On your iPhone, go to Settings. Now tap on the Battery section. Tap on Battery health. In Maximum capacity you will get the data on the battery status.

How long is the life of an iPhone?

Bearing this in mind, the useful life of an iPhone in this sense can be approximately 5 to 7 years. Another point that can determine how many years an iPhone can last is the state of the battery, although it is true that it is something much more relative.

What is the iPhone with the best battery?

iPhone 13 Pro Max, a truly huge battery

The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is one of those things that completely changes your use of the device. Not surprisingly, it is the model with the greatest autonomy in the history of Apple.

Why does iPhone battery condition drop very fast?

This sudden drop could be due to several factors, one of them being that the battery is defective, even if the phone is new. In this case, you should go to Apple to certify it and they can replace the battery for free, since it is due to a defect totally unrelated to your use.

What does battery level mean on iPhone?

iPhone Battery Capacity Interpretation

Describes exactly how long your iPhone’s battery should last between each charge cycle, on a scale of 0-100%. Over time, the maximum capacity of your mobile battery decreases.

How do I know if my cell phone battery is bad?

An easy way to know if the battery of your mobile is deteriorated or damaged is to observe the load jumps. Surely, if you have had several mobiles throughout your life, it is that you have observed that there comes a point where the battery no longer charges the same and that it discharges very quickly.

How to know the status of the battery?

If you have an Android cell phone, the first thing you should do is go to the calls section. Now write the code ##4636##. When you call him, a menu will appear about your battery information. Within the options you will see the section “Battery health” or “Condition of your battery”.

How long does an iPhone battery last at 100?

Maximum capacity: is followed by a percentage (95%, for example). This refers to the wear it has had. It leaves the factory at 100% and, after two years, it can be around 80%. Peak Performance Capability: To prevent the device from shutting down unexpectedly and still be able to use it.

How long does the iPhone 11 battery last?

iPhone 11: 720 days (2 years) iPhone 11 Pro Max: 1,200 days (3.3 years)

How to put battery percentage?

It’s simple:

Go to your Android settings. Enter the “Notifications” section. Go to the “Status bar” options and activate “Show battery percentage”.

How does the battery percentage appear on iPhone 12?

From the Control Center

To see the exact battery percentage from Control Center, simply swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to see the battery charge percentage right next to the battery icon.

Why doesn’t my iPhone reach 100 charge?

If you notice that the iPhone battery does not reach 100% after being connected to the charger for many hours, it means that the battery is not calibrated. It is mainly a problem of, let’s call it understanding, between the iPhone software and the battery.

What if my iPhone has 70 battery?

In the event that it is not within the guarantee and its capacity is less than 80 percent, you will have to pay the cost of replacement. It is important to note that Apple will notify you when the health of the battery is not good. Just below, in the second option, this warning will appear: The battery health has degenerated.

How to do so that the battery condition does not drop?

Take note of these recommendations:

Don’t close open apps. Surely you have heard that having many apps open at the same time on your iPhone will drain your battery faster, however this is not true. … Activate the “Save battery” mode … Check the consumption per app. … Use “Dark mode” … Turn off Wi-Fi.

What to do if my iPhone downloads fast?

Why is my iPhone battery draining fast and how to fix it

Way 1: iPhone short battery life complete and safe solution. Way 2: Disable auto-brightness to save iPhone battery. Way 3: Disable automatic app updates. Way 4: Use Low Power mode.

What to do so that your iPhone does not download fast?

20 Basic Tricks to Fix My iPhone Downloads Too Fast

Limit app access to your location. … Limit apps when using Bluetooth. … Turn on low power mode. …Use WiFi whenever possible. …Turn on airplane mode in low signal areas. … Check battery health.

What is the iPhone with the worst battery?

The iPhone 12, with a worse battery than the iPhone 11

In the test, the iPhone 11 Pro outperformed both the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, despite being an older device.

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