What is a Bancomer digital account?

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A digital account is a BBVA Libretón Básico account that you can contract from your cell phone; it works and serves the same as the one you open with an executive in a branch. You can carry out all your operations from your cell phone: transfers. Payments.

How much does BBVA charge for a digital account?

The digital account has no cost for opening.

How secure is a Bancomer digital account?

We tell you what we do at BBVA to keep your digital account secure. Your data is not saved on the cell phone. Your access and approval codes, as well as the data of your operations are protected and are not stored on the cell phone. Only you know the password to access the app.

How does a digital account work?

Basically, a digital account is a bank account like any other, with the difference that it can be requested online and has four characteristics that make it unique: It can be opened from 0 pesos. No minimum balance required. You can withdraw money at ATMs without having the plastic.

How secure are digital accounts?

Another of the things that guarantee the security of our account is that, due to the technology of the application, the account data is not saved anywhere on your phone, this in case you lose it, nobody can access the application, even if they manage to get into your phone.

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How to deposit to my Bancomer digital account?

Deposits to your account at Practicajas BBVA and at convenience stores by giving the 16 digits of your digital account card. Make transfers and service payments through Bancomer Móvil and Internet Banking (bbva.mx). You can buy online by downloading the BBVA Wallet application.

What benefits does a BBVA digital account have?

You can carry out all your operations from your cell phone:

    transfers.payments.withdrawals without a card at ATMs.shopping online.receiving deposits from practices or in convention stores.

What benefits do I have when opening an account at BBVA?

It is faster and free, in addition to allowing you to perform a series of tasks without having to leave the place where you are, such as paying your bills, services and transferring money. Most banks allow you to use your online account to: Check your bank balance at any time.

How much does BBVA charge for having a debit card?

No commission for opening, account management or minimum balance. your card can be personalized. You can buy in thousands of stores or online.

What is the minimum balance in Bancomer?

$1,000. Make sure you maintain this minimum balance to avoid cancellation of your account.

How does the BBVA debit card work?

Debit cards allow you to buy goods and services without carrying cash and you can use them in most stores and online businesses, you just have to enter the numbers or swipe the card and enter your PIN.

What happens if I don’t use my BBVA debit card?

When you lose or misplace it, you will have to pay an amount for the replacement. There is a daily withdrawal limit amount from your account at ATMs, which will depend on your financial institution. If you use other ATMs outside your bank, you will be charged a commission according to the amount you withdraw.

Why does Bancomer take money from you?

Unrecognized charges. Automatic charges that you have not authorized. Online purchases you don’t recognize. Additional charges upon purchase.

What does the BBVA bank offer?

With our app you carry out operations from your cell phone, secure purchases on the internet, send and receive money, payment of services, savings and advice.

What are the services offered by Bancomer?

You will be able to receive monthly deposits of up to 30,000 UDI (approximately $180,000). You will manage your money at all times with digital services. You will have insurance for accidental death, at no cost. You will have a better use of your money, thanks to the BBVA network of branches, ATMs, and convenience stores.

How to deposit at BBVA without a card?

Just open BBVA Send and select the “Send” option, choose the contact and select the amount.

Send and receive money

Deposit it in your BBVA account. Deposit it in another account at any bank. Withdraw it in cash without the need for a card at any BBVA ATM.

How can I find out my BBVA digital account number?

You can obtain your account number from the BBVA Mexico app, in the Account Details option. You can also go to a branch with an executive, to whom you must tell your full name and the card number you received by email.

Why can’t they deposit me on my BBVA card?

The most common cause is insufficient funds in the debit account. The issuing bank declined the card. It happens when strange movements are observed that impact the security of the account. If the bank has reason to believe that the card has been stolen, it will immediately block it.

How long does an unused debit card last?

If your bank account is inactive, that is, it does not receive deposits or transfer electronic money, the plastic will expire after 3 years of inactivity.

What happens if a debit card is not canceled?

You will have a negative balance

Something that will generate commissions and a negative balance when we review the account statement of the debit card. Something that can easily scare you into owing money you don’t have.

How do I know if my BBVA account is active?

If you want to know how to check your account statement at BBVA, it’s very simple:

You need to download the BBVA app. From the menu, select the “Consult” option.

How do you pay with a debit card?

You can use your debit card at most stores to pay for purchases. Simply swipe the card into a device and enter your PIN number on the keypad. When you use your debit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account.

How to use the debit card for the first time?

A – How to use the debit card for the first time

At the bank you go to one of the tellers and insert your card in the slot that says “Card”. The menu welcomes you and asks you to enter through the keyboard, pressing each button one by one, a key of four numbers.
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