What is a decoder multiplexer?

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The multiplexer is a particular application of the decoders, such that there is an enable input (EN) for each AND gate and at the end an OR is made between all the outputs of the AND gates. The function of a multiplexer gives rise to various applications: Input selector.

How does the multiplexer work?

A multiplexer, abbreviated as “MUX” or “MPX”, is a device, a combinatorial logic circuit, that allows one or more low-speed analog or digital input signals to be selected, combined, and transmitted at higher speeds on a single shared medium or within from a single shared device.

What is a decoder circuit?

Decoder circuits are logic circuits that have a given number of inputs and a given number of outputs. If N is the number of inputs, the maximum number of outputs that could exist would be M = 2N.

What is the difference between multiplexer and demultiplexer?

A multiplexer (Mux) is a combinational circuit that uses multiple data inputs to generate a single output. A demultiplexer (Demux) is also a combinational circuit that uses a single input that can be routed through multiple outputs.

What does a multiplexer and a demultiplexer do?

Multiplexers or data selectors allow us to transmit the input data that we want at any given time to a specific output. Demultiplexers are the reverse of the multiplexer.

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What is a demultiplexer examples?

In digital electronics, a demultiplexer is a combinational circuit that has a data information input d and n control inputs that are used to select one of the 2n outputs, through which the data presented at the input must come out.

Where is a decoder used?

A cable box is a component that is added to the television in order to receive channels. They are also called satellite receivers. They are elegant boxes that connect to an antenna and transform the signals received on the antenna into television channels.

What uses could you give the decoder?

Their function is to detect the presence of a certain combination of bits in their inputs and signal the presence of this code by means of a certain output level.

How does a 2 to 1 multiplexer work?

2 to 1 multiplexer

This type of multiplexer has two input signals and one output. As it consists of only two inputs, there will be a single data control line, since with one bit you can select input 0 (if it receives a ‘0’ from the control signal) or input 1 (if it receives a ‘1’ of the control signal).

How is a multiplexer implemented?

The simplest way to implement a function with a multiplexer is to use one that has the same number of select inputs as input variables the function has.

How does a 4 to 1 multiplexer work?

It is the one that, as its name indicates, has four data inputs and two selection inputs. That is, 2n = 4 data entries, where n = 2 selection entries. There are 4 data inputs and 2 selection inputs, total 6 inputs.

How many inputs does a 2 to 1 MUX have?

MULTIPLEXER from 2 to 1 lines: TTL 74157 integrated circuit, contains four multiplexers with two data inputs and one output each. It has an inhibition input (STROBE G) active at low level (0V) and a selection input (SELECT), common to the four multiplexers.

What is the value of input 2 1?

When we see a 2×1 promotion in offers, it means that it is possible to purchase two products of the same price for the cost of one.

What can be done with a Directv decoder?

A DIRECTV decoder is a device that is added to the television in order to receive channels. This is connected to an antenna and so you can transform the signals received on the antenna into television channels.

What can be seen with a satellite decoder?

Basically to watch television, a lot of television, since you can have access to a large number of channels (many more than those available through cable television). But in addition to this, some decoders allow you to record your favorite television programs.

What components constitute a Demux?

The Demuxes are made up of the single Data Input (hose), Data Selector (stopcock) and the Outputs (multiple hoses). Both DEMUX have 4 data output channels and for this 2 Data Selector bits are needed (22 = 4, to be able to select the 4 possible channels).

How do you do the 2×1?

2×1: It is a promo of the type “Take 2, pay 1”. If the 2 chosen products have the same value, either of them will be discounted. If they have a different value, the product to be discounted will always be the one with the lowest value.

What is a 2 for 1 offer?

One of the most popular promotions on the market is 2×1, that is, you get two products and pay only the price of one. This is used by a large number of brands and shopping centers, which has expressed its success in the point of sale.

How do you find the determinant?

The determinant of a square matrix —matrix with the same number of rows and columns— is obtained by subtracting the multiplication of the elements of the main diagonal of the matrix and the multiplication of the elements of the secondary diagonal of the same matrix.

How many inputs can a multiplexer have?

In its most basic form, it consists of two data inputs (A and B), a data output, and a control input.

How many select inputs will be needed in an 8-input multiplexer?

In the same way, a multiplexer with four inputs and two selection inputs. Similarly, an eight-input multiplexer and three selection inputs. There are also multiplexers with 16 inputs and 4 selection inputs.

What is 8 input multiplexer?

The Mux – 2 is a high speed digital multiplexer, It offers the possibility of selecting with the Selector up to a maximum of 8 inputs. As long as the logic level of the enable is at ‘0’, the output will have the same logic level as the input corresponding to the value of the selector.

How does the enable work?

Enable function. The Enable function is used to authorize the counting operation. This function is used to authorize changes to the current counter value based on the status of the optional physical input EN and the function block inputs F_Enable and EN_Enable.

How many control inputs should a 16 data input multiplexer have?

In the corresponding illustration we can see a 16-input multiplexer, where, if we make the “strobe” 0, the negated data of the selected input is obtained at the output through the four control inputs.

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