What is a diamond for children?

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It is a natural mineral composed of carbon, considered to be the gemstone with the highest economic value and the hardest natural material. Diamond is the crystalline form of carbon, which originates from extreme heat and pressure, crystallizing in the cubic system.

What the diamond?

Diamond is a mineral composed of carbon, it is the gemstone whose composition is the simplest, other gemstones are all composite. The diamond sometimes has traces of nitrogen that can go up to 0.20% and a very small proportion of foreign elements.

What is the diamond and its characteristics?

Diamond is crystalline carbon, transparent to opaque, optically isotropic. It is the hardest natural material known, thanks to its covalent bond, although its toughness is not as good due to important structural defects. Its exact tensile strength is unknown.

How are diamonds for children formed?

The diamond-forming process occurs over millions (or even billions) of years within the molten rock of the earth’s mantle; where you can find the right amount of pressure and heat, to transform carbon into diamond.

What are the diamonds?

Diamond is pure crystallized carbon, the most valuable gem used in jewelry once cut into different shapes, which has the highest known purity, ten on the Mohs scale. Diamonds with acceptable quality to be marketed in jewelry represent around 30% of world production.

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What is the most valuable diamond?

The pear-shaped Cullinan I exceeds 530 carats, is embedded in the Scepter of the Cross, is the second largest cut diamond in the world and is valued at 337 million euros. For its part, the Cullinan II is the main attraction of the British Imperial State Crown.

What is the rarest diamond color?

Red diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds, there are only 20 stones in the world certified as red diamonds. This mineral is highly valued and extremely rare to find. The most famous is the red diamond “Red Diamond Moussaieff” of 5.11 carats.

How are diamonds shaped?

Cutting a one-carat diamond typically takes between four and eight hours. Then the diamond must be shaped by rubbing it with another. One of the diamonds is turned on a lathe, while the other is held against it. The diamond dust is carefully collected and the stone is then cut and polished.

How is coal transformed into diamond?

By heating a piece of carbon with methane gas in a microwave, diamonds can be manufactured artificially. The entire process takes ten weeks. Even if you only use it to heat or defrost food, the microwave is a very versatile appliance that can have unsuspected functions.

What is the process of diamonds?

The Five Major Steps in Diamond Ore Processing

1- Shredding. The first step in the kimberlite ore process is crushing. … 2- Screening. The ore is classified using vibrating screens after each crushing stage. … 3- Scrubbing. … 4- Concentration. … 5- Collection.

Where is the diamond found in nature?

“Diamonds are geologically restricted. They are only found in the oldest regions of the earth’s crust (in parts of Africa, Canada, Siberia, Brazil),” says the researcher. And the distribution of the family of this plant is given in tropical and subtropical regions.

What does the ace of diamond mean?

The ace of diamonds is one of the 52 cards that make up the French and English deck. Its value can vary, being able to be more valuable than the King or the least valuable of all.

How are diamonds extracted from nature?

At one point in the journey, the rocks melt, releasing carbon molecules that later take on a new rock form when the temperature drops. If the pressure conditions are right, these carbon atoms are linked in a specific way, forming the structure of what will be a diamond.

What is the most expensive gemstone in the world?

$71.2 million: What’s so special about “The Pink Star” diamond to be the most expensive gemstone in the world. Caption, “The Pink Star” is a 59.60-carat pink diamond, the largest of its kind, and the most valuable jewel in the world.

What is it that makes a diamond brilliant?

To get a brilliant from a diamond, it is necessary to cut it in 58 facets (or 57 if you do not count the head).

How is the cut of a diamond?

Process of cutting the diamond into several parts. The saw used is a thin metal disk. Allows rounding of the diamond belt before it is faceted. This process is done with the help of another diamond that is rubbed with the stone to be carved.

How does diamond shine?

Fluorescence is the reaction of a diamond to ultraviolet light. About a third of diamonds are fluorescent and change their appearance when hit by UV rays. When such a stone is exposed to UV rays from the sun, or even light from a fluorescent lamp, it changes color.

What is the best color of a diamond?

D color diamonds (totally colorless)

D color diamonds have the highest grade and are extremely rare; they correspond to the highest color grade that money can buy.

What are the colors of the diamond?

Intensely colored diamonds (yellow, orange, brown, green, blue, pink, etc.) are extremely rare. The jewelry trade focuses almost exclusively on what is known as the “colorless series”, that is, diamonds that are colorless or have a very slight yellow coloration.

How to know if a diamond is natural?

Take a home test.

Hold the stone in front of your mouth and emit steam from your mouth, just as you would a mirror. If it stays tarnished for a couple of seconds, it’s probably a fake as a real diamond disperses the heat of your breath instantly and won’t tarnish easily.

What is obtained from the diamond?

The hardest mineral known in nature has been used, for many years, as a precious stone in jewelry and it has more and more applications in the field of industry (sawing, polishing, drilling rocks, concrete and stone materials) and in medicine (small tools for dentistry, surgery,…), …

What is needed to cut a diamond?

A sharp blow with a hammer ‘splits’ the diamond into smaller pieces. Since diamonds are incredibly hard and very brittle, they tend to split quite cleanly. Alternatively, the diamond can be cut with a diamond saw or laser, a process that takes hours.

What does the diamond symbol mean?

From the ancient Greek αδάμας (adámas) which means the unalterable. Therefore diamonds can scratch all known surfaces, but they cannot be scratched by anything. Transparent in color, diamonds are a symbol of love and purity.

What does diamond mean in the spiritual?

A diamond will inspire creativity, imagination and innovation and bring clarity of mind when facing problems or making decisions. The diamond will bring a vital energy to all your endeavors, but be aware that this energy could be a negative force.

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