What is a land subdivision?

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A subdivision is a set of blocks and lots laid out and planned to be a population or industrial center, executing various urbanization works that allow it to have infrastructure, equipment, roads and urban services.

What is the fractionation of a land?

Fractionation or urban subdivision is considered to be the division of land into two to ten lots with frontage or access to an existing or projected public road.

How much does it cost to fractionate a piece of land in Uruguay?

More than 5 fractions $U 7599 + CONEAT sketch. CONEAT sketch up to 250 hectares $U 597. CONEAT sketch, more than 250 hectares, the cost is $U 597 + $U 2,168 per hectare. You must attach a Professional Cash Register Stamp: $210.

What’s in a subdivision?

According to article 91, subdivision is understood as the division of land into blocks, lots and streets for residential or commercial uses within population centers, all lots must have access to public roads.

How much does it cost to subdivide a piece of land in Chile?

How much does this process cost? The value of this certificate varies depending on the commune, but fluctuates between $4,000 and $15,000 Chilean pesos.

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How much is the minimum number of meters to subdivide a piece of land in Chile?

There is a minimum to subdivide properties, which will be different depending on the type of soil, so if the land is agricultural, the minimum in which it can be divided will be 5,000 MT2, while in the case of urban real estate, this limit is reduced to 300 MT2 in general, but in the case of the most populated communes…

What procedures must be carried out for a subdivision of land in Chile?

To request the subdivision of a property, the Application for approval of subdivision, merger, urbanization, subdivision, subdivision with simultaneous construction must be submitted to the works department of the commune to which the land corresponds.

What should a private subdivision have?

Swimming pool, green areas, sports courts, gyms, parks and event hall, are among the most outstanding amenities in private subdivisions. It is important to take into account that maintenance fees for common areas are paid directly to the administration of the housing complex.

What is the difference between a condominium and a subdivision?

Subdivision and Horizontal Condominium

They are basically the same, although with a small difference: within the subdivision, the façade and layout of each residence is different from the others, while in the horizontal condominium it is the same or very similar.

What is paid in a subdivision?

Types of fees: -Ordinary: paid monthly and covers services related to the maintenance of common areas. -Extraordinary fee: it is charged when there are expenses for improvements to the condominium or there are repairs in the common areas that were not planned.

How to divide a plot of land in Uruguay?

To enter the process you must present:

“Fraccionamiento, Reparcelamiento o Affectaciones” form complete with professional stamp. Notarial certificate (if applicable). Measurement plan. Current Real Estate Contribution Tax. Affidavit Art. 83 (only for divisions).

What do I have to do to divide a piece of land?

How is the land subdivision done?

The Application signed by the owner of the land and by the architect, in which you must include a simple sworn statement of the owner as the owner of the property. An original or a copy authorized by a Notary of the current tax appraisal certificate;

What is needed to divide a piece of land?

Documents to make the subdivision of a land

Valid official identification with original photograph. Document of accreditation of legal personality. Legal entities: Constitutive Act, Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the representative or proxy.

What is installment writing?

It is the deed by which the records of the procedure that, in accordance with the law, are processed and obtained through the steps taken before the direction of urban planning and public works.

How to divide a land in Ecuador?

Lien certificate (granted in the Property Registry) Copy of the payment of the applicant’s property (updated) Copy of the deed of the land in which it is proposed to subdivide. Plan of dismemberment of the land with UTM coordinates, in physical and digital format, with the signature of the technical manager.

What is a condominium property regime?

The property regime in vertical, horizontal or mixed condominium is constituted when the different floors, departments, dwellings or premises of a property, capable of independent use because they have their own exit to a common element of the former or to the public road, belong to different condominium owners.

Who is the owner of a subdivision?

In the case of subdivisions, their streets, infrastructure and services are donated and delivered to the municipality, acquiring the character of public property. The municipality, as owner, is constitutionally obliged to maintain them and provide public services.

What is a housing subdivision?

A subdivision is a set of blocks and lots laid out and planned to be a population or industrial center, executing various urbanization works that allow it to have infrastructure, equipment, roads and urban services.

What is a private colony?

To begin, you should know that these places are characterized by having a perimeter fence; one or more security booths; common green areas; and a shared recreation infrastructure area (swimming pool, gym, game room, meeting room, tennis court, etc.).

What is living in a private?

Living in a private one will give you the peace of mind that your children can play and walk around the common areas without danger lurking, since traffic is very low and the speed of vehicles is controlled; In addition, surveillance at the entrances will prevent the little ones from leaving the subdivision.

What is a private residence?

A closed urbanization (from the English gated community) (also called closed or private citadel, closed or private neighborhood, country, private colony —in Mexico—, private urbanization or residential complex —in Venezuela—, etc…) is a special form of a residential neighborhood, whose ordering and traffic is of order …

How to divide an inheritance land in Chile?

land division

If the inherited land has a wide extension and all the heirs agree, they can divide it equally, each one of them being the owner of his part. To do this, it will be necessary to carry out an appraisal of the land and the corresponding inheritance taxes.

How much is the minimum number of meters to subdivide a piece of land?

The general rule is that if the property is rural, that is, it is outside the urban radius of a commune, then the minimum size to subdivide a piece of land is 0.5 hectares (5,000 square meters).

How much is the minimum number of meters to subdivide a piece of land?

To subdivide a property in an area of ​​less than 750 m², it must have a frontage of at least 7 m from the public highway and if it is greater than 750 m², it must have a minimum frontage of 15 m.

How many meters are needed to be able to write a land?

We would like to know your situation better, that you could delve a little more into the details of your query, in fact, article 61 of the Urban Development Law of the Federal District (today Mexico City), establishes the minimum of 90m2, but establishes them for the case of a merger or subdivision.

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