What is an AFIP consolidated VEP?

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The VEP is an electronic payment receipt that allows you to pay for different obligations online. You can generate a “consolidated VEP” or “multiple VEP”, depending on the case, which will contain all the obligations included.

What does consolidated VEP mean?

The Consolidated VEP groups in a single instrument, the Electronic Payment Statements (VEP) prepared for each obligation, which are called Sub VEP.

How to pay an AFIP consolidated VEP?

This can be done:

With a bank code: entering www.linkpagos.com.ar, www.pagosmiscuentas.com, www.interbanking.com.ar or through the pages of authorized banks. With a fiscal code: from the AFIP website.

How to see the details of a consolidated VEP?

The User accesses the Consolidated VEP Payment Voucher from the VEPs Consult option, selecting the icon See details of the Consolidated VEP for this Sub VEP. Generated by the User: indicating the unique tax identification key of the logged in user.

How to pay a consolidated VEP of another person?

How to pay someone else’s VEP

Enter the AFIP website with the CUIT and fiscal code of the person who wishes to make the payment or has a debt to settle. Click on ‘Administrator of Fiscal Code Relationships’ Select ‘New Relationship’26 related questions found

How can I pay the VEP if I don’t have a bank account?

Where can I pay?

Homebanking. In order to use this service, you must previously go with your debit card to ATMs that are from the same network as said card, to obtain the access code. On the AFIP website, entering the service “Presentation of DDJJ and Payments”.

How to pay an expired VEP?

Important: before an Expired Electronic Payment Voucher (VEP), you must restart the procedure for generating the payment via the Internet.

Electronic payment flyer, for:

Consult your detail. Make your payment, as long as it has the Status “Sent to Payment Entity”. Consult the Expired VEPs.

How to find a VEP in Home Banking?

Enter Home Banking, click on the 3 dots on the menu and choose the AFIP Services option. To create a new VEP, click on the ACCESS TO AFIP button. Select the Enter AFIP button. YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO THE AFIP PAGE WHERE YOU MUST GENERATE THE VEP.

How to pay a VEP already generated by payment my bills?

Enter the Payments module of Online Banking Companies and from the AFIP Payments option select: AFIP Payments by Pay my Accounts. In the Tax Item –AFIP DGI select: AFIP – AFIP Tax Payment (VEP). Enter the CUIT / CUIL of the person who generated the Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) and press “continue”.

How to pay VEP AFIP through home banking?

Already on the AFIP site, you must choose the tax and enter the data required by the system. Once this step is done, the VEP (Electronic Payment Flyer) will be generated. In order for the VEP to be transferred and available to be paid in Home Banking, select the Link Payments option on the AFIP site.

How to know if a VEP AFIP was paid?

The generated electronic payment receipts (VEP) can be consulted by entering the service with the fiscal code “Presentation of DDJJ and payments”, under the “Payments” menu, option “Consultation”.

How long do I have to pay a VEP?

To make the payment, the VEP is valid for 30 calendar days from the day following its generation.

How to pay VEP with a Provincial ID card account?

To make an AFIP payment, go to the Payments menu, AFIP Payments tab, Payment / Low VEP option. You will be asked to select the debit card related to the payment account and then select if the electronic receipt was generated with your CUIT or another operator. Press the Consult button.

How do I pay the VEP with link?

C) Payment of VEP’s

In the submenu I selected the option “AFIP” and then “VEP”. Select the CUIT of the person who generated the VEP and later the system will show you the available Electronic Payment flyers. Select the account from which the funds will be debited and confirm the payment.

How to pay VEP dnrpa by Home Banking?

To make the payment through the banks, you must access AFIP Payments and choose the “Online Banking Business Payments” option from AFIP Payments for my accounts. Select the VEP payment. Then, enter the CUIT and CUIL of the person who generated the flyer.

How to generate an expired Monotax VEP?

debt inquiry

Enter the AFIP Fiscal Code Access and enter your CUIT/CUIL/CDI number and your Password. The system will display on the screen the list of AFIP services that you have enabled. … In the menu on the left of the screen I chose the VEP option from Debt found under the heading Payments.

How to pay an AFIP VEP with a credit card?

You can generate and pay the VEP by means of a VISA Credit Card by entering through the VISA HOME website, using the “PAY” > “Taxes and Services” option. To know the steps you can see the step guide by entering here. Partial payments of the corresponding amounts will not be accepted.

How to pay the VEP by ATM?


Enter the option “PAY” in the main menu and select “Payment of Taxes and Services”. Choose the item of the tax or Service to be paid and then enter the service code (PAGAR Code (Before: Link Payments) indicated on the invoice).

What is a VEP and how is it paid?

Its objective is to allow the taxpayer to pay their tax obligations electronically. It contains a payment order previously generated through the AFIP website, so the amount paid is automatically assigned to a taxpayer, a tax and a period.

What is a paid VEP?

Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP) is the mechanism used to make payments to AFIP electronically. Each VEP is generated through the AFIP system and when doing so, the form of payment must be selected. In order to later pay the VEP through Home Banking, you must generate it with the Link Payments option.

How is a VEP made?

AFIP established new modalities to generate the VEP

Enter the service “Presentation of DDJJ and Payments” with fiscal key level 2. Generate the electronic payment receipt (VEP) by one of the following options: … Choose the payment entity that will be used to cancel the generated VEP.

How to generate a VEP for easy payment?

Enter the AFIP website with your tax code. Look for the “Monotributo” option and generate the VEP. Enter the Mercado Pago app and select the “pay services” option from the menu.

How to pay a VEP by Banelco ATM?

Banelco Network.

In order to pay the VEP, you must access the payment entity and select the “AFIP Payments” option. The payment can be made immediately after the generation of the VEP.

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