What is an example product line?

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Line: Set of products from a range that a company offers its customers with a common characteristic. For example: “Deodorants”.

What is a product line and examples?

First of all, the line is a set of products within the same product range. These are offered by the company and have similarities to each other. An example of this could be a line of diet yogurts: low-fat yogurt, low-sugar yogurt, sugar-free yogurt, skimmed yogurt…

What are the types of product lines?

Among the most frequent cases are the following:

    Electronic line: music equipment, video players, televisions, etc. Appliances: stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Sports line: shoes, tracksuits, balls, etc.

How do you make a product line?

A product line is a group of related products offered for sale. Unlike product bundling where multiple products are combined into one, creating product lines involves offering multiple related products but individually.

What is a new product line?

2) New product lines are those products that represent entry into existing markets but are new to the firm. Example, Hewlett-packard entered the personal computer market in the mid-1990s when several competitors were already well established.

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What is a sales line?

A product line encompasses a group of closely related products because they perform similar functions, are sold to the same group of consumers, through the same distribution channels and in a similar price range, but are different products.

What is the difference between product line and brand?

While brand extension is synonymous with diversification (launching products or services different from the essence of the business), line extension consists of creating new products within the same category and under the same brand (although the name may admit some variation). according to function or purpose…

What is an example line of business?

Line of Business (LOB) is a general term that describes the product or related services offered by a company or manufacturer. A company that makes solid-state drives, for example, might claim that its LOB is data storage.

What is an example product family?

A product family is a group of products that do not necessarily have characteristics in common but respond to the same consumer need, for example, each of the brands of their products can be defined as families, however, the business administrator can decide how to define…

How to identify a family of products?

For a set of products to be considered as a family, they must have the following characteristics: have identifiable languages ​​as similar, satisfy the same type of needs, be complementary in their use and functionality, be usable in defined contexts and circumstances, and . ..

How is the product family identified?

To identify a family of products, a product-process matrix can be used, taking into account that “A family of products are those that share time and equipment when they go through the processes”.

How to create a product family?

A product family is the parent object under which a product family structure is created. A product family structure is used to organize similar products into a reusable structure made up of product models and groups of product models.

What are line-of-business structures?

In the commercial field, a business structure refers to the organization of a company in regards to its legal status. Choosing the most appropriate business structure creates legal recognition for your business.

What is AS IS and to be?

AS IS / TO BE Process Mapping is a management tool that helps in the description and improvement of the organization’s internal processes. It is dedicated to the exploration of the company’s business through methodologies and practices used in day-to-day activities.

What is the difference between product line and line depth?

The breadth (or extent) of the product mix refers to the number of product lines a company offers. Product line depth is the number of unit products in a product line.

What is line and brand extension?

It should be clarified that we speak of brand extension when a brand enters the market with products or services from different categories. And a line extension occurs when new options are offered within the same category.

What are the company structures?

The organizational structure of a company is defined by its divisions into departments and the line of authority, but also by the spontaneous interactions that arise between all its individuals. According to these two forms of organization, two types of organization structure are distinguished.

What are the types of company structure?

In general terms, one can speak of two types of organizational structures: centralized ones, which are those in which management positions stand out above the other members of the organization; and decentralized, that is, those where managers delegate responsibilities to …

What is the structure of the company?

Business structure is understood as the organization that gives a company to function. Each company has an organizational structure that is aligned with its needs and objectives, through which it organizes its activities, its processes and its operation in general.

What is the brand family?

From a conceptual point of view, a family of trademarks is a set of trademarks of the same owner, which share a common term, be it a word, prefix or suffix.

What is product bundling?

Product grouping as a sales strategy

It is about grouping the same product or several different products related to each other in the same pack, with a reduction on the total price that will attract the customer. These groupings are usually made with the help of a machine such as the shrink wrapper.

What are the families that are in a point of sale?

Families: Products of the same family: milk, margarines, yoghurts, cheeses, etc. Subfamilies: Similar but slightly different products: natural yoghurts without sugar, sweetened with fruit, etc. Articles: Also called products or common names such as strawberry yogurt, peach yogurt, etc.

How is the family divided?

Families are classified into the following types: Nuclear family: made up of parents and one, two or more children. Extended family: grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​and other blood or related relatives. Single-parent family: in which the child or children have only one parent (either the mother or the father).

What is the assortment structure?

What is the structure of an assortment? All assortment is organized as follows: By departments: these are large divisions that group sections according to the complementarity and homogeneity of the products; that is, if they are part of the same general branch.

How is the point of sale assortment structured?

Structure. The assortment is structured in levels. These levels vary with the type of establishment. The smallest shops have only three levels; while the larger ones set all the levels they need for profitable assortment management.

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