What is celebrated on September day?

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September 5: World Sibling Day. September 5: International Day of Indigenous Women. September 8: International Literacy Day. September 8: International Journalist’s Day.

What is celebrated on September 1?

Commemoration of the Cry of Independence.

What is celebrated on September 21?

Every September 21, the International Day of Peace is celebrated. The General Assembly has decreed that this day is dedicated to reinforcing the ideals of peace in all nations and peoples of the world.

What is celebrated on September 20 in Ecuador?

September 20 to 26: Ecuador celebrates the International Banana Fair, since it is the world’s leading producer of bananas. This fair is held in the province of El Oro, where the best fruits are exhibited.

What is celebrated today, September 25?

September catholic saints

This is how the saints of the Catholic Church mark it; This September 25, less than fifty men called Cleofás and another 30,000 called Cristóbal will have to be congratulated and they also celebrate their day today.

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What is celebrated on September 20 in the world?

National Youth Day.

What happened on September 20?

All this and more happened on September 20. On September 20, 1880, Buenos Aires was declared the capital of the Argentine Republic. On this day in 1984, CONADEP delivers its report Never Again to President Raúl Alfonsín, documenting the existence of clandestine and disappeared centers.

What day is celebrated on September 20?

Retired Day is celebrated in Argentina.

What is the day of independence from Spain?

The date of October 12 is highly relevant in the Hispanic world and its importance goes beyond Spain, regardless of the name given to the celebration in each place.

What is celebrated on September 1 in Peru?

As in other countries around the world, Peru commemorates Tree Day on September 1 of each year, a significant date that leads us to remember and reflect on the importance of caring for, preserving and protecting forests, which are so necessary for the planet and for the very survival of the…

What is celebrated on September 1 in Bolivia?

September 1.: A day in the history of Bolivia. Within the framework of the civil war of 1949 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. On September 1, a P38 warplane flew over the city, crossing it from northeast to southeast and dropping two bombs on the runway of El Trompillo airport.

What is celebrated on September 1 in Ecuador?

Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador » In Ecuador, Civic Day is remembered.

When is Wedding Day in Argentina?

PHOTO: On September 20 in Argentina, the Day of the Boyfriends is celebrated. Although Valentine’s Day is the date most celebrated by lovers in the world, on September 20 love is also celebrated in Argentina.

What saint does the Catholic Church celebrate today?

Today, Saturday, March 19, 2022, the Christian Saints celebrate the Saint of Saint Joseph, followed by other names that you can consult right here. An artisan by trade, he is the husband of the Virgin Mary.

What saint is celebrated today in the Catholic Church?

Today, March 19, the Catholic saints honor Saint Joseph. Husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus, the figure of Saint Joseph is essential in the Catholic Church.

Who is today’s saint?

Today, Thursday, March 17, the Catholic saint calendar celebrates the figure of Saint Patrick, a missionary who lived in the fourth century and whose figure became relevant for introducing Catholicism in Ireland.

What is celebrated on September in Ecuador?

September 27: Ecuador celebrates World Tourism Day in style.

What is celebrated on October 12 in Spain?

October 12 has been Legal Hispanic Day since 1987, although its status as a holiday common to all Spaniards dates back to the 19th century.

How is October 12 celebrated in Spain?

Traditionally, during this day, an official ceremony is held, presided over by His Majesty the King, in Plaza Colón in Madrid, where tribute is paid to the flag and to those who gave their lives for Spain, followed by a military parade along Paseo de la Castellana. .

What is commemorated on October 12 in Spain?

National Holiday of Spain is the official denomination that receives the national day of Spain. It is celebrated on October 12 and is regulated by Law 18/1987, of October 7, whose only article indicates: A National Holiday of Spain is declared, for all purposes, on October 12.

What is celebrated on October 12 and why?

October 12, 2021

Today we commemorate the discovery of America in the year 1492 and the beginning of the exchange of cultures between the indigenous peoples and the Spanish conquerors. Others point out that this event allowed the fusion of cultures and the birth of Latin America.

What happened on October 12, 1492 Short summary?

October 12, 1492, is a date of enormous importance in Western history: It is the day that Christopher Columbus completed his journey across the Atlantic Ocean and reached the “New World.” Where Columbus really landed that October day he went to an island he called San Salvador, which is now part of the Bahamas.

What does our Hispanidad mean?

Hispanidad is a term and an expression with multiple meanings, which refers to the group of countries, people and communities that have the Spanish language as their mother tongue, either as their first, second or third language. In addition, they have a culture inherited and related to Spain.

Why is the Virgen del Pilar the Patron Saint of Hispanidad?

The Virgen del Pilar is Patron Saint of the Benemérita and since America was discovered on October 12, 1492, the Discovery and Evangelization of the New World was placed under her Protection, she is Patron Saint of Hispanic Heritage.

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