What is electronic payment code?

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The electronic payment code is a 14-digit number that allows you to pay your bills through an electronic payment method such as PagoMisCuentas or an ATM. The electronic payment code is located in the upper right corner of the first page of your invoice.

How to pay with the electronic payment code?

I chose the Link Payments option from the main menu and then the Pay option from the sub menu. To make the payment of a new service, select the item of the company you wish to pay. Enter the 13 digits of the Electronic Payment Code (CPE) or Link Payments Code.

What is Edenor’s electronic payment code?

DE BS AS • PAYMENT CODE: 0044 7953 0251 .

What is the electronic code to pay Edesur?

Enter 009 + the first 10 digits of your Edesur customer number. Up to 2nd expiration. For T2 and T3 clients, enter 00 and your client number. Up to 1st expiration.

How to pay the Edesur bill through home banking?

Link: Enter 009 + the first 10 digits of your Edesur customer number. Up to 2nd expiration. For T2 and T3 clients, enter 00 and your client number. Up to 1st expiration.

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How to pay my Edesur bill?

Pay Edesur with a credit card

Go to the Virtual Office > Payments and Agreements. At the bottom of the page, go to the option Pay Out Debtor with the Card. Fill in your credit card information and click on pay.

How to pay for electricity online?

To enjoy the benefits of carrying out your procedures through cyber space, you must follow the following steps: go to www.corpoelec.gob.ve, look for the virtual office link, enter the data that appears on your bill and continue the instructions that will accompany you until the operation is completed.

How to put Edenor in automatic debit?

Enter edenordigital or contact your bank.


It is a practical, safe and free service. Your summary is valid as proof of payment. You can make the stop debit up to 72 hours before the first due date of your invoice.

How to load prepaid Edenor online?

Edenor Digital is the only platform that works on Apple and Android. To access it is necessary to create a user or log in via Google, Facebook, Outlook or Twitter. To recharge it is necessary to type the meter number, which has 11 digits.

How do I pay the VEP with link?

In the submenu I selected the option “AFIP” and then “VEP”. Select the CUIT of the person who generated the VEP and later the system will show you the available Electronic Payment slips. Select the account from which the funds will be debited and confirm the payment.

How do I pay with a debit card?

You can use your debit card at most stores to pay for purchases. Simply swipe the card at a device and enter your PIN number on the keypad. When you use your debit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account.

How to pay with Banelco code?

Payments through Red.Banelco. If you have never used Home Banking: Payment through Banelco ATMs. 1) Enter the ATM with your password. Select the Operation “Payments”2) Select the type of payment. I chose “Pay Electr. Services”

How is the prepaid meter charged?

To recharge it is necessary to type the meter number, which has 11 digits. For each purchase, the system issues a voucher with a 20-number code that must be entered on the meter’s keyboard.

How can I recharge the prepaid light?

Where can you recharge your energy?

All CEPM commercial offices. All Vimenca PagaTodo branches throughout the country. Mango Pay and Disashop service machines. Through your virtual office. Through CEPM APP.

How to pay prepaid Edenor?

Open the Mercado Pago app and select Pay services. Scan the barcode on your invoice (or choose Find Company, select EDENOR and enter your ten-digit account number). Pay with money in account, credit or debit card. And ready!

How to modify data in Edenor digital?

Go to edenordigital.com and you can change your email address, phone number or request a change to your first and last name (only spelling errors). You can also contact our Call Center at 0800-666-4000.

How to extend Edenor access authorization?

If you have any relationship with the account holder, you can request a profile change. To do this, you must enter edenordigital and complete the procedure EXPAND ACCESS ENABLING.

How do I know what I owe in Edenor?

You can check your balance at any time through edenordigital. You can also receive your balance instantly by SMS. Send the word EXPIRY and then (with a space) your account number (without spaces) to 28456 and find out the expiration of your invoice and the balance of your account.

How do I pay for electricity from my cell phone?

This is the CFE app. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has a mobile application called “CFE Contigo” so that users can pay their corresponding bill and check their electricity consumption.

How can the Corpoelec balance be consulted?

Send from your cell phone an SMS (with a maximum of 130 characters) to the number 502 and enter the word according to your request, as indicated below: “BALANCE” followed by a space and then Contract Account No.

How to pay electricity by phone?

You can dial 071 and they tell you if your payment has already been registered.

How to know my debt in Edesur?

Download and print invoice

Enter the Virtual Office with your username and password. (If you don’t have one, create one by clicking here) In the options menu, choose the option My Invoices. The menu of available settlements will open (invoice number, issue date, expiration date and amount).

How to recharge prepaid electricity through Bancolombia?

How to recharge it?

Enter the People Virtual Branch with your Username. Enter your Password using the virtual keyboard. Select the Product option, e-Prepaid and choose the Charge option.

What is my Banelco payment code?

To operate through Red Banelco or Link, the password for electronic media is 060XXXXXX (service number) found in a red box in the center of the original invoice.

What is the PIN number of the debit card?

The PIN of a Debit Card (Personal Identification Number in English or Personal Identification Number in Spanish) is a numerical security code. This verifies the identity of the user/client when using their cards and also when generating remote digital banking operations.

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