What is externalization objectification and internalization?

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EXTERNALIZATION: It is when man puts his subjectivity out, externalizes what is happening to him. OBJECTIVE: that outsourcing means the same for all outsiders.

What is objectivation according to Berger and Luckman?

(Berger and Luckman, 1991: 83). – Objectification: The externalized products of human activity attain the character of objectivity. The meanings materialize allowing the subject to make the knowledge of his environment accessible to the experiences of his daily practice.

What is outsourcing according to Berger and Luckman?

By externalization we understand that the social world is a product of human activity. Externalization is an anthropological necessity, “the human being… continually has to externalize himself in activity” (Berger and Luckmann, 1968:73).

What is externalization in sociology?

The externalization process refers to the fact that institutions are perceived by us as if they had their own reality and that the individual is presented as an external and coercive fact.

What is sedimentation in sociology?

We could define sedimentation as the process by which experiences are stereotyped in memory as recognizable and memorable entities. reconstruct its original process of formation. meanings to the sedimented experiences of that collectivity. standing of a given community.

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What is sedimentation in psychology?

Sedimentation is this: a trace of what has been forgotten and, therefore, an appeal to a thought that relies on it and goes further.

What does it mean that reality is a social construction?

Berger and Thomas Luckmann warn that reality is conceived as a dialectical process between social relations; Other writers and sociologists point out that a social construct is an artifact within a society, invented or created by participants of a certain culture and that it exists because people access …

What are Habitualized Actions?

Habitualized Actions Habitualized actions retain their significance for the individual, although the meanings become embedded as routines in his general store of knowledge that he takes for granted and that he has at his disposal for his future projects.

What is externalization in psychology?

Externalization is a therapeutic approach aimed at generating distance between the patient and the problems that oppress him. The use of this technique allows the problem to become an external element to the person and thus its resolution is more effective.

How is social reality constructed examples?

-The social reality is constituted and changed by various elements such as the people who are part of it, the communities, the institutions, the existing communication systems, the motivations of each of its individuals, the controls that are socially established , rules and…

How is social reality constructed according to Berger and Luckman?

BERGER and Thomas LUCKMANN, based on the work The Social Construction of Reality. For these authors, reality is established as a consequence of a dialectical process between social relations, typified habits and social structures, seen from a social point of view.

What does it mean that reality is objectified?

The concept of objective reality is linked to objects and subjects that have physical (material) existence, beyond what a subject knows or knows about them. Objective reality, therefore, exists even when we are unaware of it.

How is outsourcing applied?

Externalization is based on taking out what the person assumes is inside. It can be done through a drawing, or use other elements that facilitate this task of externally observing the problem. Imagine a person who has a lot of anxiety, lives it so much that he defines himself as an anxious person.

How to do an outsourcing?

The 7 steps of outsourcing

Initiative planning.Cost/benefit analysis.Strategic implications.Supplier selection.Terms and conditions.Resource migration.Relationship management.

What is externalizing the problem?

“Externalizing” is a therapeutic approach that encourages people to objectify and sometimes personify the problems that oppress them. In this process, the problem becomes a separate entity, therefore external to the person or relationship to which it was attributed (p. 53).

When an action becomes institutionalized?

This institutionalization appears every time there is a reciprocal typification of actions habitualized by types of actors. Every typification of this kind is an institution. When an action is institutionalized, it is governed by certain limits, which can become a form of social control.

What happens when a human activity becomes institutionalized?


All human activity is subject to habituation, that is, every act that is repeated frequently creates a pattern that can later be reproduced with economy of effort and that is apprehended as a pattern by the performer.

What is social construction theory?

Social constructionism, socioconstructionism or more recently relational constructionism is a sociological theory (sociology of knowledge) that considers that psychological/individual phenomena emerge from social contexts.

What is reality according to social psychology?

The construction of reality from its purely sociological essence is a construct that the human being builds through the way in which he perceives it through the senses and the stimuli to which he is subject according to the processes of institutionalization of society. and the fields of interaction …

What is sedimentation and an example?

Sedimentation is the accumulation of solid materials, caused by natural or experimental processes. For example: alluvium, dunes, sedimentary islands.

What is sedimentation and types?

Definition of Sedimentation

It refers to the process that consists of the formation and deposit of sediments, arising through the transport of solid material by a stream of water, settling at the bottom of the water basin (river, reservoir, lagoon, etc.) under the action of gravity. .

What causes sedimentation?

Sediment deposits in rivers can alter the flow of water and reduce the depth of the water, making navigation and recreation in the water difficult. Sediments are sand, clay, silt, and other loose soil particles that settle to the bottom of a body of water.

What is example outsourcing?

Some example outsourcing areas are industrial manufacturing, cafeteria services, high-level processes related to finance, marketing, legal support, and of course, Information Technology (IT) and its relationship with corporate information systems.

When does outsourcing occur?

What is Outsourcing? It occurs when a business pays an outside vendor for its goods and services, rather than in-house. The practice of this began in the 1970s and became popular in the 1990s as a way for companies to reduce their internal cost structure.

How does a company outsource its costs?

The outsourcing of costs of a company occurs when a company decides to transport some activities that it performs to external locations. In this way you can have flexible labor legislation, cheaper production materials or better economic conditions.

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