What is flora and fauna for children?

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What is flora and fauna for elementary school children? Flora is the set of plants that populate a habitat, while fauna is the set of animal species that inhabit a geographical region, that are typical of a geological period or that can be found in a given ecosystem.

What is flora and fauna for children?

Flora and fauna are the set of living beings that are part of an ecosystem. Flora refers to plant species, while fauna is the term used to categorize animals.

What is flora for children?

Flora refers to the set of plants that grow in an area (for example a region, a country, a continent). They can be specific to a particular ecosystem, a (native) area or have been introduced by man.

What is flora and fauna?

Flora and fauna are the biotic resource that sustains an ecosystem. The flora groups everything that includes the plant kingdom, while the fauna refers to everything that involves the animal kingdom.

What is the fauna?

Fauna is the set of animal species that inhabit a geographical region, which are typical of a geological period. This depends on both abiotic and biotic factors. Among these, the possible relationships of competition or predation between species stand out.

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What is wildlife for you?

Fauna is the set of animals that comprise a region or country. Also, fauna are the species that correspond to a certain geological period. The word fauna is from the Latin “fauna”.

What is flora and examples?

Flora is the native plant population of a given area. A geographic region is often characterized by describing its relief, its climate, watercourses, and its flora and fauna. For example: flora of the Patagonian steppe, Antarctic flora, flora of Peru.

What is flora for you?

The term flora refers to the set of plants, native or introduced, of a geographic region, of a given geological period, or of a given ecosystem. The term comes from Latin in allusion to the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora.

What is wildlife for kids?

Fauna is known as the set of animals of different species that live within the same ecosystem and the same geographical region, these can be birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, molluscs, or insects, among many others.

What is fauna and examples?

Fauna is the set of all animal species that inhabit an ecosystem. It can be mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, for example. … That is why, in a tropical forest, the animals that abound are monkeys, birds and insects. Many of these are lodged in high branches of trees.

What is fauna and how is it divided?

The fauna can be divided into wild fauna (it does not need man for its feeding and development) and domestic fauna (species subject to the domain of man).

What is Flora Wikipedia?

Venezuela has around 30,000 to 35,000 species of plants, of which more than 8,000 are endemic and unique to the country. In carnivorous plants there are various types, as well as unique species found in the Canaima National Park.

What is flora and what is its importance?

The importance of flora and fauna is related to the air we breathe and the food we eat. The flora produces important medicines, and the water absolutely necessary for life to exist, would not be if the flora and fauna and all things in an ecosystem were interdependent.

What are the types of flora?

The Flora and its Classes.

    native flora. The native flora of an area. Agricultural and garden flora. Plants that are cultivated by humans. … Flora arvense 1 2 3 or of the undergrowth.

What is an ecosystem?

The ecosystem is the set of species in a given area that interact with each other and with their abiotic environment; through processes such as predation, parasitism, competition and symbiosis, and with its environment by disintegrating and becoming part of the energy and nutrient cycle.

What is flora and vegetation?

The flora refers to the plants that populate a country and the vegetation to the set of species that are distributed in the territory.

What is the meaning of the name flora?

Flora is a female proper name of Latin origin in its Spanish variant. It comes from flos, “flower” in Latin.

What is the flora of the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican flora is one of the richest in the Antilles since naturalists have counted more than five thousand species. This wealth is in fact due to the complexity of the country, the climatic variations and the great differences in altitude that occur on the island.

What are the types of fauna in Mexico?

In the mountain forests: kangaroo rat, wild cat, gray fox, skunk, coyote, raccoon and scorpion. In water bodies and wetlands: axolotl, charal and wader rail birds; Invasive species have been detected, among which the gecko, cane toad, carp and rainbow trout stand out.

What kind of fauna is there in Mexico City?

In the bushes: weasel, raccoon and rabbit. In grasslands: rat and mouse, squirrel, raccoon and gopher. In the lakes of Xochimilco and Tláhuac: charal, toad, frog, salamander or axolotl, water snake and Mexican duck. Animals in danger of extinction: cacomixtle, rabbit of the volcanoes or teporingo.

What kind of flora and fauna is there in Brazil?

In general, it is estimated that in this country there are about 4 million species of flora and fauna. For example, in Brazil, large mammals such as pumas, anteaters and sloths, armadillos, opossums, foxes, tapirs, ocelots and at least 69 of the 244 species of apes stand out.

What is wildlife for second graders?

Fauna is the set of animals that comprise a region or country. Also, fauna are the species that correspond to a certain geological period. … On the other hand, fauna is the group of people that is characterized by frequenting a certain place or having the same behavior, for example: juvenile fauna.

What kind of flora is there in Brazil?

Flora of Brazil – typical plants

Characteristic of the region, the Varagem ipê (Tababuia speciosa) is the national tree of Brazil. Its beautiful flowers are of an intense yellow, flooding the streets of Rio de Janeiro where it blooms during the months of October.

How many species of flora are there in Brazil?

Brazil is one of the leaders in the list of 18 megadiverse countries in the world. It is home to between 15% and 20% of the world’s biological diversity, with 120,000 species of invertebrates, some 9,000 vertebrates and more than 4,000 species of plants.

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