What is grammage and how is it measured?

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Thickness and grammage

The grammage of a paper is defined as the WEIGHT of one square meter of that paper. No more no less. It is measured in grams/m2. In other words, a paper with a grammage of 150 g means that a sheet with a surface area of ​​1m2 weighs that, 150 grams.

How is weight measured?

Grammage is the weight of the paper and is measured in grams per square meter (g/m2). For example, when we talk about a sheet of 80 g/m2, it means that a sheet of 1 meter x 1 meter will weigh 80 grams.

How is weight defined?

m. Weight in grams of paper per square meter.

How is paper weight measured?

The weight of the paper

Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter. In other words, when we see that the pack of 500 sheets weighs 80 grams, it is not that each sheet weighs 80 grams, but rather that one square meter of that paper weighs 80 grams.

How is paper thickness measured?

The thickness is measured with a micrometer, and indicates the distance between the two surfaces of the paper in microns -µm- (thousandths of a millimeter). This concept affects the stability, touch and above all the thickness of the final printed product. For example, a book with many pages may have a very large final spine.

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What does 75 g m2 mean?

Expressed in grams of paper per square meter (g/m²), areal density is also known as grammage. This form of measurement is the one used in most parts of the world.

How is paper density measured?

Paper density is the mass of a paper product per unit volume. Density can be calculated by dividing the paper’s grammage (in grams per square meter, or “gsm”) by its gauge (usually in micrometers, occasionally in thousandths of an inch).

How to calculate the weight of a roll of paper?

Once you know that a standard sheet of paper is 0.7 square meters (as we have already calculated), it is multiplied by the weight of the square meter and we can obtain the weight of a sheet. If, in addition, we multiply it by the number of pages in the ream (500 sheets), we get the total weight of this unit.

What does 90g m2 mean?

Weight of 90 g/m2: it is perfect for printing large amounts of text. Light printing and reduced thickness. Ideal in white and ivory colors for inside pages of books. Weight of 130 g/m2: high quality color images, glossy magazines, brochures, posters… Resistant to the passage of time.

What is ignited 50g m2?

For example, using 50 g/m2 instead of 80 g/m2 means a weight reduction of more than 37% and without this representing any decrease in opacity.

What does 80 gram paper mean?

Paper is measured in units of area or area weight, that is, in grams per square meter. It means that a square meter of paper of this quality weighs 80gr.

How to measure the grammage of cardboard?

To measure the grammage of a paper, it will be necessary to have a square or rectangular sample of it and, preferably, of acceptable dimensions. Then, we will have to measure the surface of the sample, for this we will multiply the centimeters that each of the sides has.

What does g m2 mean on paper?

Paper weight is measured as paper weight or ream weight. Paper grammage is the weight of one square meter of a sheet of paper, measured in units of g/m2.

What is the weight of cardstock paper?

Cardstock: This is a thicker and more resistant paper than normal writing or printing paper. It is commonly referred to as thin cardboard. In this case, the grammage is usually between 180 and 200 g/m2, although we can also find thicker cardboard that reaches up to 350 g/m2.

How many sheets of paper equals a kilo?

40 Grs/M2 1 Kilo = 38 Sheets.

How much does 1 ream of paper weigh?

The format (width x height) is multiplied by the weight and divided by 20,000. As an example we could say that if we have a standard format of 70×100 for a grammage of 250g, the ream weight will be: 70 x 100 x 250 / 20,000 = 87.50kg.

What is the density of the paper in kg m3?

Bulk density ≥ 800.00 kg/m3.

What is paper thickness?

Paper thickness is the distance between the two sides of a sheet. The grammage is the weight of one square meter of that paper. It is measured in grams/m2.

How much does an 80 gram sheet weigh?

What is the weight of a sheet? The weight of the 80gr sheet indicates that a 1 square meter sheet would weigh 80 grams. In other words, an A4 sheet that measures 210 x 297 mm will weigh 5 grams. In this way it is easy to calculate that a package of 500 sheets as in this case will weigh 2.5 kg.

How much does 1 meter of cardboard weigh?

Although cardboard exists in widely varying versions of weight and grammage, it is considered that the grammage of cardboard ranges from approximately 160 g/m2 to 600 g/m2.

How many leaves is 2 grams?

If “a pinch” refers to leaves or flowers, it will only be 2 grams that you will need.

What is the formula for thickness?

The thickness is equal to the grammage by the volume. The volume is equal to the thickness divided by the grammage.

What is the best paper weight?

75 grams: It is the minimum weight that a document should have for any printing equipment to work properly. It is more appropriate for internal documents. 80 grams: This is the all-round weight type and is often used on internal documents and color documents with excellent results.

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