What is more important flora or fauna and why?

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The flora produces important medicines, and the water absolutely necessary for life to exist, would not be if the flora and fauna and all things in an ecosystem were interdependent.

Why is it important to take care of flora and fauna?

In any ecosystem on planet Earth, the presence of trees and plants is essential. As we already know, this is mainly due to its ability to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O2) that other living beings breathe.

Why is it important to know the flora and fauna of Paraguay?

Paraguay has a natural wealth worthy of being pondered and protected for its variety, admirable beauty, and because it constitutes the true natural heritage of the country. FAUNA. Paraguay has a faunal variety worth mentioning both in the Western and Eastern Regions.

What is the importance of fauna for life?

Wild fauna, in addition to being fundamental for men, is a very important component of the biological biodiversity of the world. Biodiversity is the total richness in composition and number of manifestations of life forms in nature.

What contributions do the flora and fauna make?

This diversity of genes, species and ecosystems is important since they generate a series of benefits for society and the economic system, such as the provision of food, fresh water, raw materials, genetic resources, climate regulation, control of erosion, regulation of the hydrological cycle, …

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What contributions does the fauna give?

Wild animals play a key role in improving the health and fertility of the soil by improving its nutrients. Their manure and urine help replenish the soil’s nutrient content by supplying it with enriching minerals.

What benefits does wildlife provide us?

Biodiversity provides food, fresh water and fertile soils to survive, medicines and textile fibers to care for and clothe us and other raw materials.

How important is wildlife to humans?

Wildlife is of enormous importance to both people and the environment, as it is a critical natural resource and contributes to the maintenance of forest ecological services and ecosystem health.

Why is fauna important in an ecosystem?

They are necessary for the processes of plant pollination and seed dispersal due to the interactions they have with plants of different levels; thus, wild animals play definitive roles both in the evolution of plants and in the ecological evolution of ecosystems and life…

How is the flora and fauna of Paraguay?

The fauna includes species such as armadillo, capybara, vizcacha, alligator or wide-snouted alligator, agouti, guanaco, grisón, yaguareté, mbói jagua, jagua yvyguy, capybara, puma, jurumi, mborevi or tapir, marsh deer, caguare or honey bear, karaja, mykure, and some in danger of extinction, such as the tagua,…

What characteristics does the fauna of Paraguay have?

It has more than 100,000 species of invertebrates, 200 species of fish, 60 amphibians, 100 reptiles, 700 birds and 167 mammals. Most of these animals inhabit the Eastern Region, as it is a favorable area for survival.

What does the biological diversity of our country Paraguay do?

The relationship of the Paraguayan population with the resources of biodiversity is ancestral, endowing generations with traditional knowledge that is culturally transmitted, this heritage constitutes capital for sustainable development based on alternative uses, especially with regard to genetic resources. .

What can we do to take care of the flora and fauna?

10 actions for the protection and care of animals

Prohibit the hunting of animals. Perhaps one of the most important to carry out the work of animal protection. … Avoid deforestation of forests. … Delimit protected areas and nature reserves. … Avoid contamination of natural resources.

What should we do to protect the flora and fauna?

Do not buy exotic or endangered animals. You can put the species at risk. Change your consumption habits and choose products that favor the conservation of the environment. Find out what the native plants and trees are and try to opt for them when you have the opportunity to plant one.

How do flora and fauna benefit from preserving forests?

Healthy forests clean the air and regulate the climate. Living forests support life: they benefit people, plants and animals for all the invisible work they do as a carbon store. They also help control the planet’s climate and precipitation.

What is the value of wildlife?

1.2 Value of wildlife. In general, it is said that the Wild Fauna is one of the basic renewable natural “resources”, along with water, air, soil and vegetation; that is, a benefit that we can use and replenish for continuous use.

What should be done to preserve the flora and fauna of the four regions of Ecuador?

Big changes to secure our future

    Expand and coordinate the network of protected areas. Invest in green infrastructure. Produce food, materials, and energy in a sustainable way. Consume water rationally and efficiently for greater use.

What is wildlife protection?

The Foundation for the Protection of Fauna establishes as a priority the possession, permanence, circulation in places of public use, registration, control and protection of domestic animals in the jurisdiction of the Bolivarian Libertador Municipality, contributing to the improvement of public health conditions in the …

How is Paraguay’s biodiversity determined?

In this regard, it is important to highlight that in Paraguay, Biological Diversity is represented by the existence of 170 species of mammals; 700 species of birds; 258 of fish; 83 species of amphibians; 164 of reptiles; 100,000 species of invertebrates and 13,000 of plants.

How is the ecosystem in Paraguay?

The eco-regions of Paraguay are: the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest (BAAPA), the Cerrado, the Savannahs of South American Mesopotamia, the Humid Chaco, the Dry Chaco, the Pantanal and the Médanos eco-region.

What ecosystems does Paraguay present?

The different ecoregions are very differentiated, the west is characterized by being a semi-arid region, the northeast is characterized by the immense floodplains that make up the Pantanal, while subtropical wetlands develop along the banks of the Paraguay River, characterized by …

What is the largest animal in Paraguay?

will water guazú (in Guarani Paraguay).

How is the flora of our country?

The native vegetation has different varieties: pine, mahogany, cedar, ebony, guayacán, sweet potato, yucca, guava, tobacco, corn, bija, wild banana, avocado, ceiba, among others.

Where is the flora and fauna found?

The distribution of the flora and fauna of Mexico by region corresponds to the presence of different ecosystems, such as: humid forests, dry forests, deserts, forests, scrublands, grasslands and marine regions.

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