What is needed to emigrate to Chile?

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The requirements are:

Letter from the employer addressed to the Consul justifying the hiring. Employment contract (notarized, legalized and translated, if applicable). Professional Title (if necessary). Criminal Record Certificates. Medical Certificate. Valid passport. 4 passport-size photos .

How do I go to live in Chile?


Valid passport or identity document until the end of your stay.Proof of economic solvency that allows you to travel and finance your stay.Letter of invitation from a natural person or a company in Chile.Hotel reservations when you do not have a contact person in Chile .

How can a foreigner stay and live in Chile?

Requirements to live legally in Chile

    Tourist visa. Employment contract visa. Resident visa subject to employment contract. Professional visa.

What is needed to go to work in Chile?

To work as a foreigner in Chile, it is essential to have a legal residence or permanence in the country and be duly authorized to work.

Work permit as a tourist.Visa subject to work contract.Student visa.Temporary residence visa.

How to enter Chile legally being Venezuelan?

Every person of Venezuelan nationality, both adults and minors, who wishes to travel to Chile for tourist reasons must apply for the Consular Tourism Visa. The Tourism Consular Visa: It is a simple permit that enables people from other countries to enter Chile as a tourist.

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How to know if a foreigner can work in Chile?

A foreigner who has not yet obtained his identity card may work as long as he is processing a visa application, requests a special work permit for foreigners with a visa in process and this has been duly authorized by the Department of Immigration and Immigration.

Who can make me a job offer in Chile?

Who can give a job offer in Chile? The answer is simple, any natural or legal person that has a RUT.

How profitable is it to live in Chile?

Chile is one of the richest countries in all of South America. Despite what many people believe, Chileans earn good salaries. The average salary of a Chilean worker exceeds 800 dollars net, that is, after taxes.

What is it to have a good salary in Chile?

Good afternoon, well, a good monthly salary would be 480,000 pesos, which is equivalent to 576 dollars per month according to the statistics for this 2021.

What is the cheapest city in Chile to live in?

A recent INE study attributes the lowest cost of living in the entire country. The values ​​of leases and health consultations are significantly lower than in Santiago. $94,815.

What is more expensive Chile or Spain?

Spain is 16% more expensive than Chile. Cost of living April 2022.

How many Chilean pesos are needed to live in Chile?

The average salary in Chile is 477,000 Chilean pesos, which in exchange is equivalent to 588 US dollars. The cost of living in Chile for a foreigner would be around 430,000 pesos (529 dollars).

How much do you earn in Chile per month?

Salaries Chile 2021 – 2022 (minimum)

The figure is $320,500 per month from March 1, 2020. Below you can see the evolution of the minimum wage over time. In Chile, it is the monthly amount that a person is paid for a day of work, which cannot exceed 45 hours per week.

What is the average salary in Chile?

The average salary in Chile in 2020 was €11,367 per year, that is, 947 euros per month, if we do the calculation assuming 12 annual payments.

How to write a job offer letter?

Prepare a job offer letter

Job title and job title offered. Start date. Workday. Pay and other items. Terms of any trial period, if applicable. Terms of employment termination / prior notice.

What is the labor offer in Chile?

It is a document in which it is intended to hire someone for a specific position and with a defined salary, however, it does not oblige either party to comply with what is written.

How can you hire a person without papers?

The legal way, with few exceptions, to hire a person without papers in Spain is by entering into a pre-employment contract for foreigners in Spain and requesting the relevant work and residence permit.

How do I know if I can hire a foreigner?

Labor legislation makes no distinction between the hiring of a person of Chilean or foreign nationality in terms of their obligations. You only have to worry that the foreigner is regular in the country, with a visa that enables paid activities and that the condition of it is holder.

What happens if I hire a foreigner without a work permit?

Employers can be fined if they hire a foreigner without authorization or without up-to-date documentation. Only 15% of the workers in your company can be made up of foreigners, except for those employers that do not have more than 25 workers.

Which foreign workers can be exempted from contributing in Chile?

Only those who fall under the rank of “technicians” and whose conditions are contained in the Foreign Technicians Law No. 18,156 or the Bilateral or Multilateral Agreement, if it exists in the case of being a worker posted to Chile and who You are dependent on the same employer in your country of origin.

How much does a full cost in Chile?

The cost of a complete solo is $1,150 pesos, although we must not lie. In all the places near Portal Fernández Concha, everyone always goes for a promo of two complete with a master drink.

How much does the basic family basket cost in Chile?

The value of the basket of basic food products at the beginning of 2022 is 78,320 pesos. Compared to the beginning of 2021, the price of the product basket increased by 6.38%. Basic food just for survival is equivalent to 27.2% of the minimum wage.

How much does a person spend on food per month in Chile?

And according to Adimark, Chileans eat fast food at least once a week. This represents an expense of $17,978 pesos per month.

Where is it better to live in Spain or in Chile?

If we speak in general, in Spain people live much better than in Latin America. Spanish security is light years ahead, it is one of the safest countries in Europe, it has one of the best infrastructures in the world, it is a place where the rule of law is respected, with polite and quite friendly people.

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