What is Oya’s number?

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His number is 9 (and its multiples). Due to a phenomenon of religious syncretism, she is compared to the Virgen de la Candelaria, Patron Saint of the Canary Islands, and to Saint Teresa (February 2). Her color is wine red, brown, or brown, and nine other colors except black.

What Orisha is number 9?

She is also the owner of the cemetery gate. She, together with Elegguá, Orula and Obatala, dominates the four winds. This goddess is also known by the name of Yànsá from the Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iyá: mother -Omo: children-Mesá: nine) because she is the mother of nine egguns, given which she exercises a special power over them.

How can I know if I am the son of Oyá?

Oyá’s daughters are powerful women, with a violent and authoritarian character that contrasts with their sensual temperament. They are voluptuous. When they fall in love they are faithful and when they get angry they can be terrible. His color is brown and his number is 9.

Who is yanza in Santeria?

Oyá, also known as Yansa, is one of the major orishas of Santeria characterized by being a warrior (in fact the most warrior of the female orishas), owner of sparks, whirlpools and hurricanes since she is in charge of propitiating the strong winds; In addition to being in charge of safeguarding the…

What is Oyá’s animal?

Oshún and Oyá: They eat yellow chickens, yellow flowers almost always. Olokun: Eat duck, banana and rooster. Babalú Ayé: Eat chickens, goat, bananas, yellow flowers. The Ibeyis: They eat only male animals, animals with 4 legs, they always eat ram and turtle.

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Where does Oya live?

Oiá is an orishá and is closely related to Ikú, the divinity of death. She propitiates storms, strong winds or hurricanes and sparks. She symbolizes the violent and impetuous character. She lives at the gate of the cemeteries.

Who is the Mae Oia?

The Mae Oia, was queen of Koso, she was a beautiful woman of great height, with a majestic body and a face where her extremely large and very expressive honey-colored eyes stood out, so much so that when she stared at someone she was sure to be fascinated. with her… This divinity of the river Niger, called in Yoruba Odo…

What Saint is Orula?

Orunmila (Ọ̀rúnmìlà or Ọrúnla in Yoruba), also known as “Orula (in the syncretism of Santeria)”, is the divinity of divination and wisdom. He is the witness of God (Olodumare) when he devised and built the universe.

Who is the god Changó?

In the Afro-Cuban religion of the Rule of Ocha or Santeria, Changó is the god of fire, thunder and war, but also the owner of dance, music and virile beauty. Therefore, it is better to get along with him.

What is the meaning of Obatala?

Obatalá is the creator of the Earth, owner of intelligence, thoughts, human dreams and everything white. It is to him that the origin of most of the African gods and everything on the planet is attributed. He is thus the deity par excellence.

How to know whose son you are in Santeria by the date of birth?

Know which one is yours.

Oggun – March 22 to April 20. … Oko – April 21 to May 21. … Elegua – May 22 to June 21. … Oshun – June 22 to July 23. … Shangó – July 24 to August 23. … Yemaya – August 24 to September 23. … Obbatalá – September 24 to October 23.

What is the most powerful saint of the santeros?

After Obatalá, considered the father of all the orishas and of humanity, who in Santeria syncretizes with the Virgen de las Mercedes, Changó (Santa Bárbara) is the most powerful and most revered of the religion of Yoruba origin, known in Cuba as Rule of Ocha or santeria.

What does the number 9 mean in Santeria?

The number nine in Chaldean is sacred, and represents everything that one could yearn for in the world, as well as the connection with the divine.

What are the 7 Orishas?

Other orisha manifestations

    Olodumare – (the Great Power of God) Olofin – (Jesus Christ) Olorun – (the Holy Spirit) Orula – (Saint Francis of Assisi) Ikú (Death) Eggun (spirits of the ancestors) Oro (or Orun) Iyami Oshooronga.

What is Oshun’s number?

The five symbolizes Oshun and determines her representation as well: her ritual attributes include 5 river stones, 5 copper bracelets and a 5-pointed crown, on which 5 copper spikes hang. This number plays a role in divination with the four pieces of coconut.

What does Santa Bárbara and Shango have to do with each other?

He is a saint who is associated with solving problems, be they good or bad. They say that Changó is afraid of the dead, but what happens is that he represents joy, dance, music, fire, virile strength, life. “Both Changó and Santa Bárbara give us health, prosperity, affection, mercy.

How do you greet Shango?

-Names: Changó, Shangó, Lord of Thunder, Yakutá and Obakosso. -Greeting: Kaó Kabiesilé, Shango Alufina!

How should Orula be treated?

On this day, the first thing you do is kneel before Orula, resting both hands on the mat, asking for all the good for you and your loved ones who are present, then greet him as follows: Orumila Iburu, Orumila Iboya, Orumila Ibosheshe. .. and kisses the ground, immediately afterwards he turns where he is…

What is Orula fed?

Dinner is guaranteed from the first day that this Orisha who possesses the secret of Ifá, the power of divination and divine designs for the future is fed, with sacrifices of feathered animals. Orula prefers to eat black chickens and never roosters or chickens, which are his friends.

What is received in the hand of Orula?

From the symbolic point of view, when the person receives Orula’s hand, be it a woman or a man, what they take is the saint, Orula as such. But from the theological point of view, for a person to work as a babalao, he has to use both hands. All handling of the ikines takes both hands.

What is offered to the Mae Oia?

Front: Pipóca cast in dende, roasted apples, sweet potato opete in the form of pink alfajor, strawberries, fine dough, cinnamon, roasted sweet potato and passed through fat.

When is Mae Oia Day?

Especially in our country, Uruguay and Brazil, every day on February 2 we publicly celebrate the day of our Mother Iemanja, the protective divinity of the sea and the navigators.

What does it take to make Oyá?


Where does Babalu Aye live?

It is said that Babalú Ayé, highly respected and even feared in some regions such as Nigeria, moves within nature, among the ivy, the coral tree and the cundeamor to protect himself from the sun, although he comes out at night.

What does 9 mean in Judaism?

For the Hebrews, nine is the number of truth, because when multiplied it always reproduces itself (9×5=45 [4+5=9]; 9×8=72 [7+2=9]; etc.). Philosophies and religions have been based on this characteristic: he who gives never loses, never ceases to be what he is.

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