What is qualitative research according to Taylor and Bogdan?

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Taylor and Bogdan (1987) define qualitative methodology in its broadest sense as research that produces descriptive data: people’s own words, spoken or written, and observable behavior.

What is qualitative research for Taylor and Bogdan?

The objective of qualitative research is to provide a research methodology that allows understanding the complex world of lived experience from the point of view of the people who live it (Taylor and Bogdan, 1984).

What is qualitative research according to authors?

The authors Blasco and Pérez (2007:25), point out that qualitative research studies reality in its natural context and how it happens, extracting and interpreting phenomena according to the people involved.

What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is the scientific method of observation to collect non-numerical data. All those different from the experiment are usually determined or considered qualitative techniques. That is, interviews, surveys, focus groups or participant observation and observation techniques.

What is qualitative research according to Hernández Sampieri?

The qualitative approach that models us is an inductive process contextualized in a natural environment, this is due to the fact that in the data collection a close relationship is established between the research participants, subtracting their experiences and idioologies to the detriment of the use of an instrument. of …

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What is the qualitative and quantitative approach according to Sampieri?

The qualitative approach mainly seeks “dispersion or expansion” of data and information, while the quantitative approach intentionally aims to “lay down” the information (precisely measure the study variables, have “focus”).

What is qualitative and quantitative research according to authors?

Quantitative research is one where quantitative data is collected and analyzed, while qualitative research avoids quantification; however, the records are made through narrative, participant observation, and unstructured interviews.

What is the qualitative method examples?

Examples of qualitative method

The qualitative method investigates what people close to the phenomenon studied think. Possible examples of applying the qualitative method are the following forms of research: Ethnographic studies. In which participant observation is used.

What is qualitative information and an example?

Qualitative information is non-numerical information based on the quality of an item or object. For example, if we were tasting water somewhere, we could tell whether its taste is pleasing to one’s taste or not so pleasing. This is a fact that is largely based on opinion.

Where is qualitative research applied?

Here are 5 ways on how to do qualitative research:

Face-to-face interview.Focus Groups.Ethnographic research.Content analysis.Case study research.

What is Redalyc qualitative research?

Qualitative research tries to make a global approach to social situations to explore, describe and understand them based on the knowledge that the different actors involved in them have, since individuals interact with the other members of their social context…

What is quantitative research according to authors?

The quantitative methodology according to Tamayo (2007), consists of the contrast of existing theories from a series of hypotheses arising from it, being necessary to obtain a sample, either randomly or discriminated, but representative of a population. or phenomenon under study.

What is the qualitative approach according to authors 2017?

Qualitative approach is understood as “‘methodological procedure that uses words, texts, speeches, drawings, graphics and images’ […] qualitative research studies different objects to understand the social life of the subject through the meanings developed by it” (Mejía, as cited in …

What is qualitative research according to Flick?

Qualitative research starts from the idea that methods and theories must be appropriate for what is studied. If existing methods do not fit a particular problem or field, new methods or approaches are adapted or developed.

What is quantitative and examples?

They are those that are expressed by a number, therefore, you can perform arithmetic operations with them. It can be discrete or continuous. Examples of quantitative variables: The weight of the cows on a farm.

What is quantitative research according to Hernández Fernández and Baptista?

“The quantitative approach uses data collection and analysis to answer research questions and test previously made hypotheses, relying on numerical measurement, counting, and often the use of statistics to accurately establish patterns of behavior in a population” ( …

What is quantitative according to Sampieri?

According to Sampieri R. et al (2004), the quantitative approach is based on a deductive and logical scheme that seeks to formulate research questions and hypotheses to later test them.

What are the types of research according to Sampieri?

The typology considers four kinds of research: exploratory, descriptive, correlational, and explanatory.

What is quantitative research according to authors 2018?

Quantitative research is a structured way of collecting and analyzing data obtained from different sources, which implies the use of computer, statistical, and mathematical tools to obtain results.

What is introductory qualitative research?

Qualitative research is a systemic approach that allows us to describe life experiences and give them meaning. Its objective is to see the events, actions, norms, values, etc. From the perspective of the person being studied, therefore, one must take the perspective of the subject.

How is the qualitative approach applied?

Qualitative research or approach are those that use “data collection without numerical measurement to discover or refine research questions in the interpretation process”, while the quantitative approach “uses data collection to test hypotheses, based on numerical measurement and the …

How is the qualitative approach used?

Qualitative research mainly generates words, it is mainly an exploratory research. It is mostly used to gain an understanding of opinions and motivations. For example, qualitative research will use focus groups and open-ended text questions to collect data.

When are quantitative methods used?

Quantitative methods are used to account for attributes, attitudes, behaviors and other defined variables in order to support or oppose the hypothesis of a specific phenomenon.

What are the most used methods in quantitative research?

The main methods of quantitative research are the experimental, the survey and the analysis of data obtained from secondary sources.

What is the purpose of qualitative research?

The goal of qualitative research is to explain, predict, describe, or explore the “why” or nature of the links between unstructured information. The goal of qualitative research is the inductive process rather than the deductive result.

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