What is remedy in law?

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Meaning of Subsanar in Spanish Law

Review, repair damage.

What is correct right?

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy “to correct” is to repair or remedy a defect. We use this term with respect to the issue of the ineffectiveness and correction of legal acts and the notarial document. Correcting is excusing, repairing or saving some mistake, error, lack, omission, damage, etc.

What is the remedy?

correct. tr. apologize or excuse [un desacierto o delito]. repair or remedy [un defecto]or compensate [un daño].

How to use the word remedy?


The first definition of correcting in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is to excuse or excuse a mistake or crime. Another meaning of correcting in the dictionary is to repair or remedy a defect. Correcting is also compensating for damage.

What is rectifiable in civil law?

Said of a vice or defect: Susceptible to be repaired, thus avoiding the nullity of the act or procedure initially flawed.

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What actions are rectifiable?

The acts of the parties that lack the requirements required by law will be correctable in the cases, conditions and terms provided in the procedural laws. Correction art. 231 LEC. The Court and the Lawyer AJ will take care that the defects incurred by the procedural acts of the parties can be corrected.

What does it mean to remedy a claim?

A claim is rejected because there is a cause or reason for it, and what the plaintiff must do is correct the claim to prevent it from being rejected when the correction is appropriate, or failing that, file an appeal.

How do you say correct or correct?

tr. apologize or excuse [un desacierto o delito]. repair or remedy [un defecto]or compensate [un daño].

What does it mean to correct a document?

The “Correct Material Errors” option allows you to correct or amend confusions or involuntary errors after a document has been incorporated into the file.

What is the meaning of remedy?

remedy [al daño], repair it. correct or amend [una cosa]. Help [una necesidad o urgencia]. deliver, remove from a risk [a una persona o cosa].

What is a remedy deed?

When a public deed is signed before a notary and an error is noticed, there is the possibility of amending it, for this there is the figure of correction that will help us to save the error, which was not perceived in a first reading.

What does it mean to correct an error?

tr. Repair and resolve an error or compensate for damage: they are correcting the errors in the scale of merits.

How is a file corrected?

The correction must be duly justified by an Administrative Act that argues the action. The following screen is presented, showing the documents that make up the file and enabling the selection of those that can be corrected. Administrative and requests confirmation of the action.

How to correct a procedure in Migrations?

If you carried out your procedure physically (before 03.15.2020) you must correct it through the Digital Parts Table. If you carried out your procedure digitally (after 06.03.2020) you must correct it through the Digital Agency’s Corrections module.

What happens if I don’t fix it on time?

If you do not do it within the indicated period, your request will be considered withdrawn, therefore, you will have to sanction yourself by entering our website tramites.extranjeria.gob.cl, in it you must select the Foreign Fine Calculation procedure.

What is correct synonyms?

1 repair, remedy, compensate, compensate. Example: We have corrected the mistake with a dinner courtesy of the house. Correct: 2 correct, amend, fix.

What does it mean to cover expenses?

Subvenir means ‘come to the aid of someone or something’ or ‘pay their expenses’, but not ‘correct’ or ‘alleviate’. Therefore, phrases such as “The City Council will subsidize the maintenance of the nursery” or “The commissions are used to subsidize the expansion of the…

How much time do you have to remedy a claim?

In these cases, the judge will point out precisely the defects in the claim, so that the plaintiff corrects them within five (5) days, under penalty of rejection. After the term to remedy it, the judge will decide whether to admit or reject it.

How is the term to remedy demand counted?

If the demand does not meet the requirements to be admitted, it will be inadmissible so that the shortcomings are corrected, for which there will be a term of 5 days, within which if it is not corrected, it will be rejected.

What to do when your claim is rejected?

If the rejection of the claim is due to the fact that the judge before whom it was presented is not competent, naturally it must be presented before the competent judge. And in all other cases, the new claim must correct the facts for which it was initially rejected, to prevent it from being rejected again.

What are the defects of the demand that can be remedied and that cannot be remedied?

Unremediable defects: In general, all defects in the claim are rectifiable, except those that substantially change the meaning of the claim, or whose correction is expressly prohibited, such as the subsequent display of the documents based on the action.

What does correction mean in remote procedures?

If your presentation on the “Distance Procedures (TAD)” platform presents errors or missing documentation, it must be corrected. Do it within 10 business days after the observations have been issued to prevent the process from being archived and having to start it again.

How is a deed corrected?

The rectification may be done by diligence in the parent deed itself or by means of a notarial act in which the error, omission, or defect in form, its cause and the statement that corrects it will be recorded.

What is a rectifying deed?

What is a Rectifying Deed? … Are those that have, as their name indicates, the purpose of complementing a certain contractual stipulation in order to correct omissions that have been incurred when the public deed is issued.

What to do to correct a writing?


Pursuant to article 101 of the aforementioned statute, it warns that the errors that are committed when issuing the public deed and that are noticed before its signature, the correction will be made as follows: Underlining and enclosing in parentheses the words or phrases that must be deleted, amend , cross out and erase.

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