What is scene processing?

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Carry out tasks of observation of the crime scene in a thorough and systematic way, in such a way that all the circumstantial and associative information can be captured to the fact that is being investigated.

What is crime scene processing?

k) PROCESSING OF THE SCENE. It is the process of searching, fixing, documenting, identifying, collecting, marking, and packaging and starting the chain of custody, of all significant sensitive material that is perceived with the senses and that is related to a criminal act.

What are the stages of the intervention site processing?

Survey: It is that operation that allows to collect the evidence of the event site. Packing: It is that maneuver that is carried out to save, immobilize and achieve the protection of the indication. Labeling: It is the final operation that is carried out in order to outline the place of origin of the indication in question.

What are the stages of cue processing?

Chain of Custody Stages

    Extraction or collection of the evidence. Preservation and packaging of the evidence. Transport or transfer of the evidence. Transfer of the same, either to the laboratories for its analysis, or to the different prosecutor’s offices for its custody.

How many methods are there for scene processing?

The investigation methods that are applied at the crime scene are: Fixation methods, Search methods and techniques: Strips or lines, grid or grid, Zones, Sector or Quadrant, radial, spiral, point to point and technique free.

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What are the methods to enter the crime scene?

    Square Method: … Linear or Comb Method: … Spiral or Clock Method: … Direct Method: … Zone Method: … Strip Method: … Fan Method:

What are the scene types?

Scene Types

    Comic, tragic and satirical scene. French scene. Compulsory scene. Differentiated scenes.

How many chain of custody stages are there?

In relation to the foregoing, it is necessary to clarify that the chain of custody has clearly established stages, which are: the collection of the evidentiary material, the preservation and, in turn, the packaging of the evidence, the transfer of the evidence, the assignment of the tests to laboratories to carry out the …

What is the chain of custody and how is the processing of evidence carried out, its transfer, analysis, storage and final disposal?

It is the control and registration system that is applied to the indication, evidence, object, instrument or product of the criminal act, from its location, discovery or contribution, in the place of the facts or the finding, until the competent authority orders its conclusion. .

What is the provision of evidence?

Contribution: When the evidence or material elements of evidence are delivered by the individual to any public servant, who, in compliance with the functions of his assignment or activity, under the terms of the law, is empowered to do so.

What is intervention site processing?

Procedure carried out by specialized personnel to detect, preserve and conserve evidence or evidentiary material elements.

What is done at the intervention site?

Place of intervention. Site in which an allegedly criminal act has been committed or in which indications related to it are located or provided. Harvest. Action of collecting evidence or material evidence using methods and techniques that guarantee its integrity.

How is the place of intervention described?

Place of intervention.

Site where a probably criminal act has been committed, or where clues related to it are located or provided.

What does a crime scene investigation technician do?

Conduct investigations at the crime scene. Carry out a comprehensive survey of places where the commission of a criminal act is supposed. Carry out specific actions aimed at the prevention of criminal acts and participation in campaigns on education in that area.

What is the Guatemala crime scene?

The term “Crime Scene” is quite familiar to everyone because the media, such as the press, cinema and television, have spread its meaning. Specifically, it refers to the place where a crime is presumed to have occurred.

Who is the person in charge of coordinating scene processing?

PUBLIC MINISTRY Guatemala, CA Coordination of the Crime Scene. The Prosecutor must coordinate with the technician in charge of the evidence collection group, who will be responsible for handling it from the operational point of view and will act under the instructions of the Prosecutor responsible for the case.

What is chain of custody and how does it work?

The chain of custody is the set of measures that must be taken to preserve, without improper manipulation, the evidence that is part of a crime scene.

What is a chain of custody lead?

The Chain of Custody is the control and registration system that is applied to the indication, evidence, object, instrument or product of the criminal act, starting in the following cases: Location: The place of location of the evidence or material evidence, under the intervention.

What is the chain of custody?

Chain of Custody Registry. Document in which the evidence or material elements of evidence and the persons involved are recorded from their location, discovery or contribution at the place of intervention until the authority orders their conclusion (Annex 3 Chain of Custody Registry).

When does the chain of custody start and end?

The chain of custody starts from the location, discovery or contribution of the evidence at the place of intervention and ends until the competent authority orders its conclusion.

What are the basic elements that make up the chain of custody?

material evidence (EMP) and physical evidence (EF), the chain of custody will be applied taking into account the following factors: identity, original state, collection, preservation, packaging and shipping conditions; places and dates of permanence and the changes that each custodian has made.

How does the chain of custody start?

In the registration and monitoring process of the chain of custody, it begins from the complaint and at the time of the investigation, and those who additionally intervene are the prosecutor, police and experts (in fact, this is how the investigative trilogy is composed) and It has to be coordinated in a very clear way to…

What are the types of crime scenes?

scene types

Forensic Science experts and security forces personnel affirm that we can find three types of scenes of the event. These are closed, open or mixed scenes, depending on the place where the crime occurred.

What are the types of crime scenes?

scene types

There are four general types (which are not always mutually exclusive), and each one determines the nature and extent of the evidence that can be collected there (Lee, Palmbach & Miller, 2001), “Crime Scene Handbook”: – Interior crime scene.

What are the scenes of a play?

This is the area of ​​a theatrical room intended for the performance of a play. It can be said that the scene is the physical space in which the actions take place before the eyes of the spectators. Scene, therefore, can be used as a synonym for stage.

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