What is school adapted sport?

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The Adapted School Sports Program (EKE) is a program aimed at schoolchildren with disabilities (6-20 years) who, for different reasons, have been excluded from a fully entitled service, such as practicing sports at school age.

What is school adapted sports?

Its purpose is to support and promote programs that benefit the population living with some type of disability through the practice of sport in a recreational, educational and competitive way.

What characteristics does adapted sport have?

Adapted sport is: … Physical activity and sport that allows the joint practice of people with and without disabilities, adjusting to the possibilities of the practitioners and maintaining the objective of the sports specialty in question.

What is school sport and examples?

A sports practice that encourages, from reflection and practice, the development of the different capacities (cognitive, motor, personal balance, interpersonal relationship and social insertion) of the male and female students, thus contributing to their training and development staff.

What is adapted sport and its classification?

Adapted or Paralympic sport brings together several specialties, sports and of course categories that go according to physical, intellectual and visual disability, or with cerebral palsy or damage…

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How is Paralympic sport classified?



How are disabilities classified in adapted sport?

There are ten in total: Impaired muscle strength, impaired passive range of motion, limb deficiency, length difference in lower limbs, short stature, hypertonia (excess muscle tone that prevents fluid movement), ataxia (difficulty coordination of movements), …

What is school sport and its characteristics?

School or educational sport refers to those physical, sports, training and recreational (game) activities that are practiced within pedagogical processes as a complement to the educational development of young people in the school stage.

What are the basic sports at the school level?

Competency Programs

    Chess. Primary (Published on June 04, 2019) … Athletics. Primary (Published on June 04, 2019) … Badminton. Competition Program (Published on June 05, 2019) Table Tennis. Competition Program (Published on June 05, 2019) Taekwondo.

What characteristics does school sport have?

Cooperation with colleagues. Tolerance. Respect for the rules. Critical attitude towards certain behaviors typical of high-competition sport (winning at all costs).

What are adapted sports?

The 10 most common adapted sports

Athletics. … Cycling. … Wheelchair Basketball. … Swimming. … Wheelchair fencing. … Adaptive hockey. … Tennis. … Archery.

What is the goal of adapted sport?

Adapted sport has always been used for therapeutic purposes, for the re-education of people suffering from one or more disabilities.

What is the purpose of adapted sport?

According to Daniel German Zucchi (2001), the purpose of Adapted Sport is to insert and integrate the person with a disability into society. It is established that the objectives of adapted sport are: Promote self-improvement. Improve self-confidence.

What is school sport Wikipedia?

School sport or training sport is the sport that children and young people practice with the aim of competing at the highest level when they reach adulthood. This type of training and competition can be carried out at the level of clubs, educational institutions or national / provincial teams.

How is adaptive athletics classified?

Blind (FEDC) Physical Disability (FEDDF) Intellectual Disability (FEDDI) Cerebral Palsy (FEDPC)

What disabilities participate in the Paralympic Games?

The Paralympic Games allow athletes with physical, intellectual and visual disabilities to compete at the international level.

How many categories are there in the Paralympic Games?

The CPI has established 10 categories of disability, including physical, visual and intellectual. Athletes with one of these disabilities can compete in the Paralympic Games once they are approved in a category.

What is the importance of sport for the disabled?

Sport improves physical condition (resistance, speed, strength, mobility), improves coordination (orientation, balance, reaction, perception, adaptation, rhythm), prevents diseases due to lack of mobility and favors the safety and flexibility of the person with disability in their daily life.

Who promoted adapted sport?

The sport for people who were left with a disability, had its beginnings in the hospital of Stoke Mandeville England, by its founder Dr. Ludwin Guttman, after the Second World War.

What are adapted sports and 5 examples?

In Mexico, the adapted sport began to be practiced in a wheelchair and to date it is done in the following disciplines: fencing, slalom, archery, swimming, table tennis, basketball, weightlifting and athletics in its modalities. track and field.

What are sports for the disabled?

Sport for the visually impaired

    Swimming.Athletics.Judo.Alpine skiing.Football.Goalball.Mountaineering.Chess.

What alternative games exist?

More alternative sports created by Spanish PE teachers

    Colpbol. A collective sport invented in 1996-1997 by the Physical Education teacher Juanjo Bendicho. … Donut. … The baloncodo. … The pinfuvote. … The foot-golf. …Artzikirol. … The Goubak. … Datchball.

What are alternative games and examples?

These are disciplines that are outside the traditional and that are emerging as avant-garde and modern. Air badminton, Dodgeball, Micro Futsal, Crossminton, Jugger and Viking Games are taught at the school.

What is an alternative game examples?

Games or alternative sport is one that differs from traditional and conventional sport, either because it uses material that is not subject to the traditional circles of manufacture for the field of sports or recreational physical activities, or because in the event that if was it gets a use…

What adapted sports are practiced in Argentina?

The adapted sports disciplines in which they compete are: Athletics, Swimming, 3×3 Basketball, Boccia, Soccer, Table Tennis and Goalball.

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