What is sold in a bakery?

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are many different recipes that you can prepare to offer your clients:

    Cakes and cupcakes.Cookies.Jellies and gummies.Brownies.Pastries.Muffins.Cheesecakes.Cold desserts.

What is the best seller in a bakery?



What are confectionery products?

Pastry and confectionery products): These are non-fermented products of various shapes, sizes and compositions, considered fantasy and made from wheat flour or from other sources, with starches, sugars, edible fats and other food products.

What are the different types of pastries?

Generally, confectionery is divided into three types of dessert: cakes, jellies and flans. Below, we will delve into each one: Cakes: The word cake refers to a wide range of products that have different textures, some light and airy, and others denser and richer in flavor.

What is confectionery and its origin?

Origin of pastry

The first antecedents of confectionery go back more than 7 thousand years ago in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. If we base ourselves on its etymology, the word cake derives from pastry, which in turn comes from the Greek word pasté, which is how the mixture of flours with sauces was designated.

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What should not be missing in a bakery?

Bakery products that cannot be missing in your business

    Puff pastry bread: Of course there should be bread, but puff pastry is a favorite in cities like Bogotá. … Baguette: This is one of the complementary products that cannot be missing from your bakery.

What products are offered in a bakery?

Biscuits, muffins, biscuits, quark cheese balls, brioche, yeast braids, stollen, almond croissants, energy bars or cereal bars: we shape your ideas for sweet products.

What products does a bakery offer?

Offer variety, both breads and cakes, biscuits of different flavors and even special cakes and desserts.

What are the material resources of a bakery?

What equipment is needed to open a bakery?

    Equipment, machinery and utensils for your bakery. Next, we will explain what equipment is necessary to start your business. … Bread oven. … Fermentation chamber. … Divider. … Kneading machine for bread. … Blender. … Refrigerator. … Work table.

What is done in a bakery?

The baker’s responsibilities include opening the shop early in the morning, mixing the dough, preparing the fillings and decorating the cakes. To be successful in this job, you need to have experience as a baker and know how to decorate cakes using creative techniques.

What does it take to open a bakery?

What else should you take into account?

Choose a strategic location, with a large influx of people, to locate your premises. Try to have qualified and stable personnel. Train employees, both in customer service and in the preparation of products.

How much money is needed to open a bakery?

Traditional bakery vs franchises

The president of Canainpa indicates that to start a bakery an investment of at least 200,000 to 400,000 pesos is required, including tools, premises and conditioning, although with a franchise the price may vary.

How profitable is a bakery business?

The most profitable bakeries have a gross profit margin of 9%, while the average is much lower at 4%. The first step in opening a new establishment should be to write a business plan for the bakery and always aim to increase its profitability and growth.

What is the profit margin of a bakery?

As a general rule, a bakery franchise will have between 45% -55% of gross margin, to which we must deduct the production costs: mainly electricity, personnel, rent, etc.

How many kilos of bread does a bakery sell per day?

“In one day, approximately, we use an average of 200 kilos. Sometimes a little more, other days less, but currently our production is around that number”, emphasized Eduardo.

Why is a bakery profitable?

Reasons why a bakery is profitable

It is a product with a stable demand, since many people consume bread daily. It is a business with many opportunities, such as expanding as a franchise.

Who invented pastry?

The greatest innovator, without a doubt, was Antoine de Carêm, who at the beginning of the 19th century published the book The Royal Pastry Chef, a work considered to be the first description of modern confectionery, with an important repertoire of recipes.

What is the difference between confectionery and pastry?

After this, we come to the conclusion that confectionery refers to those more “homemade” elaborations and made in a completely traditional way, while pastry refers to the elaboration of more elaborate and professional desserts, applying more complex techniques.

What are the characteristics of the pastry?

Confectionery is considered as a specific type of gastronomy, that is, as a branch of professional cuisine, which specializes in the preparation of desserts. Like gastronomy, excellence in the confectionery trade is due to the knowledge and good use of techniques.

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