What is the academic scale?

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For its part, the academic scale weights the grades of the academic records and the doctoral thesis with a score between 1 and 5. While the academic scale reflects the ‘fundamental effort’, the MIR exam measures the ‘sprint effort’.

What is the scale in the MIR?

The MIR scale is the formula that is applied to order the participants in the process of Internal Resident Physician. Let us remember that it is a voluntary process that many students usually undertake at the end of their careers, since they must have completed university studies to access it.

How is the MIR scale calculated?

The final score of the scale is obtained by multiplying by 10 the particular evaluation of each applicant’s file and dividing the product by the average of the ten best files of that year.

What is a scale in statistics?

A scale is a table of calculations or a set of rules that establish the set of criteria to measure or evaluate the merits, damages or contributions presented by a person or institution.

How many questions do you have to get right in the MIR?

In this way, the minimum score required to pass the MIR exam is 195 points, while the average score of the 10 best exams is reduced to 559.7 points. Or what is the same: 183 correct net answers.

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How many net do I need to pass MIR 2021?

For example, to reach this order number it is necessary to hit around 120 net. Remember that the academic scale counts 10 percent of the total grade.

How many questions does the MIR 2022 have?

The number of questions to be answered, for example, has been reduced from 225 to 175, and was raised to 200 as of the MIR 2022 exam.

What is an example scale?

A scale is a table of calculations, which avoids the task of making those calculations to the general public, or to a specific public.

What is the opposition scale?

The presentation of scales of merits in the oppositions basically consist of scoring aspects such as work experience in the sector, titles or other skills that can be used in the performance of public employment functions.

How much is each MIR question worth?

The MIR is an exam of 185 multiple-choice medicine questions (multiple choice), which must be answered in a maximum of 4 hours. Each correct question is worth 3 points and each failed question subtracts 1 point.

What is the maximum note of the MIR?

The highest score in the medicine test has been achieved by SofĂ­a Mercedes Haselgruber de Francisco, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, who has achieved a mark of 103.2911 points after getting 182 valid questions, 18 wrong and a scale of 9.34 , as published by Health on its website.

What gives you points in the oppositions?

In a competitive examination with a maximum of 200 points, the exam is equivalent to 100 and the merits another 100. Of those 100 merit points, 45 are points for professional experience, 5 points for knowledge of a regional language (Catalan, for example) and 50 points for training courses.

How much does the B2 score in oppositions?

2 points for the B2 level certification. Competition scales (masters and secondary): 0.5 points for each advanced level certificate or equivalent from Official Language Schools.

How do you score in oppositions?

Qualifications and scale

The qualification of the opposition phase will be the arithmetic sum of the tests of this phase, provided that they have been passed. To obtain the GLOBAL SCORE, it will be done by weighting 60% for the opposition phase and 40% for the contest phase.

How is a scale used?

A scale is a table of calculations, which avoids the activity of making those calculations to the common public or to a specific public, which is used to establish a set of standards set by an institution to evaluate personal merits, it is important to establish a position ordered by merits, is what…

What are the scales of a Psychometric test?

A scale in Psychology is an assessment table used for risk assessment and estimating psychological sequelae.

What title of English is valid for the oppositions?

How are the official English titles for oppositions valued?

    Any title that meets the requirements of the Common European Framework is valid. If you have two languages, having a certification for each of them will give you additional points.

What level of English is needed to oppose?

At a general level, the minimum required is a B1, which is what graduates obtain in the career. On the other hand, if classes are to be taught in English in infant and primary courses, the required level is B2.

What English titles are used for oppositions?

List of English qualifications level B2 valid to get the points

    Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE). ISE II certificate from Trinity College London. TOEFL iBT, with a score equal to or greater than 72. TOEFL pBT, with a score equal to or greater than 567.

What things give points in the oppositions of teachers?

Among them are the university’s own degrees, permanent teacher training courses, language certificates, seminars, training projects, work groups, publications or extraordinary end-of-course awards, among others.

What courses give points for secondary oppositions?

We will review some of the most effective common or general courses to get your two merit points from the opposition scale.

    Courses on School Organization.Courses on New Technologies applied to Education.Courses on Didactics.Courses on psychopedagogy and sociology of education or coeducation.

How much do you score the experience in the oppositions?

In this phase, the scales established by each of the calls are structured into three blocks, each with a maximum score to be achieved: Previous experience: Maximum 7 points. Academic training: Maximum 5 points. Other merits: Maximum 2 points.

How many wrong questions remain in the MIR?


In the MIR, the questions you fail, you subtract points. To calculate net questions, for every three failed questions, you subtract one correct question.

How many MIR 2021 questions?

The MIR 2021 exam has been characterized by giving prominence to the Digestive System, especially in images, where this specialty has had special relevance. According to the applicants, the exam – made up of 23 pages and 185 questions – has been “rare, short, and neither easy nor difficult.”

How many questions does MIR leave blank?

A study published by Fedea has determined that there are no significant differences between men and women when it comes to leaving questions blank on the MIR exam: they leave an average of 10 questions unanswered and men only 9.

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