What is the back of the case?

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These are plastic spaces or slots where you plug in expansion cards for video, sound, or network.

What is the back of the case?

The case is the receiver of the cables that come from the external devices of the computer, among them: the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, the speakers, the printer, the scanner, the external modem and the web cam.

What is the front and back of the case?

The front of the computer is intended to cover the front end of the chassis. They come in different attractive designs and colors, and also provide information about the status of your computer. Others contain panels that hide disk drives, power and reset switches.

What elements does the back of the case contain?

Functions of the components of the case (memory card (ROM (chip…

    Motherboard. It is a printed circuit board to which the components that make up the computer are connected. memory card. … ports. … Processor. … HDD. …Discipper. … Cables and Buses.

What are the parts of the case?

The case is the external part of the computer and there are two main types, tower and desktop. … Inside the cabinet are all the main devices. Power supply, microprocessor, memories, video cards, sound cards, motherboard, fans.

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What does the case contain?

Case Components

    In computing, computer or computer cases, towers, cabinets, boxes, or chassis are the frame of the equipment that contains the computer’s components, usually made of steel, plastic, or aluminum. … •It is the one that provides power to the motherboard and other internal devices.

What is the case and what are its internal elements?

1) Case, Unit or System Cabin: it is the box that contains the internal components of the computer such as the CPU or processor, memory, hard drive, circuit boards, storage units, etc. It is normally called the CPU, but this is incorrect as it is only a part of it.

What are the front parts of the case?

Case fronts

    FRONT PARTS OF THE CASE. BAYS  In computing, bays are spaces in a computer cabinet, which allow the addition of storage units and similar devices. … LEDS  Power led: indicates if the equipment is on  HDD LED: indicates the operation of the hard disk.

What are the front parts of a computer?

Computer cabinet or case

On the front panel are the power and reset buttons with their respective LEDs (small indicator lights), and there are usually USB ports to connect all kinds of devices of said technology.

What is the internal part of the case?

It is an integrated circuit made up of millions of electronic components. It constitutes the central processing unit (CPU) of a PC cataloged as a microcomputer.

What is the front part of the CPU called?

tower front

This button is used to turn your equipment on and off. Many computers have power saving mode options such as sleep, hibernation, and sleep.

What is the front panel of a desktop computer?

The control panel is a set of pins found on the motherboard; The different LEDs and buttons that are located on the front of the cabinet are connected to these pins by means of cables.

What is the case and what is its function?

CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools are various computer applications or computer programs designed to increase the balance in software development by reducing their cost in terms of time and money.

What is case in computer science?

CASE is an acronym, which corresponds to the initials of: Computer Aided Software Engineering; and in its translation into Spanish means Computer Aided Software Engineering.

What is the computer case?

It is an extension of space in the structure of a CRT monitor or an LCD screen, in which the various functional devices of the computer equipment are housed: motherboard, hard disk, optical disk drive, power supply, fans. internal etc

What does the case box contain?

Typically, a case contains boxes for power supplies and drive bays. On the rear panel you can find connectors for peripherals from the motherboard and expansion cards.

What is each part of the computer called?

List of parts of a computer (Components of the PC)

    Case.Motherboard.CPU [Procesador]GPU [Tarjeta gráfica] (if no integrated GPU) RAM [Memoria]Storage device (SSD, NVME SSD, HDD) Cooling (CPU, chassis) PSU [Fuente de alimentación]

What is the name of the PC case?

PC cases, colloquially known as towers, are one of the important elements when planning a new desktop computer. Although before getting into the matter we have to clarify that we are going to talk about boxes that are used to assemble do-it-yourself-style computers.

What are the parts of a computer called?

Main hardware of a personal computer:

    Monitor.Main board.Microprocessor (CPU) and socket.One RAM module and three slots.Expansion cards and slots.Power supply.Optical disc drive (CD; DVD; BD).Hard drive or status drive solid.

What are ATX boxes?

The ATX or Mid Tower format is one of the types of box that has been used the most for computer cases. It is preferred by users and the most common to find both at home and in offices. Most motherboard production is focused on this user. It has 7 or 8 expansion slots.

Where does the speaker cable connect?

Typically, it’s just to the right of the motherboard’s connection panel, or sometimes above it, depending on the motherboard. The function of this speaker or SPEAKER is, as you may already guess, to emit beeps that are used for motherboard diagnostics (the famous motherboard beeps, come on).

How to enable front panel audio in Windows 10?

Now, you will click on the “Sound” icon in the operating system tray of your computer. Then you will click on the arrow inside the panel to see more. Finally, as your last step, you will choose the “Speaker” option (which is the second option “2 – High Definition Audio Device”).

What parts do we find inside the computer case or tower?

What elements can we find inside the tower of a PC?

    Motherboard.Heatsink and processor.Bays and hard drives.Graphics card.RAM memories.Power supply and its cables.Fans.

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