What is the best date to go skiing in Andorra?

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Throughout the Principality, the ski season usually begins in early December and ends in mid-April, although logically, it can vary each year depending on the weather conditions and whether it is a year with a lot of snow or not. The best months to ski in Andorra are usually January and February.

When does snow start to fall in Andorra?

December and January are two star months (for novelty, long weekends and holidays, and the first snowfalls).

What is the best place to ski in Andorra?

Currently, there are three major ski resorts in Andorra that are the best for enjoying the snow: Grandvalira, Vallnord and Naturlandia, although there are others, such as Parador Canaro, where you can also spend a good day with your family.

When is low season in skiing?

When is low season for skiing?

The month of February is generally considered high season, while the weeks between the week after the new year and the weeks before and after Easter are considered low season.

When is the best time to go to Andorra?

Therefore, if you are a fan of winter and snow sports, the best time to visit this principality is from November to April. During the winter season the weather is cold and dry, temperatures range from -2º minimum to 13º maximum.

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How many sunny days are there in Andorra?

Most of the days in Andorra are sunny, registering up to 300 sunny days a year. Of course, rainfall can also be seen, varying in quantity and frequency, depending on the territory and altitude.

How many months does it snow in Andorra?

In a year, 1,300 millimeters of rain (or snow, from November to April) fall, without there being a dry season, since in the summer there can also be storms in the afternoon. The average altitude of the country is 1,900 meters. In the high mountains, during the winter snowfall abounds.

When does Valdesquí 2022 open?

This Thursday, January 20, the Valdesquí station partially opens, after the “snow production”, and will have 1.5 kilometers of ski slopes.

What is the best time to ski?

So, in short, if you want to take advantage of ski lessons more and better, try to bet on classes on Sundays at 9am, you will have better snow conditions, fewer people on the slopes, fewer queues and, in addition, you will have the rest later. of the day to ski at your leisure and practice what you have …

Where to ski in Andorra for beginners?

In Arcalis, they have the best snow in the country and there are slopes for all levels. In this station you will find the longest ski slope for beginners in the Pyrenees: the Megaverda with 8 km of route, which allows beginners to practice, sliding down an easy, safe and long section.

Where to ski in Andorra cheap?

The cheapest resort of all is Bourg d’Oueil, in Haute-Garonne, ideal for making your ski debut. With 6 slopes located at 1,350 and 1,660 meters above sea level, it has 3 ski lifts and 2 artificial snow cannons. At the other end, Grandvalira, where the day pass costs 52.

Where is there snow near Andorra?

Where to enjoy the best snow in Andorra?

    Grandvalira, the largest resort in southern Europe. Naturlandia, between Nordic skiing and children’s fun. Vallnord, the family destination par excellence.

When does Navacerrada 2022 open?


We are very happy and excited to announce the reopening of the station for tomorrow, January 12, 2022.

When does the Sierra Nevada season open?

Sierra Nevada confirms the opening of the season for November 23.

When does La Pinilla open?

Opening part Monday 02/28/2022. Open station with the area for beginners (green slopes Telebaby and Cerezuelo) and the Return (blue slopes 2 km long).

When do the ski slopes close?

Baqueira Beret confirms its closing date 2022.

When is there more snow in Sierra Nevada?

If snowfalls occur, they are usually from the end of December to the end of February. This year is being especially mild in terms of temperatures and rather dry in terms of rainfall.

How long does winter last in Andorra?

The cool season lasts for 3.8 months, from November 14 to March 7, with an average daily high temperature below 55°F. The coldest month of the year in Andorra is January, with an average minimum temperature of 1 °C and a maximum of 9 °C.

What temperature is it in Andorra in winter?

The weather in the winter in Andorra Spain. Daily maximum temperatures are around 10°C, rarely falling below 4°C or exceeding 17°C. The average daily minimum temperature is 9°C on January 3. Daily minimum temperatures are around 2°C, rarely falling below -4°C or exceeding 7°C.

How is the weather in Andorra?

Andorra’s climate is of the Mediterranean mountain type, with hot summers and cold winters in which there are significant snowfalls, although there are more than 300 sunny days a year.

What do you have to do to live in Andorra?

Requirements to live in Andorra

You must be of legal age. You must reside in the principality for at least 183 days. Have no criminal record. Comply with a medical check-up. Have a deposit of 15,000 euros.
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