What is the best paid profession in Argentina?

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These are Mining Engineering (salary of $343,116) and Petroleum Engineering (salary of $254,000). The fourth place is occupied by the Bachelor of Finance ($ 214,062) and the fifth is Systems and Information Technology ($ 184,800). The full list is below: Bachelor of Marine Power Plants ($434,606)

What profession earns more money in Argentina?

The bachelor’s degree in Marine Propulsion Plants is the career that has the best level of remuneration among university professionals, according to a study carried out by the Center for Studies for 21st Century Production (CEPXXI), reported its director Daniel Schteingart, through from your account…

What is the highest paid career in Argentina 2021?

The career that heads the ranking is a very unknown one: the Bachelor of Marine Propulsion Plants, which is only taught at the National Defense University and that between 2016 and 2018 only had 20 graduates. Most of the job opportunities are in shipping companies and the median salary is $434,606.

What are the 15 best paid careers in Argentina?

What are the 15 best paid university degrees in Argentina

    Bachelor of Marine Propulsion Plants. The median salary is $434,606. … Mining engineering. … Petroleum engineering. … Degree in finance. … Systems and informatics. … Geophysics. … Electric engineering. … Aeronautical engineering.

What is the highest paid career in Argentina 2022?

In the first place of the best paid careers in Argentina is the degree in Marine Propulsion Plants. According to Daniel Schteingart, director of the CEP, the remuneration for the graduates of this career is around 430 thousand pesos.

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What is the highest paid career 2022?


The answer will not surprise you much, the career of surgeon and midwife is the one that is in the first position in the ranking of the best paid careers.

What are the highest paid careers in the world 2022?

What is the highest paid career in the world in 2022? Neurosurgery! This medical specialty is considered the best paid profession in the world, being in the United States the country where it is possible to receive a salary of more than $500,000.

What are the most requested professions in Argentina?

According to a ManpowerGroup report, the top five careers and jobs with the most demand in the local market are: Operations and Logistics; IT, technology and data; Manufacturing and Production; Administration and Technical Support; and lastly, Sales and Marketing.

What is the career that pays you the most?

Next, the complete list with the professions with which you can ‘pocket’ more than 10 million pesos a month in Colombia:

    Systems engineering.Industrial engineering.Business administration.Marketing.Advertising.Medicine.Business administration.Economics.

What is the career with the highest salary?

Statistics, with an average salary of S/3,403, heads the ranking of the ten best paid professions, according to Ponte en Carrera. Updated on 09/02/2021 11:23 am

What are the 7 most requested professions?

What will be the most demanded professions in the coming decades

    Data crunching. … Biology, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. … Computational engineering. … Vet. … Engineering in sustainable development and the environment. … Health. … Management. … Finance.

What are the 10 best paid careers in Argentina?

The full list is below:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Power Plants ($434,606)Mining Engineering ($343,116)Petroleum Engineering ($254.00)Bachelor’s Degree in Finance ($214,062)Systems and Information Technology ($184,800)Geophysics ($178,825)Electrical Engineering ($178,756)Aeronautical Engineering ( $172,826)

What races have more future?

The 11 careers of the future with more employment and better salaries

    Environmental engineering. … Software development. … Cybersecurity. … Robotic engineering. … Digital marketing. … Genetic engineering. … Mental health. … Human Resources.

What to study 2022?

Highest Paying Careers and Professions 2022

    Cybersecurity Specialist.Mid-Level Software Engineer.Corporate Accountants.Maintenance Engineers.Electrical Engineers.Data Analysts/Data Scientists.Research Analysts.Mid-Level Civil Engineers.

What is the shortest race?

Here we mention what are the shortest careers that you can study in Mexico.

    Web Development.Marketing Manager.Data Visualization and Management.Mobile Application Development.Financial Administration.Social Media Manager.

What is the easiest major in college?

– Advertising. Advertising is considered by the same students as one of the easiest careers of all due to the great load of theoretical subjects with respect to practical ones, the dropout level is minimal and it does not require the learning of complicated numerical subjects.

What races have no future?

The 10 professions that will disappear in the future

    Lawyer. That’s how it is! … Counter. Being an accountant is another boomer dream that will fade away. … Petroleum engineer. Jobs in the oil industry are among the professions that will disappear the fastest. … Pilot. … Policeman. … Librarian. … Bank executive. … Artist.

What are the 5 jobs with the most future?

And today there are already some clear lines on which will be the most affected areas.”

    Employees of fast food houses. Supermarket cashiers. Employees who attend tolls. Factory workers (industrial sector) Employees related to activities that provide assistance to the public.

What career should I study?

According to the 2021 IMCO ranking, the 10 best paid professional careers in Mexico are: Medicine – $17,889. Finance, banking and insurance – $17,050. Construction and civil engineering – $14,848.

What are the 10 professions with the most future at the moment?

These are the races of the future

Software Engineering. The world is increasingly digital and more hands are required to build it. … Business administration and finance. … Trade and marketing. … Industrial engineering. … Law and auditing. … Nursing. … Telecommunications engineering. … Labor relations and human resources.

Which job has more job prospects?

Careers with more job opportunities

    ADE – Business Administration and Management.Computer Engineering.Industrial Engineering.Work Sciences, Labor Relations and Human Resources.Double Degree Business Administration and Law.Commerce and Marketing.Medicine and Biomedicine.Nursing.

Which jobs are going to disappear?

Among these trades are machine operators, artisans, cleaning personnel, mining works assistants, indirect employees of construction and similar industries and even informal ones, such as street vendors, would be some of the sectors affected by cuts, and even, …

What are the least demanded careers?

According to the UNAM Foundation page, the professions with the lowest number of applicants are:

    Ethnomusicology.Modern Portuguese Language and Literature.Piano.Modern Italian Language and Literature.Music Education.Modern German Language and Literature.Modern French Language and Literature.Singing.

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