What is the best tequila in Colombia?

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“Patron tequila in the premium category has been growing in the country. From 2014 to 2015, the sale of this liquor grew 30%,” said José Gómez Infante, Tequila Patrón brand manager for Colombia. This premium tequila is one of the most consumed in the world for its 100% agave quality.


What is the best brand of tequila?

The best tequila brands may be the following, although it will depend on the particular characteristics: Gran Patrón, Casamigos, Jose Cuervo, Herradura, Casa Dragones, el Jimador, Sauza or Tres Generaciones (Sauza’s top line).

What is the richest tequila?

Don Julio White Tequila. Description: Don Julio Blanco Tequila is the base from which all other variants are derived, Don Julio being the first luxury tequila in the world, starting in 1942. It is the best-selling premium tequila in Mexico and the rest of the world and for both one of the best tequila brands.

What is the richest and cheapest tequila?

7 Good and Cheap Tequilas

    Don Ramon Plata. Tequila Don Ramón Plata Punta Diamante 750 ml. … Old Town. Pueblo Viejo White Tequila 100% Agave – 700 ml. … The Tequileno. Tequila El Tequileño Blanco 750ml. …Don Ramon Reposado. … Great Silver Centenary. … Corralejo Rested. … Jose Cuervo Traditional Reposado.

Which is the best Patron or Don Julio tequila?

Don Julio Blanco is a better tequila than Patrón Silver. Although their flavor profiles are similar offering cooked agave and notes of black pepper, Patrón is a tequila that lacks depth and complexity.

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How to know which is the best tequila?

Tips for choosing a good tequila

If you are a fan of tequila, this interests you. … Definitely, the palates are different. … With white you will always have fresher, citrus and herbal notes; it is stronger and more alcoholic. … As they spend more time in contact with the wood, they become softer and sweeter.

What is the smoothest tequila?

Haute Living: The smoothest tequila in the world.

What is better tequila Centenario or hunters?

Gran Centenario Reposado is a better tequila than José Cuervo Tradicional Reposado. It is a good traditional tequila at a price that makes it attractive. In short, there are better reposados ​​on the market, but if you are looking for a tequila in the Good, Beautiful and Cheap category, the Gran Centenario Añejo is a good option.

Which is better tequila reposado or añejo?

White tequila, having no aging time, does not acquire color. Its flavor is sweeter and has soft notes and citrus tones. … Reposado tequila is the most popular among palates, since according to statistical figures it is the most commercialized in the world.

How much does blue Corralejo Tequila cost?

$390.00. Tequila Corralejo 100% agave, obtained from the double distillation of the fermented musts of the Tequilana Weber blue agave. It has a mild flavor but with a strong character, it has a wide range of tones typical of the American oak wood where it rests.

What is the best selling tequila in the world?


The Cuervo family (today Beckmann) is not only the one that sells the most tequila in the world, it is also the oldest on the market. In 1795, José María Guadalupe de Cuervo received permission from King Carlos IV of Spain to commercially produce what was then known as mezcal wine.

What is the best tequila in Mexico and the most expensive?

1. Ley Tequila. 925 Pasión Azteca Ultra Premium Añejo is the most expensive in the world, its price is 3.7 million pesos, since half of the bottle is made with pure white gold, while the other half is made with platinum.

What is the best-selling tequila in Mexico?

The best-selling kind of tequila during the analyzed year was white tequila, with 48% of total sales. Reposado tequila, a mix between white and aged tequila, ranked second, with 30.97% of the value.

Which tequila is better the Jimador or Jose Cuervo?

Both tequilas are 100% agave so we are still tied. José Cuervo brings 38% alcohol while Jimador only a sad 35%; this gives Cuervo a point in favor.

What is the best tequila in the world 2020?

A certain Private Collection Extra Añejo Tequila has been awarded as The best Tequila in the World this 2020. The experts have spoken! A certain Tequila Private Collection Extra Añejo has been decorated with the highest award in the sector, declaring it as The best Tequila in the World this 2020.

What harm does tequila do?

Tequila causes damage to health. It depends. All alcoholic beverages, including tequila, if consumed in moderation in quantity and frequency, are not harmful to health. In grams of alcohol, a 355-ml jar of beer contributes the same to the blood as a glass of red wine or a shot of tequila.

Which tequila is smoother white or aged?

This type is left resting in white oak barrels for a period of time of at least 2 months to less than a year. Being rested in wood, the drink acquires a fairly mild flavor, a golden color and a pleasant aroma. Reposado tequila is stronger than white, commonly.

Why is tequila aged?

aged tequila

– Product that can be marketed, subject to a maturation process of at least one year in oak or oak wood containers, with a maximum capacity of 600 liters, its commercial alcoholic content must, where appropriate, be adjusted with tap water. dilution.

How good is Cazadores tequila?

Cazadores Tequila Is It Good? Of course it is, it is a 100% authentic tequilla. It has a denomination of origin, which certifies its quality.

How good is Centenario tequila?

On the nose we find light notes of vanilla and oak, accompanied by aromas of lemon and pear. On the palate it achieves intense herbal flavors with nuances of olives and butter. A tequila with a clean and clean profile, ideal to be enjoyed directly in a glass or to make the best of cocktails such as the Martini.

Which tequila is best to drink neat?

Some recommended brands are José Cuervo, Don Julio or Patrón. Choose reposado or aged tequilas to drink neat, and leave the white for cocktails. Aged Tequila – Despite being a bit more expensive, Añejo tequilas are aged for at least a year, giving them better flavor and complexity.

What is the difference between white and yellow tequila?

In order not to bore you, we will say that Blanco is what we would understand here, simplifying a lot, as the classic tequila; the reposado acquires a yellow color (whiskey-like) that comes from its more than 4 months in the barrel; and the lens is even older but has lost its color and hardness through a process of…

What is the difference between white and crystal tequila?

Although it looks like white, it is not. Crystalline tequilas are actually tequilas that have had a more or less prolonged maturation process, and that before being bottled are mainly subjected to a filtering process with activated carbon.

How much does a bottle of tequila cost in Mexico?

Tequila prices in Mexico range from the $230 pesos that a Don Ramón Plata costs to the Patrón Bordeaux that costs just over $9,300 pesos. It is a very wide range so there is a tequila for every budget.

How much is a bottle of Don Julio worth?

$512.00. Don Julio tequila is a traditional drink in our country, and with the wide variety of its presentations such as: aged tequila, white tequila and more, you can prepare different cocktails with alcohol and enjoy its characteristic flavor.

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