What is the children’s orchestra?

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Explain that an orchestra is a group of musicians who play different instruments together. Children may want to choose a drum, a rattle or maracas, a rubber band guitar or a kazoo…or they may have invented a unique instrument they want to play!

What is an orchestra and how is it composed?

An orchestra is a company of musicians, who with a conductor, play string, wind and percussion instruments. In an orchestra the main part of the sound is produced by the string instruments. A band is made up of a group of performers of wind instruments and percussion.

What is an orchestra and types of orchestra?

For us, the concept of orchestra defines those people who play a specific instrument and are part of this band. Whether string, wind, wood, percussion or metal.

What is a popular music orchestra?

A popular orchestra is usually made up of fewer members than the previous one and includes instruments such as synthesizers, drums, guitar, bass, trumpet or varied percussion.

What are the instruments that are part of the orchestra?

It is basically made up of violins, violas, cellos, double basses, two oboes, two horns, one or two bassoons, a keyboard (harpsichord or organ). For some works also trumpets and kettledrums. Little by little other instruments such as flutes, clarinet, oboes, horns and trombone also became indispensable.

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What is the purpose of the popular orchestra?

Popular orchestra: it is the one that interprets current or popular music, that is, the one that is fashionable at this time such as rock, jazz, Latin dance music, etc. Piano, synthesizer, drums, electric bass, saxophone, trumpet and varied percussion are part of the instruments that make it up.

How is the orchestra formed?

With some modifications, mainly regarding the number of members, the symphony orchestra is made up of four large groups of instruments: strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass); woodwinds (flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon); brass (horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba); percussion (timpani …

What is a modern orchestra?

A modern orchestra is an instrumental ensemble that is generally larger and more diverse than most of its predecessors. It usually consists of the four main instrument sections plus additional specialized musicians according to the needs of the repertoire.

How is the orchestra divided?

These groups of musicians are divided into instrument families: string, wind, and percussion. The first, in turn, is divided into low string and high string, while the second is subdivided into woodwind and metal wind.

What are the most important orchestras in the world?

The best orchestras in the world, according to Gramophone

    Royal Concertegebouw (Netherlands) … Berlin Philharmonic (Germany). … Vienna Philharmonic (Austria) … London Symphony Orchestra (England). … Chicago Symphony Orchestra (USA). … Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (Germany). Cleveland Orchestra (USA).

What is a Wikipedia orchestra?

An orchestra (in ancient Greek, ορχήστρα, romanized: orchestra, lit. ‘place to dance’) is a large musical ensemble, originating in the Baroque period, combining instruments from different families.

How many are the members of an orchestra?

Symphony orchestra A symphony orchestra is a musical group made up of various families of musical instruments: woodwind, metal wind, percussion and string, which on average is made up of eighty or ninety musicians whose greatest challenge is teamwork, since this success depends on your performance.

How is a symphony orchestra organized?

Thus, the string instruments are placed at the front, from highest to lowest, the wind instruments are placed behind, first wood and then metal, and at the end are the percussion instruments and the piano.

What are the 5 families of musical instruments?

The most conventionally used classification is wind, string and percussion. Wind: saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, oboe, etc. String: guitar, harp, violin, piano (the piano is a percussive string), etc. Percussion: timpani, drum, cymbals, bass drum etc.

What is a symphony and Philharmonic orchestra?

Thus, a philharmonic or symphony orchestra is a large musical group in which its members play string instruments such as violins, violas, harp and piano; of winds such as flutes, clarinets and trumpets and of percussion, such as cymbals, triangles and kettledrums; among others …

How is the modern orchestra formed?

The current axis of the formation is established, with three woodwinds (with the possible use of piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, saxophone and contrabassoon), four horns (sometimes the first is doubled), three trumpets and trombones, tuba, two harps, a keyboard player (piano, celesta or organ), timpani, three…

What is the contemporary orchestra history?

The contemporary orchestra reaches a very high point of expression. The melodic focus is lost, preferring to search for different impressions on the listener through different sonorities.

What were the first orchestras in the world?

The first orchestras that can be described as such emerged in the seventeenth century.

    It was common for major European courts to maintain a group of musicians to perform in churches. However, over time, having an orchestra became a symbol of status and wealth.

When was the orchestra born?

Although the orchestra was born as such in the Baroque (17th century and beginning of the 18th century), it was in Classicism (second half of the 18th century) when the instrumentation and the form in which we know it today were established, although we will have to wait until the end of the 19th century for the arrival of refinement…

When does the symphony orchestra appear?

The development of the symphony orchestra began in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, when composers moved away from just composing choral music and focused on making music exclusively for instrumental groups.

Who created the first orchestra?

The creator of the orchestra as we know it today was Haydn: strings. 2 flutes, oboes and (or) clarinets, bassoons, horns trumpets, 2 or 3 trombones and 2 timpani. Beethoven gave a more important role to brass instruments and timpani.

How many members are there in the Vienna orchestra?

Of the 145 musicians, only 15 are women and they support their theory that the only question to belong to said orchestra is musical excellence.

How many musicians does a chamber orchestra have?

Chamber orchestra: small orchestra that usually has twenty to twenty-five instrumentalists.

How many members does the Venezuelan symphony orchestra have?

System of Orchestras of Venezuela reaches 900,000 musicians.

What is the origin of the word orchestra?

Like many words related to theater (see: comedy, drama, hypocrite, person and tragedy), the word orchestra comes from the Greek ὀρχήστρα (orkhestra). The word ὀρχήστρα is composed of the verb ὀρχοῦμαι (orkheomai = to dance) and the suffix -tra (place).

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