What is the conflict in Venezuela?

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Since 2013 there has been an economic crisis in Venezuela, as a result of the drop in oil prices, expropriations and currency exchange control restrictions, corruption, among others.

What are the main conflicts between Venezuela and Colombia?

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    Tumeremo massacre (2018) Pemón conflict. Apure clashes of 2021.

What is Colombia’s problem with Venezuela?

The closure of the border between Venezuela and Colombia, followed by forced displacement, puts the entire humanitarian situation, security and stability in the border region at risk. Further escalation should be avoided.

What was the last war in Venezuela?

Venezuelan Civil War.

What was the last civil war?

Spanish civil war (1936-1939).

It was the confrontation between the supporters of the Spanish Republic against the right-wing military rebels under the command of General Francisco Franco and his supporters.

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How many civil wars were there in Venezuela?

Between 1830 and December 1903 there were 39 revolutions (read civil wars) in Venezuela, and they always or almost always had the same characteristics: …

When did Venezuela expel the Colombians?

On February 23, 2019, the diplomatic relations of both countries were broken. In addition, Nicolás Maduro expelled the Colombian diplomatic corps from Venezuela and Colombia and closed all the border crossings in Norte de Santander to assess the damage caused to the Immigration Control Posts.

What caused the conflict with Colombia?

The weakness of the State, and the absence of its institutions in large regions of the national territory. The problem of land ownership, the marked economic differences, the failure of the agrarian reform and rural policies.

What diplomatic problems has Colombia had with Venezuela and Ecuador related to the armed conflict?

The Ecuadorian and Venezuelan governments claimed the Colombian government for violating the sovereignty of Ecuador by executing a counter-insurgency military operation there without authorization; in turn, the Colombian government declared that it had found, in the incursion, computers that belonged to the deceased Raúl Reyes and that . ..

What are the border problems?

In particular, the two borders of Mexico, despite their marked differences, face problems among which drug trafficking, the violence of organized crime and the trafficking of migrants and weapons stand out.

What are the main international conflicts?

The 10 most dangerous international conflicts of 2021

    Afghanistan. After two decades of fighting, significant progress was made in 2020 for peace between the Taliban and the US government. … Ethiopia. … The Sahel. …Yemen. … Venezuela. … Somali. … Libya. … Iran and the United States.

What local and international conflicts do you know?

So, what are the international conflicts that will have to be followed closely in 2020 according to the ICG?

    Afghanistan. It is the war that causes the most deaths each year worldwide. …Yemen. … Ethiopia. … Burkina Faso. … Libya. … the United States, Israel and Iran. … the United States and North Korea. … Kashmir.

What happened to Venezuela during World War II?

Venezuela’s participation in World War II, a period in which some 60 million people died, was relatively neutral in terms of military confrontation until February 15, 1945.

How did the armed conflict in Colombia start summary?

The assassination of the liberal presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán on April 9, 1948 led to a wave of violence in the city of Bogotá known as the Bogotazo (1948) that soon spread to the rest of the country.

What conflict is there in Colombia 2021?

Homicides, forced displacement, clashes between armed gangs and cocaine production have increased this 2021, according to multiple counts. Some blame this spike in violence on the government of Iván Duque, who is critical of the process with the FARC.

What were the causes of the armed conflict?

These causes opted in time and space for the path of violence. The violent demonstrations turned to the structural, political and social orders. According to the Historical Clarification Commission: “Its origins have five sources: economic, political, ideological, religious and ethnic” [1].

When was the border between Colombia and Venezuela closed?

The border was closed in February 2019 when the Venezuelan opposition tried to introduce humanitarian aid into the country.

What happened in 2015 in Venezuela?

June 1: The channel La Tele ceases transmissions after a legal complaint between its shareholders. June 11: The Venezuelan soccer team begins its participation in the 2015 Copa América, held in Chile.

When was the border with Venezuela closed?

ON AUGUST 19, 2015, Venezuela decided to close the border with Colombia.

What were the civil wars?

Conventional Civil Wars include well-known cases such as the American Civil War (1861-1865), the Russian Civil War (1917-1923), the Finnish Civil War (1918), and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), as well as the more recent conflicts, such as the Biafra conflict in Nigeria (1967-1970), the …

What were the civil wars of the 19th century?

Among the first are the war of 1830, the War of the Supremes in 1839-1841, the civil wars of 1851, 1854, 1859-1862, 1876-1877, 1884-1885, 1895, and the War of a Thousand Days in 1899 -1902 (Tired, 1976: 11).

What was the longest civil war in Venezuela called?

The so-called Long War or Federal War, developed between 1859 and 1863, will be the largest political and social conflict after the Venezuelan independence conflict.

What was the last civil war in Colombia?

August 31, 1997, 12:00 a.m.

How did the civil war end?

Putting an end to almost three years of conflict, the civil war between the Republican side and the rebel side (formed by the Spanish Falange and other conservative groups), ended on April 1, 1939 with the victory of the national side with General Francisco Franco. to the head.

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