What is the difference between a national holiday and a non-working day?

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On national holidays, the legal regulations on Sunday rest apply. Therefore, the worker is not obliged to provide services, and could only do so as an exception. On the other hand, on non-working days, work is optional for the employer, except for banking, insurance and related activities.

What is the difference between a national holiday and a non-working day?

In all cases, the difference with the holiday lies in the fact that on non-working days, additional or extraordinary benefits similar to overtime are not being fulfilled, for which reason the accrual in all cases is a normal daily salary, whether or not they are fulfilled. chores.

What is a non-working day?

These are legally established days in which the worker’s labor obligations are suspended but the employer’s obligation to pay the remuneration remains in force, considering the day as actually worked.

What is a non-working day in Argentina?

National holidays are mandatory for all employers, while a non-working day is optional for the employer if he wants to grant it to his employees.

What happens if I work on a non-working day?

This means that when working on a non-working day, you must be paid your normal daily salary plus double. If the above is not met, you can contact the Federal Labor Defense Attorney’s Office to receive free guidance.

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How is salary paid on non-working days?

non-business day payment

Whether or not you work on a non-working day, the payment is the same, you pay as on a normal day. You do not pay double the non-working day in case you work it.

What does article 73 of the Federal Labor Law say?

Article 73. – Workers are not required to provide services on their days off. If this provision is broken, the employer will pay the worker, regardless of the salary that corresponds to him for the break, a double salary for the service provided.

How do you pay for a non-working day in Argentina?

The national holiday must be paid twice as much as a normal day, while on a non-working day their remuneration is like that of the simple salary.

What is non-working?

non-working days

These are rest days that must be compensated by the worker, prior agreement with the employer. As is the case with Supreme Decree 194-2020-PCM, which declared Thursday, December 24, 2020, as a non-working day for public sector workers.

What is a business holiday?

a) Working holiday

Working holidays are all those holidays in which the law -in the strict sense- has not declared them as non-working days.

How is the October 11 holiday paid?

Monday, October 11: National holiday for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity. As on Friday the 8th, if the worker provides services on this day, he will receive the normal remuneration for working days plus an equal amount (double pay).

How do you pay on October 8?

During holidays, employees are not required to work. If they do, they must be paid a double shift (100% more than a normal day). And when a traditional holiday is not worked, employees are paid as a simple day, even if they have not gone to the office or performed tasks.

How should I pay on October 12?

Saturday October 12 is a national holiday for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity. If you have to work that day, you must collect it 100%. Monday, October 14 is a non-working day. Therefore, the employer establishes whether or not to work.

How many days off does a worker have per week?

Employees must have two days off per week, despite the fact that the Workers’ Statute (ET) establishes that the minimum rest during that period must be a day and a half.

How many days off per month?

Workers must be granted a rest day for each Sunday or holiday worked and at least 2 rest days within the month must fall on a Sunday. If you accumulate more than one rest day in the week, you can be compensated for one of those days in money.

What does article 21 of the Federal Labor Law say?

The provision of a job referred to in the first paragraph and the contract concluded produce the same effects. Article 21. – The existence of the contract and the employment relationship between the one who provides personal work and the one who receives it are presumed. Article 22.

How is the holiday of October 12, 2021?

The next holiday is October 8, 2021, which was established by decree as a “holiday for tourism purposes.” This day is added to the long weekend that ends with October 11, the date on which the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity (October 12) is commemorated.

How are holidays and Sundays paid?

Art. 55. – Overtime and holidays will be paid with a 100 percent surcharge; and night work carried out under the same conditions as day work with 25 to 50 percent, depending on the case.

How should you pay on Labor Day?

May 1 is a holiday. If you work, the worker who performs his duties that day must receive double payment, that is, 100% more than a normal day of work. This also includes domestic service employees.

How is holiday pay calculated?

The salary of the monthly worker must be divided by 30, subtracting one day that corresponds to the holiday. In turn, the salary must be divided by 25 (art. 155 LCT).

What days do you pay double?

These are the days that are paid double and triple in 2022

    January 1. The first Monday of February in commemoration of February 5. … The third Monday of March in commemoration of March 21. May 1. September 16. The third Monday of November in commemoration of November 20.

How are holidays paid in Panama 2021?

Article 49 of the Code details how it should be paid: “Work on a national holiday or duel will be paid with a surcharge of 150 percent on the salary of the ordinary working day, without prejudice to the right of the worker to be paid grant as compensation any other day of rest per week.

How is the weekend paid?

If the worker works on Sunday and it is a holiday, then the following will be paid:

Your ordinary salary. Double salary for being a mandatory rest day by Law. Additional 25% premium on your ordinary daily salary.

What days are paid double 2021?

Workers who have to work any of the following days will receive a double salary. The first of January, the first Monday of February, the third Monday of March, the 1st. May, September 16, the third Monday of November; the 1st December every six years and on December 25.

What holidays are paid double in Argentina?

Holidays and non-working days: how they are paid

In other words, if a blank worker performs tasks during any of the national holidays, whether transferable or immovable, he must receive double-time pay.

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