What is the difference between expiration and prescription?

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Prescription: Legal concept by virtue of which the passage of time consolidates factual situations. Allows the extinction of rights (extinctive) or acquisition of foreign things (release – usucapión). Expiration: Extinction of a right due to the passage of time conferred for its exercise.

What is the difference between expiration and prescription?

In conclusion, the high court reiterated that prescription is a legal institution by virtue of which rights are acquired or extinguished, while expiration is related to the opportunity to go to the competent jurisdiction to establish the corresponding legal action, as appropriate. the case (CP

What is meant by prescription?

The prescription is a way of acquiring things belonging to others, or else, of extinguishing the actions and rights of others, for having possessed said things or not having exercised said actions and rights during a certain period of time.

What is the statute of limitations?

The statute of limitations is the limited period of time creditors or debt collectors have to file a lawsuit to recover a debt.

When does the prescription operate?

The prescription (extinctive or liberatory) is produced by the inaction of the creditor for the term established by each legislation according to the nature of the obligation in question and has the effect of depriving the creditor of the right to judicially require the debtor to comply with the obligation. .

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How is the prescription counted?

Our Civil Code in article 1969 says that, in general, the time for the prescription of all kinds of actions will be counted from the day they could be exercised. Therefore, the prescriptive period must be counted from when the right that is acted with the exercise of the action can be realized.

When does the positive prescription operate in a property?

Positive prescription is the means by which property ownership can be acquired, for a certain time and under the conditions established by law, as long as the possession on which it is based has been civil, peaceful, public and continues.

What is the Argentine prescription?

The prescription must be opposed within the term to answer the demand in the knowledge processes, and to oppose exceptions in the execution processes. Interested third parties who appear at trial after the terms applicable to the parties have expired, must do so in their first appearance. ARTICLE 2554.

When is the statute of limitations suspended?

While the interruption of the extinctive prescription period proceeds due to: acknowledgment of the obligation; summons to constitute the debtor in default; by summons with the lawsuit or by another act with which the debtor is notified, even when a judge or incompetent authority has been consulted; and, to oppose…

What is prescription in administrative law?

The prescription means that once the term has expired, the authority can no longer initiate a PAS or determine the commission of any infraction. The time for the prescription is suspended at the beginning of the sanctioning procedure.

What is the Civil Code prescription?

ARTICLE 2512. . The prescription is a way of acquiring the things of others, or of extinguishing the actions or rights of others, for having possessed the things and not having exercised said actions and rights during a certain period of time, and concurring the other legal requirements.

What is prescription in tax law?

The prescription in tax matters is nothing more than the time that the Tax Administration is empowered to control, determine, impose administrative sanctions and exercise its tax enforcement power.

What is prescription and expiration in labor matters?

Any right to carry out an action or labor demand on behalf of the employer or the worker, which does not indicate its prescription time in the law, will prescribe in one year. After this period, the right to demand your benefits or labor rights will be lost.

How is the tax prescription suspended?

“The limitation period for actions to determine the obligation and apply sanctions is suspended:

    During the processing of the contentious tax procedure. During the processing of the contentious-administrative lawsuit, the constitutional process of amparo or any other judicial process.

How is the tax prescription suspended, give an example?

On the other hand, article 45 of the aforementioned TUO states that the statute of limitations is interrupted: a) By notification of the Resolution of Determination or Fine. b) By notification of the Payment Order, up to the amount thereof. c) By express acknowledgment of the obligation by the debtor.

What can be purchased by prescription?

In Colombia, ownership or control of movable or immovable property can be acquired through the acquisition of ownership prescription, which occurs when an asset has been owned for a certain period of time.

How to accredit the positive prescription?

Requirements to comply with the positive prescription

That the possession of the property be in the concept of the owner. That the property to be occupied is within the trade. That the possession be peaceful, continuous and public.

How is a positive prescription judgment carried out?


The documents and data are sent to the lawyer so that he can prepare the positive prescription claim. Once the demand is drawn up, the client is summoned to sign. This lawsuit and the documents are presented in court so that a file is assigned and the process begins.

What is a positive property prescription?

The positive or acquisitive prescription, as an institution of civil law intended for the owners of a movable or immovable property to acquire the right of ownership of the same by the mere passage of time and under the forms objectively established in civil legislation, is not a violation of the principles of…

How are the 5-year prescription counted?

The computation of the five years of prescription begins from the date on which the payment could be legally required, that is, after the 30 business days following the date on which the notification of the debt takes effect.

What is the prescription of labor actions?

– Labor actions prescribe in one year, counted from the day following the date on which the obligation is due, with the exceptions set forth in the following articles. II. Shares of workers to break away from work.

What is the labor prescription in Costa Rica?

With regard to labor prescription, all rights and actions arising from employment contracts prescribe within a period of six months, counted from the date of termination of said contracts (article 602 of the Labor Code).

What does article 2536 of the Civil Code say?

“Article 2536. The executive action is prescribed for five (5) years. And the ordinary for ten (10). The executive action becomes ordinary for a period of five (5) years, and converted into ordinary will last only another five (5).

When does the civil action prescribe?

According to the first paragraph of article 2536 of the civil code, the ordinary action prescribes after 10 years. The 10 years are counted from the date on which the fact that you want to claim as a right occurs, such as when the recognition of the existence of a lease is sought.

When does a civil process prescribe?

1 LRT states that “The actions derived from this law prescribe two years from the date on which the benefit should have been paid or provided and in any case, two years from the termination of the employment relationship.”

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