What is the difference between lecture hours and modules?

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The set of approved teaching hours, as well as their distribution by subject, is based on the respective study plan. The distribution of these hours per teacher is the responsibility of the educational establishment. Module: it is similar to the lecture hour, but its duration is 60 minutes.

How many lecture hours is a module?

Equivalences to take into account when requesting MAD: 2 modules are equivalent to 3 lecture hours. 10 modules equal 1 charge. 10 modules are equivalent to 15 lecture hours.

What are Module Hours?

Module/Clock Hours: § It is similar to the lecture hour, but its duration is 60 minutes. It is defined according to different criteria, the most common being the size of the establishment, given by the number of students or the number of sections.

How are teaching hours counted?

Each position per chair hour corresponds to an hourly load measured in clock hours. A position of 10 teaching hours means that the teacher has the obligation to fulfill an equivalent of 6 hours and 40 clock minutes distributed in her classes.

What is a module in teaching?

In the educational field, the set of subjects that make up a branch of teaching in an educational system is called a module.

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How many modules can a teacher have?

According to Art. 28 of the Teachers’ Statute, the maximum number of modules that can be titled is 20.

How many hours are a teaching module?

Module: it is similar to the lecture hour, but its duration is 60 minutes.

How long is a lecture hour?

It is the minimum unit of time (40-50 minutes) to develop teaching-learning activities in an educational establishment.

How much is the lecture hour of a teacher in 2021?

As of October 2021, the amount per teaching position or 15 teaching hours is $2,830 pesos. Classroom Item: It is 10% of the sum of other items: class assignment, teaching status, zone (item location and radius) and seniority.

How much does a teaching module cost?

Specifically, the module for a teacher will go, on average, from $3,115 to $3,599 in March; $3,859 in July and $4,217 in September. Likewise, the Lecture Hour will increase from $2,077 to $2,399 in March; $2,573 in July and $2,811 in September.

How many Forte modules can be taken?

FORTE modules can be assigned to teachers who have a position or up to 14 modules and must not exceed 28 modules after designation in the Program.

How much does a teacher earn per hour in Argentina 2021?

The average teacher salary in Argentina is $90,000 a year or $46.15 an hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of $90,000 a year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $487,125 a year.

What is the value of the lecture hour in Colombia?

In 2022, the teaching hour in private HEIs must be paid at least $41,667, plus benefits – The Observatory of the Colombian University.

How much does a high school teacher earn in Argentina 2021?

The National Government had agreed with the National Unions a wage increase of 34.6% a few days before the start of the School Year at the national level. In this way, the starting teacher salary —currently $27,500— will increase to $31,000 in March, then to $34,500 in July and $37,000 in September.

How many hours is a simple day of a teacher?

The Teachers’ Statute (Law 10,579, 10,614 and 10,743 and regulatory decrees), in Chapter IV, Art. 13. a. 3, establishes the following: «Simple working day: 4 hours a day».

How much does a high school teacher charge per 2021 module?

At the secondary level, the work module of a teacher without seniority (20 modules complete a position) will be paid $3,491.11 as of September 1; $3,621.12 as of October 1; and $3,747.78 as of November 1.

How much is paid per hour in High School?

According to the salary table for Basic Education teachers, a secondary teacher is paid $437 pesos gross per hour of class.

How much does a teacher earn in Argentina 2022?

Salary can range from $45,000 to $180,000. This salary statistic is made up of 4 salaries published in IT Surveys during the last six months.

What is the difference between ATR and Forte?

The Más ATR Program is aimed at intensifying the teaching of Buenos Aires students who need to reinforce learning; while the program for the Strengthening of the Teaching and Auxiliary Staff (FORTE) proposes an accompaniment to recover the materials owed from last year.

How long does the Forte plan last?

The FORTE program extends:

-From 2/17 to 4/30/21 for students who completed their studies of Compulsory Education at the secondary level. -The face-to-face activities of the FORTE Program will be complementary to school activities from Monday to Saturday, as provided by regulation Res.

What are the Forte hours?

The government of Axel Kicillof made official this Thursday the Special Program for the Strengthening of the Educational Paths of Buenos Aires Students (Forte), a face-to-face content recovery system for those who had problems during their studies in primary and secondary schools in the .. .

How much does a teacher earn at the end of 2021?

Those who only have hours can calculate $188.66 for the number of teaching hours. Example of 12hc (188.66*12) = $2,264. The maximum limit is up to 2 charges or 30hc, that is, $5,660. NATIONAL CONNECTIVITY: As of December 2021, it will increase to $2,250 pesos per teaching position or 15 teaching hours.

How much does a teacher substitution pay?

How much does a Substitute Teacher earn? The national average salary for a Substitute Teacher is $52,164 in Argentina.

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