What is the difference between the recorder and the traverse flute?

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The most obvious difference is the playing position and orientation of the instrument: the recorder is held vertically, on the upper part of the body, straight and with both hands, while the transverse flute is held asymmetrically from mouth to shoulder. law.

What is the sweet flute?

The recorder or recorder is a woodwind instrument made up of a cylindrical tube with eight holes, seven of which are located at the front and one at the back.

What is the best type of flute?

Wooden flutes are more delicate, more expensive but with better resonance and therefore better sound. On the other hand, they are more durable with the corresponding cleaning and protection care. Plastic flutes are more resistant, cheaper but of poorer quality.

What is the difference between recorder and soprano?

Contralto: The alto recorder, also known as the alto recorder, has a lower tessitura than the soprano type. It has a large size and, therefore, its use is more complex5. Tenor: it is more serious than the alto and, above all, it is more difficult to handle.

What is the name of the transverse flute?

The Piccolo Flute

It is a transverse flute type, and sounds higher due to its small size. Its highest notes, we could still hear even if the orchestra is playing in unison at the same time.

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What are the types of trumpets?


    5.1 Trumpet in C or B ♭5.2 Slide trumpet.5.3 Piccolo trumpet.5.4 Bass trumpet.5.5 Pocket trumpet.5.6 Key trumpet.

What is the name of the instrument that is piano and flute?

what is a melodica

The melodica is considered a wind instrument, its 2-octave or 3-octave piano keyboard is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies.

What is the best soprano recorder?

The best soprano recorders:

Moeck 1020 Flauto 1 Plus. Yamaha YRS-23. Gewa Nature Recorder. Meinel 200-1 C-Soprano.

What is the best flute for beginners?

? What is the best flute for beginners? Without a doubt, the best option for those who want to learn to play the flute is a wood grain plastic soprano or alto recorder, whether made by Yamaha, Aulos or Zen-on; this, for the sound quality it offers, in addition to the sensation.

What are the types of flute there are?

The best known types of flutes in the world

The standard flute. The ordinary flute, made for all types of users, both beginners and more advanced. … The piccolo flute. … Plastic flute. … Alto Flute. … Bass Flute. … Concert flutes. … Alto flutes. … The contrabass flute.

What is the most expensive flute in the world?

Yet he is remembered as much for what he played as for his playing: Kincaid owned a platinum instrument that, in 1986, became the world’s most expensive flute, auctioned at Christie’s for $187,000.

What is better recorder or recorder?

The recorder sometimes requires a slightly more awkward combination of fingers to be able to play all the notes of the chromatic scale. With the transverse flute, the mechanism is a bit more practical for the musician. The sound of both instruments is based on the same principle.

Which flute is better Baroque or German?

For the beginner, the German fingering is more comfortable and makes it possible to quickly play nursery rhymes in simple keys. But if one plans to play sonatas and concertos in the future, it is advisable to start with the baroque fingering.

What is the recorder for children?

The recorder, also known as the baroque flute, is the most classic children’s flute option. It is the children’s instrument with which most children begin to play their first notes at school, and enter the exciting world of music.

What is the flute and its parts?

It belongs to the woodwind family. The flute consists of two parts: head and body. At the head of the flute is the bevel, the part that produces the sound and also the most delicate; the flute would stop playing if it were damaged. … The more you separate them, the deeper the sounds will be.

What is the origin of the recorder?

This instrument has been known since the Middle Ages, a period during which it achieved great popularity that continued throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The first flute was found in Germany at 43,000 years old.

What is the best wood for flute?

Rosewood: Also known as rosewood. It is one of the best woods for the construction of instruments. Its color is dark brown and it is very hard.

What is the baroque flute?

The baroque flute is, we could say, the original version of the instrument. It is a bit more complicated to play a priori because the distribution of the notes is not as visual as the German one. However, it has a broader register, which allows us to play more complex pieces.

What is the name of something that is similar to the piano?

Other instruments, such as the harpsichord, also function similarly to the piano; however, the organ or the accordion are wind, despite having a keyboard as well; and there are not a few electric musical instruments that also activate the sound thanks to the keys.

Who created the melodica?

Invented by Hohner in the 1950s, the melodica combines the advantages of a wind instrument with the versatility of a piano key accordion. This makes it not only a popular instrument for beginners, but also the instrument of choice for performers of all genres.

What is a polyphonic instrument?

We consider a polyphonic instrument to be one that is capable of emitting different sounds simultaneously. Examples: the piano, the lute, the guitar and the organ.

What will happen when the 7 trumpets sound?

In the Apocalypse, that last passage of the Bible that predicts the end of the world and the final judgment, seven angels are indicated who appeared before God and who were given seven trumpets that announce the prelude to destruction.

What is the name of the big trumpet?

Flugelhorn – versatile sound

A flugelhorn mouthpiece, with a comparatively larger inner rim diameter, provides higher air consumption as well as higher air usage. In fact, it should balance out the sound nicely due to the lower blow resistance.

What are long trumpets called?

The trutruca, trutruka or xuxuka (term from the Mapudungu language) is a long trumpet with frontal interpretation that belongs to the cultural heritage of the Mapuche people.

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