What is the difference between Therapeutic Companion and Therapeutic Assistant?

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Well, then, it would seem that the difference between the two benefit figures would be given that the therapeutic companion works in the field of mental health, while the home assistant works in the social field of the individual.

What is the job of a therapeutic assistant?

The therapeutic companion is a health assistant, with theoretical-practical knowledge, who acts within the framework of an interdisciplinary team, developing non-pharmacological treatment strategies and providing personalized assistance to the person with mental illness and their family.

How much does a therapeutic companion charge in Argentina 2021?

The average therapeutic companion salary in Argentina is $292,500 a year or $150 an hour.

What is the difference between an AT and other health personnel?

No, it is not another way of saying the same thing with other words. Their functions are very different. The therapeutic companion is a support for his patient. It is related to mental health and all the activities it proposes have a therapeutic objective to help the elderly improve their mental health.

How much does OSDE pay for the hour of therapeutic companion 2021?

Osde: From Monday to Friday $170 an hour. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays $300 an hour. Galen: $220/$260 an hour. Obsba: $180 an hour.

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How much do social works pay therapeutic companions in 2021?

IOMA: $202 an hour. Oschoca: ​​$200 an hour (it takes 6 months to pay). Osecac: (Only accepts the benefit of at for judicial protection) $200/$260 per hour. Ospacs: $220 an hour (pay within 30 days of submitting the invoice).

What does and does not do a therapeutic companion?

The therapeutic companion is responsible for encouraging the willpower of their patients, and from there find a source of energy to get ahead. The companion must approach his patient, get to know him, feel empathy for him, ultimately be able to find the best way to motivate him to help him.

What people need a therapeutic companion?

– People with mental or physical disabilities. – Children who require support for their school integrity. – Children with developmental disorders. – People in rehabilitation treatment for addictions, alcoholism, obesity, bulimia, anorexia.

When is a therapeutic companion indicated?

Therapeutic Accompaniment is indicated in children, adolescents, adults and elderly people; with special needs, emotional behavior disorders, psychosis and patients in critical situations (depression, accidents, etc.)

How much does a therapeutic companion charge per hour in Argentina 2022?

As of February 2022, Social and Prepaid Works are paying between $370 and $560 per hour. It is then that, for example, in an accompaniment of 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday at an average hourly value of $465, the Therapeutic Companion will charge $42,780 per month.

How much does a caregiver for the elderly in Argentina charge per hour?

The average caregiver salary in Argentina is $258,000 a year or $132 an hour.

How many hours does a therapeutic companion work?

Considerations: The maximum for the Therapeutic Companion request will be 6 (six) hours per day and up to a maximum of 25 (twenty-five) hours per week, which implies a total of 100 (one hundred) hours per month.

How does an AT work with an addict?

“The role of the TA is essential since it allows the patient and their environment to be contained through a human and technical link, in constant communication with the other members of the treating team, providing relevant information on the daily context, accompanying social activities, containing the risk of relapse …

What is not a therapeutic companion?

Companion is one who accompanies (provides his company or support). Therapeutic, meanwhile, is related to the treatment of a condition, disease or discomfort. A therapeutic companion is a professional who acts as a health assistant, collaborating with a person who is undergoing medical treatment.

How much does Iosfa pay therapeutic companions 2021?

Therapeutic Companion salaries at Institute of Social Work of the Armed Forces and Security (IOSFA) can vary between $31,500 and $81,375 per month.

How much does Osecac pay the companions?

Oschoca: ​​$120 (first time it takes 6 months to pay and pays you three months together and then every month. Osmecom $150 AND PAYS A MONTH IN DUE. Osdop Address $170 takes 5 months to start paying.

How much does OSDE pay providers?

Physicians will charge $1,050 for the consultation to OSDE affiliates.

Where can I work if I am a therapeutic companion?

A Therapeutic Companion is enabled to work both in educational institutions and hospitals, privately or responding to addiction treatment groups in centers organized for this purpose. The field of work extends to both public and private institutions.

What is a therapeutic companion in Argentina?

Therapeutic accompaniment is, in itself, an intervention device that helps to overcome the limitations of Public Policies in Mental Health and of the institutions that deal with related problems. Reformulated and expanded clinic.

What is the difference between a therapeutic companion and a home caregiver?

Unlike the Home Caregiver, the Therapeutic Companion provides a series of specialized services in the psychological and social field, both at home and in institutions, for which, in all cases, they were professionally trained.

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