What is the guarantee of rights?

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A guarantee is a mechanism to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation and thus protect the rights of one of the parties to a commercial or legal relationship.

What is the guarantee in law?

Constitutional guarantees are defined as the means or instruments that the National Constitution makes available to the inhabitants to sustain and defend their rights against the authorities, individuals or social groups; while procedural guarantees such as “the institutions or procedures of …

What are the guarantees of fundamental rights?

The Individual Guarantees are fundamental rights that Mexican citizens enjoy according to the constitution, which deal with freedom, security, equality and property.

What is the protection and guarantee of human rights?

In the same sense, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice maintains that “the guarantees for the protection of human rights are techniques and means that allow their effectiveness to be achieved; in its absence, the enjoyment of the rights recognized by our constitutional order cannot materialize in the …

What are the protected rights?

Right to freedom. Right to petition the authorities. Right to vote and be voted for. Right to enter, stay, transit and leave Argentine territory.

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What is the guarantee and what is it for?

The guarantees are all the means that support or ensure the payment or reimbursement of the credits granted. The requirement of guarantees to support the credits that are granted is not based on the anticipation of having to resort to a judicial procedure to obtain reimbursement.

What does product warranty mean?

The guarantees are the characteristics, conditions or terms that the product or service has. The guarantees can be legal, explicit or implicit: a.

What is the product guarantee?

When you make a major purchase, the manufacturer or seller gives you a warranty, which is a promise to support the normal operation of the product. Federal law says that when there is a warranty, it must be made available for you to read before you buy anything.

What is the guarantee of a product?

The guarantee is the temporary and joint obligation that the producers, importers, suppliers or retailers are responsible for responding to the consumer for the quality, suitability, safety, good condition and operation of the goods and services they produce, provide or sell, in accordance with the conditions …

What is an example guarantee?

The guarantee can be of four types: Personal guarantee: such as, for example, a guarantee. Through the personal guarantee, a person guarantees the payment of a debt by committing to pay it in the event that the main debtor does not comply with his obligation. Real guarantee: such as the pledge or the mortgage.

What are the laws that protect human beings?

Below we will develop the content of each of these topics.

    Right to life. … Right to integrity and dignity. … Right to health. … Right to identity. … Right to live as a family. … Minors in special circumstances. … Education rights. … Right of recreation.

Who are the main defenders of human rights?

Human Rights Defenders

    Mahatma Gandhi (1869 –1948)Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 –1962)César Chávez (1927–1993)Nelson Mandela (1918 –2013)Martin Luther King, Jr.(1929 –1968)Desmond Tutu (1931–2021)Oscar Arias Sánchez ( born 1940) Muhammad Yunus (born 1940)

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