What is the hospital in the novel Nurses?

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Synopsis. María Clara González works as a head nurse in one of the most renowned hospitals in the city: Santa Rosa de Bogotá.


Where is the hospital in the novel Nurses?

The National University Hospital is located in the Western Administrative Center neighborhood of the town of Teusaquillo, in the city of Bogotá.

Why did they remove Enfermeras from RCN?

The pause that the series had in its broadcast due to the Christmas holidays is over. ‘Nurses’, series on Canal RCN. In view of the Christmas holidays, some productions – soap operas, serials and reality shows – had a momentary pause in their broadcast, which lasted three weeks.

What happened to Valentina in Nursing?

The second referred to Valentina, who left Colombia to study medicine in the United States. Who gave life to the teenager is the actress Manuela Gómez, who received applause and praise for her character. Thanks to Valentina, many people decided to follow the actress on their social networks.

Who died in the novel Nurses?

“I started to cry”: the reaction of “Coco” when he found out that he would die in “Nurses” Federico Rivera, the actor who played the beloved stretcher bearer, says that the news took him by surprise. Héctor, the beloved stretcher bearer at the Santa Rosa Hospital, said goodbye to ‘Nurses’ just a couple of days ago.

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Who dies in Nurses novel?

But to the sadness of the followers of Enfermeras, Coco dies, leaving a great void in history. A motorcycle accident ends his life and despite the fact that the doctors at the Santa Rosa Hospital do everything to save him, the stretcher bearer is brain dead, as seen in the April 23 episode.

What happened to the protagonist of Nurses?

It is worth mentioning that, the actress that viewers could see night after night in her role as the boss ‘María Clara González’, of the Santa Clara hospital in ‘Nurses’, the artist has not only dedicated her career to acting, she has also developed around music and will now participate in the film ‘Never Back…

How was the end of Nurses?

Finally, as a new hope in love, Álvaro said yes to the doctor and they decide to start a life together. In addition to arriving at the altar, they are already preparing everything to go live in a new home.

When do they give nurses again?

Nurses, one of the most beloved productions by viewers, returns to the screens of Canal RCN. Next Monday, January 17, after ‘The Chosen Granddaughter’, new stories of love, drama and suspense will be revealed.

What illness does Helena’s daughter have in Nursing?

The girl could be born with aortic valve sclerosis, which is when part of the heart doesn’t develop properly.

When does Nurse 2022 start?

Some of the dramas like “Nurses” and “The Chosen Granddaughter” went on vacation in December. The return to the screens of the latter is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11.

What novels are going to give in RCN 2021?

Starting next week, the channel will begin broadcasting the summaries of “Pa’ amarte” and “Enfermeras” so that you can reconnect with their stories, since at the beginning of next year new chapters of both novels will finally begin to air.

What about Garnica in Nursing?

Dr. Garnica and Victoria break down after learning that their son is the suspect in a robbery at the Santa Rosa hospital. The situation reaches such a point that Doctor Garnica loses control when he learns that his son has now started stealing in order to buy drugs.

How does Carlos’s wife die in Enfermeras?

In chapter 38 of Nurses, after a serious accident, the doctors inform Carlos and his relatives that Maritza’s diagnosis is brain death.

Who is going to replace María Clara in Nursing?

This is María Clara, the head nurse in Nursing, as Diana Hoyos will be the protagonist of the new novel that the RCN channel began recording, ‘May God not forgive you’. In this production she is the sentimental partner of the singer Pipe Bueno. The plot of the novel revolves around popular music.

How many children does Diana Hoyos have?

Born in Cali on April 22, 1985, this year she was the winner of the India Catalina award for best actress in a telenovela or series for her character in ‘Nurses’, a characterization that, for the first time, led her to be a mother in fiction. . “I don’t have children, but in rehearsals a relationship began to be established.

When does Nurses on Telemundo 2021 start?

¨Nurses¨ starting July 12 only on Telemundo Internacional.

What are the hours of Nurses on Telemundo?

? #Nurses, TODAY at 7:00 pm MX/COL/GUA/VEN, 10:10 p.m. CHI and 11:10 p.m. ARG.

What soap operas are on RCN?


    A clean hand. To the rhythm of your heart. I’ll wait for you there.

What is the name of the new RCN novel?

Singer Pipe Bueno and actress Diana Hoyos, from ‘Nurses’, will star in ‘I dedicate you’, a new RCN production.

What are they giving on RCN?

    Master Chef Celebrity. See more.Thoroughbred. See more. I dedicate it to you. See more.Nurses. See more. Morning express. See more.Good morning, Colombia. See more.RCN News. See more. Spell. See more.

What illness does Candelaria have?

This time, the plastic artist spoke again about two pathologies that, long ago, she had talked about on her social networks: “Anorexia and bulimia from 15 to 27. Weighing 10 kilos less than today. Five years without menstruating.

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