What is the last schedule of the Miter Train?

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The MITER train (Retiro (Lm)) has 17 stations departing from Tigre and Retiro. MITER train time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 5:00 AM and ends at 9:20 PM. The days of operation this week are: every day.

How is the Miter train working today?

MITER (JL Suárez) is operational during everyday. Additional Information: The MITER line has 11 stops and the total travel time for this route is approximately 50 minutes.

What time does the last train from Retiro leave?

From Monday to Friday, the last Retiro – Pilar train leaves at 11:45 p.m., and on Saturdays at 11:54 p.m.

What route does the Miter train take?

Stations: Retiro, Lisandro de la Torre, Belgrano C, Núñez, Rivadavia, Vicente López, Olivos, La Lucila, Martínez, Acassuso, San Isidro, Beccar, Victoria, Viceroys, San Fernando, Carupá, Tigre.

How much does the train from Buenos Aires to Tigre cost?

The best way to get from Buenos Aires to Tigre without a car is to train which takes 51 min and costs $23 – $35.

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What train line goes to Tigre?

Trains to Tigre depart from Retiro Station, Miter line, platforms 1 or 2. On business days, the frequency of services is every ten minutes until midnight, while on weekends the trains run every thirty minutes. The trip from Retiro to Tigre takes around 50 minutes.

How many stations does the Miter train have?

Map of the Miter line. It makes up a total of 55 stations, starting from the City of Buenos Aires and crossing the districts of San Isidro, Vicente López, San Fernando, Tigre, San Martín, Escobar, Pilar, Exaltación de la Cruz, Zárate and Campana.

How many stations does the Coast Train have?

The Tren de la Costa has 11 stations on its route, crossing 4 districts of Greater Buenos Aires.

How long does the train from Pilar to Retiro take?

The cheapest way to get from Retiro to Pilar is to train which costs $25 – $35 and takes 1h 27m.

What train takes you to José C Paz?

Directions to José C. Paz (General Sarmiento) with public transportation

    Bus: 315 A, 315 E, 391, 440-48, 449. Train: SAN MARTÍN.

What train goes to Saint Martin?

The URQUIZA is the first train that stops near San Martín Station [Línea Mitre] in General San Martin at 3:04.

What trains leave Retiro?

Retiro, from where the Miter, Belgrano Norte and San Martín lines depart.

What is the train that goes to Villa Urquiza?

Urquiza [Línea Mitre]Federal District, on the map.

How long is the Tren de la Costa route?

Additional information: the TREN DE LA COSTA line has 11 stops and the total travel time for this route is approximately 25 minutes. See why over 930 million users trust Moovit as the best public transit app.

What is the most used train in Argentina?

The most used was Plaza Constitución (50.1 million tickets), followed by Once (20.5 million) and Retiro Miter (13.4 million, despite the drop already mentioned).

Who owns the Tren de la Costa?

After having transferred control of the Parque de la Costa to businessman Marcelo Fígoli, the owners of Sociedad Comercial del Plata (SCP), will reactivate a historic claim against the national State for the expropriation of the Tren de la Costa that occurred in 2013, during the Cristina Kirchner’s presidency.

What train passes through Olivos?

Directions to Olivos (Estación Olivos Tren Línea Miter) (Vicente López) with public transportation

    Bus: 168A, 29A. Train: MITRE, TREN DE LA COSTA.

How many stations are there from Tigre to Retiro?

The MITER train (Retiro (Lm)) has 17 stations departing from Tigre and Retiro.

What train passes through Chinatown?

How to get to Chinatown

Arriving by train: The Miter Railway, Tigre branch, get off at Belgrano C station. Arriving by Subway: Line D, get off at Juramento station and walk 6 blocks.

How long is there from the capital to Tigre?

The straight line distance between Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Tigre (both in Buenos Aires) is 27.84 km, but the distance en route is 34 km. It takes 41 min to go from the City of Buenos Aires to Tigre by car, which would require a consumption of 2 liters of fuel.

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