What is the leftist party in Chile?

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The Left was a leftist Chilean electoral coalition, existing between 1996 and 2000. It was composed of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh), the New Popular Alliance (NAP) and independents.

What party do they belong to the left?

PRT-IR Revolutionary Party of the Workers – Trotskyism Revolutionary Left. PSOE Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party Social Democracy.

What is the political left and right in Chile?

Presentation. In the mid-1930s, a new political discourse was inaugurated that identified the Popular Front, made up of socialist, communist, and radical political forces, as the left, and the right, which brought together liberals and conservatives, as its rivals.

What is the party of the right in Chile?

Republican Party of Chile‎ (2 cat, 1 p.)

What is left and right in politics?

The notions of left and right implicitly carry an opposition in politics. Both terms were born in France in 1789, during the beginning of the French Revolution, to later spread to a large part of the world’s political systems.

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What are the governments of the left?

The initial team of precursors of this idea was integrated, among others, by Manuel Córdova, René Astudillo, Andrés Vallejo, Octavio Mancheno, Eduardo García, Edmundo Vera, Luis Alberto Costales, Cira Carlota de Vera, Gonzalo Aráuz, Alejandro Flores, Hugo Garcia Espinoza, Carlos Rivadeneira, Homero, Gustavo and …

What is to be left?

The term “left” was first used to refer to republicanism, the revival of democracy during the French Revolution, and classical liberalism. Later it began to be applied to social democracy, labour, socialism, communism and various forms of anarchism.

What is a right-wing government?

The political right category groups together organizations and individuals that are characterized, in political theory, by their conservative inclination towards morality and the distribution of wealth concentrated in a few groups with economic power.

What government of Peru has been socialist?

The government of Juan Velasco Alvarado, also known as the first phase of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces of Peru, was a military dictatorship in Peru that began on October 3, 1968 with an institutional coup and ended on August 29, 1968. 1975 with the Tacnazo, a military coup carried out by…

What is radical left in Peru?

First, the extreme left rejects the underlying socioeconomic structure of contemporary capitalism. Second, they advocate alternative economic and power structures involving the redistribution of resources from elites.

What is the left in Argentina?

Socialist left, promoted combative trade union fronts throughout its years, such as the Combative Trade Union Meeting, today it is part of the Combative Trade Union Plenary, the only anti-bureaucratic and left-wing trade union front in the country, in which together with others Left parties have a…

What is a far right party?

The expressions right or extreme right have their origin in the place where the deputies sat in the French parliament that emerged after the French Revolution: the monarchists and the conservatives of the time always sat on the right side and the republicans and liberals on the left .​ The extreme right…

What does the political right defend?

In politics, the right is the segment of the political spectrum that asserts that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable or desirable, usually relying on human nature, natural law, economics, or tradition. These hierarchies are seen by the right as a product…

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